After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

Author: Mu Ruoyun
Genre: Romance

In a group-pampering novel, Nan Qiao was the female supporting character who lost her glamor as the female lead. She was cast aside by her father, her three brothers, her grandparents, and her friends.
Her father wanted to cut off all ties with her, her three brothers only adored her stepsister, and her grandparents, who favored boys over girls, also sided with her stepsister from another mother.
“Stop trying to tie me down. The person I love is Zhi,” Nan Qiao’s fiance said.
“Nan Qiao, will you stop being so problematic? Your sister saved your life,” her father said.
“Nan Qiao, I’m very disappointed in you,” her eldest brother said.
“How could you hit your sister? Don’t you know how fragile your sister’s body is?” Her second brother asked.
“I can’t believe you’re such a heartless person,” her third brother said.
“Kick her out. The Nan family won’t tolerate such a horrible child!” Her grandparents exclaimed.
After reincarnating, Nan Qiao came to her senses. Since none of you want me here, I’ll be the first to leave this time.
Nan Qiao inherited a.s.sets worth billions from her maternal grandfather, and her seven brothers from the maternal side of her family pampered her beyond reason.
Her eldest brother was the CEO of a company, her second brother was a famous celebrity, and her third brother was a professor… They fought each other for her attention.
Just as Nan Qiao’s life was getting better, a top-notch villain in the original novel set his sights on her.
Huo Yichen pinched Nan Qiao’s chin and squinted a little. There was a cold look in his eyes. “What’s the matter? Do you think you can run away after flirting with me?”
Nan Qiao thought everything that happened in the past would stay in the past, but her family, like her, reincarnated with memories from the previous lifetime.
Having tortured her a thousand times over, her family came to her with tears streaming down their faces and begged her to return home.
“I’m sorry, Qiao. I made a mistake.”

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