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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 17: Nan Qiao’s The New Top Scorer

When Nan Qiao appeared in the cla.s.sroom in the morning, a large group of people pointed at her and discussed her. Even Nan Qiao’s friend, Wan Wan, could not help but keep a meter away.

“Nan Qiao, why did you treat Nan Zhi like that? She’s your sister. How can you pour hot soup on her?” Wan Wan had a round face to begin with. Coupled with the fact that she was very angry now, she looked like a red drum.

If not for Nan Qiao, she would have gotten the handbag from Nan Zhi already. What if Nan Zhi forgot to give it to her after some time?

“When did you become so concerned about Nan Zhi? Aren’t you my friend?” Nan Qiao asked sarcastically.

“I was your friend in the past, but I’m no longer your friend now because you disappointed me too much. To think that I even spoke up for you when the flower pot incident happened.” Wan Wan was furious.

This was all Nan Qiao’s fault!

Nan Qiao stared at her mockingly, then said unhappily, “You spoke up for me? What did you say?”

“I…” Wan Wan was about to say something, but in the end, she did not say anything. In the end, her voice changed and she said, “Back then, when you were ostracized by everyone, I even reported the news to you. Isn’t that friends.h.i.+p?”

The tip of Nan Qiao’s tongue pressed against her molars as she chuckled and said, “Yes, the first person you asked about when you called me was Nan Zhi. No wonder you’re the one who cares about Nan Zhi the most now that she’s injured. So what benefits did Nan Zhi promise you?”

“I… How did you know?” Wan Wan saw that she really could not hide it anymore, so she admitted it.

“To tell you the truth, if not for the benefits Nan Zhi gave me back then, I wouldn’t have become good friends with you at all.”

“Moreover, you’re no longer the eldest daughter of the Nan family. You think I’ll still be your friend in the future?” Wan Wan mocked Nan Qiao.

Although the school’s rule was that students should not compare themselves to each other, the students who came here to study were all from families with some background. They were not simple characters.

But now that Nan Qiao had been chased out of the Nan family, she had become a complete n.o.body. She was just a weak commoner. It was inevitable that everyone would look down on such a person.

When Nan Qiao turned around, she saw everyone laughing and mocking her.

“That’s right. I’m not a member of the Nan family anymore.” Nan Qiao’s beautiful eyes moved as she faced the sunlight. The light refracted into her gla.s.s-like eyes, making her look very beautiful.

“Therefore, you don’t have to care about me. Get lost.”

With that, Nan Qiao returned to her seat arrogantly. At this moment, everyone’s discussions about Nan Qiao had yet to stop.

“Look, Nan Qiao is already like this. What’s there to be arrogant about? Without the Nan family’s protection, she’s nothing.”

“That’s right. If I were her, I would drop out of school. Although this place is not labeled as an elite school, it’s not something a commoner like her can afford.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple. When I came this morning, I saw Nan Qiao getting out of a luxury car…”

“A luxury car? No way. Even when Nan Qiao was in the Nan family, she always walked to school. When did she ever have a luxury car to pick her up? Are you mistaken?”

A cla.s.smate raised his doubts and firmly refused to believe that it was Nan Qiao.

In the past, when she was still in the Nan family, Nan Qiao did not have this treatment. How could it be that after leaving the Nan family, she started receiving such treatment?

“It’s impossible for me to be wrong. I even looked several times before confirming that that person was really Nan Qiao.”

“No way? What’s going on?”

Although there were rumors, no one believed that Nan Qiao would be chauffeured around in a luxury car.

Moreover, how expensive must the car be to be called a luxury car by a cla.s.smate whose pocket money was 50,000 yuan a month?

When the bell rang, everyone hurriedly returned to their seats. The commotion gradually quietened down, and the teacher came in with a stack of papers.

“Everyone, quiet down. The day before yesterday, we conducted a mock exam for everyone. Does everyone think that you did very well? Look at your results. What kind of results is this? Can you live up to the sacrifices of your parents and the teachings of your teachers?” The form teacher scolded on stage with emotion, his saliva flying everywhere.

In the end, the form teacher’s gaze landed on Nan Qiao, and there seemed to be some obscure emotions in it.

“We’ll start distributing the test papers now. Students whose names are called, come up and collect them.”

“Zhang Wenqi, 121 points.”

“Wu Yue, 87.”

… .

“Nan Qiao.” The form teacher paused, as if she was very unwilling to believe Nan Qiao’s results.

The mention of Nan Qiao’s name caused the entire cla.s.s to guess.

“The last time, Nan Qiao’s math score seemed to be 78 points. I remember that she was ranked third from the bottom of the cla.s.s, right? From the form teacher’s reaction, it can’t be that she’d dropped even further this time, right?”

“The form teacher’s expression is so ugly. It’s most likely because her results are not good. Could it be that she scored less than 50 points?”

“Nan Qiao only has two more ranks to descend. It can’t be much worse.”

Everyone laughed and mocked Nan Qiao.

Nan Qiao stood up calmly and went on stage to collect her paper.

Just as Nan Qiao was about to take the test paper and leave, the people below hooted again. “Teacher, tell us what Nan Qiao’s score is.”

“That’s right. Everyone’s scores have been read out, it’s not good for you to skip Nan Qiao’s score, right?”

“Did Nan Qiao’s score drop again?”

All the students were waiting eagerly to watch a good show. Who wanted to miss Nan Qiao’s score?

The form teacher was caught in a difficult position by the students, so he could only read out Nan Qiao’s score.


When Nan Qiao took her paper, she realized that the teacher’s grip was especially tight, as if she wanted to eat someone. Her eyes were also abnormally fierce.

Nan Qiao’s crescent-like mouth curled up. “Thank you, Teacher.”

The form teacher could only let Nan Qiao take the test paper away unwillingly, but she could not figure out why Nan Qiao’s score would rise so quickly. He checked the surveillance video of the exam and confirmed that Nan Qiao had not cheated. She had completed it alone.

How did she achieve such a huge breakthrough?

Originally, the cla.s.s was all waiting for Nan Qiao to make a fool of herself. Unexpectedly, when they heard Nan Qiao’s score, everyone was shocked.

“How is that possible!”

“That’s impossible. Nan Qiao must have cheated!”

“That’s nonsense. Nan Qiao is usually at the bottom. How could she score 131?”

“Teacher, Nan Qiao clearly cheated.”

Even the study committee member with the best results in the entire cla.s.s only scored 125 because the questions this time were relatively difficult. How could Nan Qiao score so high?

“Shut up, Nan Qiao didn’t cheat.” The form teacher explained to everyone with a livid face. Although he was very unwilling to believe this was the truth, there was nothing he could do.

Nan Qiao accepted everyone’s questioning gazes, but she still sat back steadily, looking magnanimous and bright.

“Alright, let’s start talking about the questions now.” The form teacher pulled everyone’s attention back.

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