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Chapter 18: Nan Qiao’s Surveillance Video

During the Chinese cla.s.s, the Chinese teacher also brought in a large stack of test papers to distribute.

When her name was called, the study committee member went up.

“An Nuo, 138 points.”

The students below the stage applauded loudly and congratulated her excitedly.

“This score should be the highest score in the entire cla.s.s, right? The questions this time are not simple.”

“Nuonuo, congrats!”

An Nuo was a very shy little girl. Her face was red after hearing everyone’s praises. She said shyly, “Thank you, everyone.”

“Nan Qiao.” The Chinese teacher looked at the confirmed score again, as if she did not believe it. “131.”

Before An Nuo could return to her seat, she heard the Chinese teacher behind her read out Nan Qiao’s score of 131.

The smile on An Nuo’s face instantly disappeared, and two wisps of disbelief surged in her eyes.

Her Mathematics results were 131, and her language results were also 131. Wasn’t Nan Qiao a bad student in the past?

Why did she suddenly become so strong? If this continued, she, the study committee member, would have to give her throne to her.

How exactly did she do it?

“Student Nan Qiao has improved a lot this time. You have to maintain it in the future,” the Chinese teacher said with a smile.

“Thank you, Teacher.” Nan Qiao took the test paper and left the stage.

The next lesson was English. Everyone was so shocked by the two-hit combo that they did not know what to say. Now, their only hope was that Nan Qiao’s English results would fail.

However, the truth did not go as they wished.

“Nan Qiao, 131 points in English.”

“Heavens, this world is like a fantasy. Even a bad student can get 131 points?”

“Nan Qiao must have cheated. Otherwise, why would she suddenly become so good?”

“Is Nan Qiao cheating?”

The English teacher did not say anything. She only said to Nan Qiao with a smile, “You have to maintain it more in the future.”

“I will,” Nan Qiao replied calmly.

The English teacher liked this student very much. She found Nan Qiao interesting.

Her results had improved so suddenly. Everyone thought that Nan Qiao had cheated.

After all, this student was very interesting.

She had scored 131 points in every subject.

It was obvious that she knew how to gauge her scores.

Moreover, she had not answered every question. But every question she attempted would definitely be right.

She could clearly have gotten a higher score, but she did not do so. Why?

The English teacher could not understand and only felt that this student was very interesting.

Previously, when she was at the bottom of the rankings, she had also accurately maintained third from the bottom. It had never changed.

After cla.s.s, everyone wanted to gossip about Nan Qiao for a while. Unbeknownst to them, Nan Qiao had entered the form teacher’s office.

When she entered the office, the form teacher was drinking water. When he saw Nan Qiao, he lost control of the cup and poured a large mouthful of hot water into his mouth.

“Nan Qiao, you’re here.” The form teacher scoffed. He didn’t need to think to know what she was here for. Why was this child so persistent? He asked her to score above 390 and she really did it?

“Teacher, I’m here to let you fulfill your promise. I’ve already scored 393 points. Can you let me check the surveillance footage now?”

“Sure, sure, but you’re really something. I asked you to score 390, but you only scored three points higher. Look at you…” Of course, the form teacher was happy that the results of a student in his cla.s.s had improved. This way, his probability of promotion would be higher, and his bonus would increase in the future.

Nan Qiao’s results were being discussed by a few teachers. With Nan Qiao’s current performance, they could tell that she had just been pretending to be bad at studying in the past.

“I want to see the surveillance video,” Nan Qiao said emphatically.

“Alright, alright, alright. I’ll show it to you, alright?” The form teacher grinned and brought Nan Qiao to the teachers’ building.

Before long, they entered the surveillance room. There were four computers in the surveillance room, and they were all playing the images of the real-time surveillance. The other computer was not in use. It was to be used to check past videos.

Because the surveillance video had already been played repeatedly, it was very easy to find the exact moment the incident happened.

Nan Qiao stared at it intently.

She saw that after school that day, some students were cleaning. Later on, when they were sweeping the floor, they placed the flower pot on the railing. Then, the flower pot fell and hit someone, so everyone said that this was an accident.

However, Nan Qiao felt that it was not that simple. How could there be such a coincidence in the world?

After the scene was played, the form teacher nagged, “Look, I’m not lying to you, right? It was really an accident.”

“Now that we’ve seen the surveillance footage, shouldn’t we go back?” the form teacher persuaded Nan Qiao.

“Teacher, I’ll watch for a while longer. You can go back first.” Nan Qiao stared at the video and rewinded it. She did not believe that she would not find any clues.

“Alright, alright, alright. But don’t let it delay your cla.s.s. Lock the door properly when you leave.” The form teacher knew that she wouldn’t give up until the end of time so he went back first, leaving Nan Qiao alone to watch.

After an unknown period of time, Nan Qiao’s eyes began to ache. She suddenly noticed something different.

The flower pot was placed properly on the railing and no one touched it. How could it fall off so suddenly?

However, before it fell, the flower pot was already actually bit by bit.

Returning to the scene from two minutes ago, the flower pot was placed before the railing, close to the corridor.

However, two minutes later, the pot was actually closer to the side of the railing.

Something was wrong!

There was clearly no one around in those two minutes. How could it move by itself?

After all, the surveillance footage was not high-definition and was a little blurry, so she could not tell.

Hence, Nan Qiao checked the surveillance videos for the next few days. They were all about the flower pot.

It was showing the clip of three days after the flowerpot incident when Nan Qiao spotted a person who did not belong on the sixth floor.

This person was her friend, Wan Wan.

Wan Wan carried a potted plant to the sixth floor and lay on the fence for a while before leaving.

But coincidentally, the pot she had brought over was the one that fell.

Wan Wan.

Nan Qiao let go of the mouse and fell back into the chair, closing her eyes in deep thought.

As expected, this matter was similar to what she had guessed. It must have something to do with Nan Zhi.

As the female lead and with a system, such an accident would never happen to Nan Zhi, so it must have been arranged in advance.

Nan Qiao left the teacher’s building, and the scorching sun fell on her body. Looking at the computer for a long time made Nan Qiao a little dazed, and she could not even walk steadily.

“Student, are you alright?” A male student saw that Nan Qiao’s condition was not right and reached out to support her.

“Student, are you feeling unwell somewhere? Do you want me to send you to the infirmary?”

Huo Yichen had just pa.s.sed by the field and was about to return to cla.s.s when he saw this scene.

Huo Yichen frowned and changed his path in disgust.

No wonder she had not gone to the coffee shop for the past two days. It turned out that she had become interested in another boy.

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