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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 8: Bet With Teacher


“You wretched girl, you really don’t know how difficult it is to make money. Do you know how big a hole you made in that car? The repair fee alone is tens of thousands.”

“And?” Nan Qiao raised an eyebrow at him.

Nan Kang hated it when Nan Qiao spoke to him in such a cold manner. If one didn’t know better, they would think that they were mortal enemies.

“Look at how unrepentant you are! Since you’re so arrogant, I’ll confiscate your pocket money. Let’s see if you know how difficult it is to earn money in the future.”

“Are you done? I’m going upstairs.” Nan Qiao looked up and yawned.

He Qian quickly stood up and stopped Nan Qiao, acting like she was doing this for her own good.

“Hubby, how can you treat Nan Qiao like this? After all, she’s a girl. She’s usually a little picky. What if you take her pocket money and starve the child?”

“It’s precisely because she only knows how to eat junk food that we have to confiscate her pocket money. I’ll see if she comes back for dinner in the future!”

Nan Qiao avoided He Qian’s touch in annoyance and said, “I won’t come back for dinner in the future.”

Then, she went upstairs, leaving Nan Kang, who was downstairs, furious.

Upstairs, Nan Jin asked her with dark eyes, “Where did you go?”

Nan Qiao’s face was cold. “What does it have to do with you? Just take care of your precious youngest sister.”

Nan Jin gritted his teeth. Why did she have to be so annoying? Her words were so sarcastic!

Nan Zhi naturally knew that Nan Qiao had come back very late. Usually, she would go to bed at ten o’clock, but it was already past ten o’clock. Nan Zhi did not know where Nan Qiao had gone.

“System, where did Nan Qiao go today?” Nan Zhi asked the System directly. Anyway, the omnipotent System knew everything.

“She went to work part-time.” The System quickly gave Nan Zhi the answer she wanted to know.

However, Nan Zhi was exceptionally surprised when she heard this answer. “You’re saying that the young lady who only knows how to be unruly and willful went to work part-time?”

Nan Zhi thought she had heard wrongly.

She had really lived long enough to see it.

In the past, it would have been impossible for Nan Qiao to work.

She wondered what had driven Nan Qiao crazy.

However, what her Father hated the most was for them to do things that humiliated the family, especially working in some unorthodox place.

A smile appeared in Nan Zhi’s eyes, her eyes filled with pride.

There would be a good show to watch.

The academic workload in the third year of high school was very heavy, and the teachers a.s.signed piles of homework. Just completing the homework took a lot of Nan Qiao’s time. Therefore, it was already one in the morning when she finished.

Nan Qiao rubbed her sore neck. Tomorrow, she should go to school to investigate the matter of the flower pot.

Although this matter was only noted in the glossary in the original text, Nan Qiao believed that it was definitely related to Nan Zhi.

Early the next morning, Nan Qiao went to the breakfast shop outside to buy something to fill her stomach.

When Nan Zhi, Nan Jin and Nan Hao woke up, Nan Qiao had already left.

Nan Qiao, who had arrived at school early with a piece of bread in her mouth, went to the sixth floor.

For ordinary people, the sixth floor was very high. From this height, people downstairs were only the size of a fist. If a flower pot was smashed down, it would indeed split a person’s head open.

In the past, flower pots were placed on the corridor, but now, they were all forbidden by the

The fence was 1.2 meters tall so there was no chance a flower pot would fall unless someone picked it up and deliberately dropped it.

Nan Qiao thought about it and pictured the scene in her head. She then re-enacted the scene and pretended to carry something to the fence before letting go.

In the morning, everyone had already started to arrive at the cla.s.sroom. The students on the sixth floor were very surprised to see Nan Qiao. Because Nan Qiao’s cla.s.sroom was on the third floor, she usually wouldn’t come to the sixth floor, let alone the “crime scene” back then.

However, Nan Qiao felt that if someone did this on purpose, there would be witnesses.

She raised her head and looked at the top left corner. There was a surveillance camera there.

It could perfectly capture the commotion here, including the flower pot in the corridor.

After the incident in her previous life, no one had thought of investigating the matter. The school had also brushed the matter aside hastily. They said that a cla.s.smate had accidentally placed a flower pot on the railing when cleaning. In the end, Nan Qiao was just unlucky to be there.

Since that was the case, she wanted to see what was going on with the surveillance cameras.

It was time for morning cla.s.s, so Nan Qiao could only return to cla.s.s.

Seeing that Nan Qiao had finally arrived on time today, the form teacher’s expression improved.

After the morning cla.s.s ended, Nan Qiao chased the form teacher to the office.

“Teacher, I want to investigate what happened that day. After all, I was one of the victims.”

The form teacher stared at Nan Qiao and couldn’t help but frown. “Nan Qiao, I know you want to find out the ins and outs of this matter, but I can a.s.sure you that our teacher and your parents have already seen the video. It was an accident.”

“I don’t believe it. I want to see for myself.” Nan Qiao’s gaze was firm. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t find any clues.

“Nan Qiao! You don’t believe the teachers or your parents? You can’t watch the school’s surveillance cameras just because you want to. I advise you to focus all your attention on your studies and not think about this kind of nonsense.” The form teacher was a little angry. His expression was not good, and his face was serious.

“Teacher, I must see it for myself!” Nan Qiao pursed her cold lips.

“I finally know why your grades aren’t good. All your attention is on these indecent things. How can you still be in the mood to study like that? Look at how many marks you scored in the monthly exam last time,” the form teacher sneered sarcastically.

There was a thin layer of coldness in the girl’s eyes. “Just because my results are not good doesn’t mean that I’m distracted.”

“Heh, didn’t you want to watch the video? Alright, as long as your total score for the three subjects exceeds 390 points in the exam next week, I’ll show it to you,” the form teacher said deliberately.

“Alright, it’s a deal. If I can do it, you need to apologize to me as well!” Nan Qiao agreed immediately. Not only did she want to prove herself, but she also wanted the form teacher who looked down on students with bad grades to apologize!

“It’s a deal. If you can’t do it, you will have to leave the school.” The form teacher watched Nan Qiao leave the office aggressively with a sneer in his eyes.

Last time, Nan Qiao was ranked fifth from the bottom of the cla.s.s. His conditions were equivalent to asking her to score no less than 130 points in every subject. This was something that even the top students might not be able to do.

Nan Qiao really knows how to overestimate her abilities. Now, he could just wait to see Nan Qiao leave this school.

Huo Yichen didn’t understand what was going on when he heard Nan Qiao and the teacher’s bet.

Huo Yichen’s cold expression didn’t change as he brushed past Nan Qiao, pretending that he didn’t hear anything.

Nan Qiao was a little surprised to see Huo Yichen.

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