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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 22: Are You Embarra.s.sed by Big Brother?

The next morning, when Nan Qiao went downstairs to eat, Murong Chen suddenly entered from the side door. He was holding a flower and handed it to Nan Qiao.

“Good morning, my little princess.” Murong Chen placed the rose in Nan Qiao’s hand.

Murong Chen had standard black hair and was wearing a neat suit. The pure black suit was clean and cold, and his body was straight like a pine tree.

His exquisite facial features were hidden with antic.i.p.ation as he waited for praise.

“Big Brother, why are you starting to give me flowers?” Nan Qiao took the flowers in surprise and asked curiously.

Nan Qiao liked the smell of roses, mainly because the roses planted in the villa’s manor smelled different from the roses elsewhere. They were not so strong and were sweet. They smelled very comfortable.

“Because a little princess should receive flowers every day.”

Seeing that Nan Qiao was so happy, Murong Chen felt that the guide online was still very effective.

It was not in vain that he had studied it carefully for so long last night.

The Internet said that a boyfriend had to send a stalk of rose to his girlfriend every morning. In that case, he would send two stalks every day, one for each morning and one for each night. This way, his sister would not be easily kidnapped by another man.

Just thinking about it made Murong Chen very happy.

“Qiaoqiao, eat slowly. I’ll send you to school after you’re done.”

Nan Qiao originally wanted to refuse because she had never been so high-profile. Now that her brother suddenly drove her to school in a luxury car, the whole school might know about it in less than two days. At that time, there would be a lot of unnecessary trouble.

However, seeing how enthusiastic her brother was, Nan Qiao really could not bear to reject him. She could only let her brother do as he pleased. This feeling of comfort and shyness filled Nan Qiao’s heart.

After eating, Nan Qiao got into Murong Chen’s car.

In the car, Murong Chen was still talking.

“How are you doing in this school? If you feel that something is wrong, tell Big Brother. I will help you transfer schools.”

“Big Brother, don’t worry. I’m doing fine,” Nan Qiao said.

“If you can’t resolve that matter, call me.”

Murong Chen tidied up Nan Qiao’s hair. The sides of her hair were very neat, and not a single strand could be seen sticking out. However, after a while, Murong Chen seemed to think that this did not look so good. Then, he fiddled with some loose hair and let it fall. As expected, she looked much better this way.

Murong Chen nodded in satisfaction. This was very good. He liked it.

Nan Qiao sat in the car with a little lamb pillow in her arms. She was unbelievably obedient. She was sitting there like a small ball of fluff. She was wearing a blue school uniform with a high ponytail. Her fair calves were revealed below.

“Aren’t you cold dressed like this?” Murong Chen suddenly asked with concern. Because it was still spring and not summer, he was worried that she would be cold.

Although Murong Chen was not old, he said in a very mature voice, “Increase the temperature of the air conditioner.”

Hearing his brother’s adult-like tone and his concern for her, Nan Qiao could not help but cover her mouth and laugh.

He himself was clearly not very old, but he still doted on her like a child.

“I’m not cold. Don’t worry, Big Brother.”

Her big brother’s worried fatherly att.i.tude always felt that everything was not good enough. He was also afraid that Nan Qiao would suffer in school.

“Qiaoqiao, why don’t Big Brother transfer you to another school?”

Thinking of what had happened to Nan Qiao in school previously, he was worried.

“Big Brother, there’s really no need. I’m fine. I’ll settle my own matters myself. Don’t worry.”

Facing those dark and deep eyes, all of Murong Chen’s worries melted into them.

In the end, he could only give up and sigh. “Alright, go ahead.”

As they spoke, they had already arrived at the school gate.

Even among the rich, Murong Chen’s car was especially conspicuous.

Although its appearance was pure black and it looked very low-key and not eye-catching, the little golden man at the front of the car was really eye-catching. Those who knew their stuff recognized this car at a glance.

The price of this car was at least ten million yuan.

This was also the first time in this school that such a car was used to send a student to school.

Coupled with the fact that Nan Qiao and Murong Chen had been talking in the car just now, they did not notice that they had already arrived at the school gate.

As no one alighted from the car even after a while, everyone was very curious. Who was this big shot who actually came to school in such a luxury car? When was there such a rich person in their school?

“I bet it’s Nan Zhi. Nan Zhi’s parents have always doted on her very much. Didn’t they also change their family car to a car worth millions previously? It shouldn’t be a problem to change to another car worth tens of millions now, right?”

“I think it should be Li Shuchen.”

“That’s right, that’s right. I also think it should be the school hunk. I heard that the school hunk’s family is very powerful. Not only are they rich, but they also have a high status. They are also shareholders of many large companies, so he must be the one.”

“This car is so dark. I can’t see who’s inside.”

“The school hunk is too amazing. He’s good-looking, has a gentle personality, good grades, and is even rich. When can I get to talk to the school hunk?”

“Who doesn’t know that the other school hunk is cold and arrogant? He has the temperament of a big shot. Others don’t dare to speak to him at all. Although this one is gentle like jade, he barely speaks too.”

“Sigh, I wonder if good-looking people just don’t like to talk much.”

Some people sighed. The students outside began to talk around the car. At this moment, Nan Qiao realized that it was time to get out of the car. Seeing so many people in front of the car, her hand that was opening the door paused.

Wouldn’t she be seen by everyone if she got out of the car at this time?

Wouldn’t she be gossiped about in the future?

“Big Brother, get someone to drive the car away. I don’t want to get off here. Let’s go to the front, okay?”

“Is Big Brother very embarra.s.sing to you?” Murong Chen’s face gradually darkened as he recalled his a.s.sistant’s words yesterday.

“No, no, no, no. My brother is so handsome. How can I be embarra.s.sed of you? The school hunks in our school are all n.o.bodies in front of you. Big brother is extremely handsome. It’s precisely because of this that I don’t want others to see you. That way, no one will come and s.n.a.t.c.h my brother away.”

Nan Qiao turned into a boot-licker and praised him non-stop. Even the a.s.sistant in the driver’s seat was dumbfounded.

Nan Qiao’s voice was relatively clear and loud. Coupled with the fact that she was deliberately acting cute, her voice sounded very sweet.

Coupled with her cute face, it made one want to pinch her cheeks.

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