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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 23: Gossipy New Friend

“So, Big Brother, can we do that please? Let me alight at the front, okay?” Nan Qiao’s black and bright eyes darted around. She tilted her head and stared at Murong Chen with a burning gaze.

Her lower lip was slightly protruding and wrapped around her upper lip. Her eyes were filled with pleading. It was really difficult for Murong Chen to refuse her.

“Alright, I’ll do whatever you say.” Murong Chen curled his fingers and scratched the bridge of Nan Qiao’s nose. His tone was extremely doting.

As the car drove away, everyone was originally wondering who would get off. In the end, the car drove away, making everyone a little stunned.

“No way, the car left just like that?”

“So we’ve been guessing here for so long for nothing. They were only pa.s.sing by? This is so ridiculous”!

While everyone was still discussing, Nan Qiao had already sneaked into the school from the back with her school bag.

After entering the school, Nan Qiao patted her chest. Fortunately, she slipped away quickly. If everyone saw her, they would gossip about her.

However, things did not go according to plan. Nan Qiao thought that she had hidden it very well, but she was still seen.

Someone had also posted it on the school website.

After a morning, the news was already abuzz. For a moment, everyone looked at Nan Qiao with tinted

However, Nan Qiao did not know what had happened. During lunch, everyone was still staying far away from her. Only An Nuo brought her food and came over. Even her good sisters could not hold her back.

“Can I sit here?” An Nuo was a pet.i.te girl with a lively and gentle personality.

“Sure.” Nan Qiao chewed and ate slowly. From her actions when she ate, it was not difficult to tell that she was a very refined person. She did not speak during meals and when she ate, she closed her mouth and chewed her food as quietly as possible.

An Nuo noticed these details and felt that Nan Qiao did not seem to be like what the others said.

“They’re all talking about you. Aren’t you going to clarify?” An Nuo tilted her head and asked Nan Qiao, her eyes still filled with confusion.

“What?” Nan Qiao asked in confusion. She was already used to everyone looking at her strangely, so she had no idea what was going on.

Only then did An Nuo hurriedly take out her phone and open the school forum for Nan Qiao to see.

“Look at this.”

Nan Qiao lowered her gaze and looked at An Nuo’s phone. A line of content appeared in front of her.

[A famous bad student is suspected to be a sugar baby. A luxury car was spotted sending her to school.]

Below was a photo of Nan Qiao getting out of the luxury car. Nan Qiao recognized this photo at a glance. It was from this morning. At that time, she had casually found a place and alighted from the car. She originally thought that there was no one around, but she did not expect to be discovered.

The t.i.tle that this cla.s.smate chose was also very interesting. First, it mentioned a famous bad student. Second, it mentioned sugar baby. Finally, it mentioned a luxury car.

The dirty water was deliberately splashed onto Nan Qiao.

“Everyone is avoiding me, so why are you still talking to me? Do you want to see me make a fool of myself?” Nan Qiao only glanced at the contents of the phone before looking away and eating quietly, as if she did not care about what was happening.

“That’s not it.” An Nuo dug out a small piece of her dessert and ate it.

“I think that people with good results are all smart people. Smart people definitely won’t do anything stupid, so things shouldn’t be as they say.”

An Nuo had a thick layer of bangs, but on her small and exquisite face, it did not look heavy or dull at all. Instead, she looked very cute, especially when she pouted. The various expressions she made were very lively.

“Yes, things are indeed not as they seem.”

Nan Qiao swallowed a mouthful of food before saying.

“That’s it? Aren’t you going to explain this matter to everyone?” This was the first time An Nuo had seen such a nonchalant person. In fact, An Nuo had a gossipy soul in her heart. Wherever there was something interesting, she would be there.

And now, Nan Qiao’s reaction disappointed her.

She already knew that others were slandering her behind her back, but she still did not do anything. Such a person was really boring.

“Do you want to see me fight them that much?” Nan Qiao asked as she wiped her mouth. Her eyes were filled with smiles. She did not seem to have realized that An Nuo had such a personality in the past.

“Of course, how boring would it be if you didn’t fight back?” An Nuo didn’t hide her goal. A boring school life needed the injection of something exciting.

When she was looking at An Nuo’s phone just now, Nan Qiao accidentally saw that An Nuo was actually the very active “gossip An” on the school website.

This gossip An was like a farmer looking for melons to eat.

“Since you want me to fight with them so much, you have to help me find out who the other party is, right? I don’t even know who’s targeting me. Who should I strangle?” Nan Qiao stood up with the plate, but she was immediately stopped by An Nuo.

“I know, I know who this person is. This person is Li Tiantian from Cla.s.s Five next door.”

Originally, Nan Qiao wanted An Nuo to investigate and send her away. She did not expect An Nuo to say it so easily. She even knew the other party’s real name.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll go and strangle her.” Nan Qiao finally found a reason to escape and quickly slipped away from the canteen.

It was not Nan Qiao’s character to not take revenge after An Nuo had already identified the other party. However, before she could reach the door of Cla.s.s Five, Nan Qiao was taken away by the teacher.

In the office, the teachers were all resting here. In front of so many teachers, the form teacher was too embarra.s.sed to say anything.

It was so quiet here. Anyone could hear anything that was being said.

Now that Nan Qiao’s results had improved, the form teacher had relied on her results to improve his performance. Now that something like this had happened, the form teacher felt embarra.s.sed and tried his best to lower his voice.

“Nan Qiao, everyone’s saying that you were sent here by a luxury car this morning. Do you know anyone outside, or…”

The form teacher still had something to say, so he could not be too direct. After all, such a thing was not a glorious matter.

Moreover, the form teacher was afraid that if this matter was verified, Nan Qiao would really be expelled. It was best not to let such a big thing happen.

“It’s true that the car that sent me here this morning is a luxury car, but Teacher, aren’t there many parents in our school who send students to school? Why do you have to doubt me? Is it because my family car is even more expensive?”

The form teacher was stumped by Nan Qiao’s question and could not answer her for a moment. However, this sentence also revealed something. The person who sent Nan Qiao to school was her parent, not a rumored sugar daddy.

This way, the form teacher would be at ease.

As long as it did not concern those types of people, it was fine.

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