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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 14: I Don’t Want to See You Again in My Life

Nan Xuan had locked her up just like that and really did not intend to let Nan Qiao out. All the servants in the family were watching the door.

Nan Qiao was a little anxious. If she skipped work without telling her boss, her salary would be deducted for three days. However, she did not have her boss’s number, let alone Huo Yichen’s. How could she contact the outside world?

At this moment, Nan Qiao thought of her “good friend”, Wanwan.

She immediately called Wanwan. “Wanwan, do you have Huo Yichen’s contact number?”

Wan Wan was stunned for a moment before saying, “No, I want it too. Why are you suddenly looking for School Prince Huo’s contact information? Or are you starting to like School Prince Huo like me now?”

Wanwan’s tone was gossipy.

“No, I’m just looking for him for something. Can you help me find it?”

Nan Qiao did not like Wanwan’s gossipy nature, but other than her, there was no one else.

“If you want to find his contact information, you can ask your sister. Everyone is saying that the school hunk is chasing Nan Zhi. She must have his contact information.”

“I’m hanging up.” Nan Qiao couldn’t be bothered to listen to her nonsense and hung up.

Could it be that she had to ask Nan Zhi for Huo Yichen’s contact information?

Wanwan, who had been hung up on, felt puzzled. She did not understand why, but she quickly called Nan Zhi.

“Zhizhi, Nan Qiao called me just now to ask for Huo Yichen’s contact information.”

“Got it. You’ve done very well. The bag you took a fancy to previously belongs to you now.” Nan Zhi nodded in understanding as she kept track of Nan Qiao’s actions.

Wanwan hung up the phone in satisfaction. She was overjoyed and had earned another bag.

Nan Zhi touched the golden bracelet on her hand and looked in the direction of Nan Qiao’s room, as if she had seen through her.

Nan Qiao began to panic. If there was a chance to go out, she would probably use any means possible.

Coincidentally, her brothers were not at home today, so the opportunity was just right.


“What’s wrong?” He Qian looked up at her, thinking that her daughter wanted to go to the toilet.

“It’s nothing. I just need your help with something.” Nan Zhi asked He Qian to lean over. She had something to tell her.

He Qian looked up in obvious panic. “Is this really okay? I’m afraid not, right?”

“We’ll know if it works or not if we try. Don’t worry, it’ll definitely work. The time and place are on our side this time. We must chase Nan Qiao out of our family this time,” Nan Zhi said firmly, her eyes filled with schemes.

“But your grandparents are coming tonight. Aren’t you afraid that it’ll be too dangerous for you to do this? Moreover, the two elders are also coming tonight. At that time…” He Qian still felt uneasy.

“Mother, just believe me. There definitely won’t be any problem.” Nan Zhi had wanted to do this for a long time. Tonight, she had to chase Nan Qiao out when the two elders came.

“Alright, I’ll cooperate with you then,” He Qian said hesitantly, not knowing if it would work.

Nan Qiao was worried about her work and did not notice that another scheme was approaching her.

At night, after dinner, He Qian personally went up to call her.

“Qiao’er, come out to eat soon. No one else is home tonight, so we’re eating relatively simply.”

It was already night time, and it was useless for Nan Qiao to escape now, so she gave up struggling. She had studied in her room in the afternoon and was indeed hungry now.

Nan Qiao followed her down and indeed, she saw that Nan Zhi was alone downstairs.

Nan Qiao picked up the bowl and prepared to eat.

“Sister, let me scoop a bowl of soup for you,” Nan Zhi said meekly, her voice sounding especially sweet.

“No need.” Nan Qiao frowned in confusion. In the past, Nan Zhi only acted when there was someone around, but no one was around today. There must be something wrong with the food.

“Sister, let me scoop a bowl for you.” Nan Zhi insisted on doing it and s.n.a.t.c.hed Nan Qiao’s bowl away.

It was too late for Nan Qiao to stop her.

Nan Zhi could not stand up and could only sit down to scoop the soup. However, the basin holding the soup was even higher, so she could only scoop it out unsteadily.

A message notification suddenly rang out on her cell phone and Nan Zhi shouted.

“Aiya~ Sister, how can you treat me like this?”

In her panic, she heard many messy footsteps. Someone rushed into the house and saw the scene in front of her.

Nan Zhi lay on the ground pitifully. There was still hot soup and steam on her body. Her entire elbow was scalded and her injuries were very serious. A large piece of skin was hanging at the side. She was in so much pain that her forehead was covered in sweat as she shouted for help.

“Save me, save me. Sister wants to kill me, save me…” Nan Jin saw this scene the moment he entered. He hurriedly picked up Nan Zhi, his malicious eyes s.h.i.+ning coldly.

“You’ve really disappointed me. Wasn’t she just discharged from the hospital? Her body is weak. How can she withstand such treatment? I’ve really misjudged you. I don’t want to see you again in my life.”

Nan Jin carried Nan Zhi and ran to the hospital.

When Nan Xuan saw this scene, his pupils constricted. He rushed in and slapped Nan Qiao’s face.

“You wretched la.s.s, I’m too disappointed in you. You weren’t like this in the past. You’re no longer the sister I know.”

Nan Hao followed Nan Jin to the hospital. Before he left, he said, “I always thought that you were willful, but I didn’t expect you to be so heartless. I’ll pretend that I don’t have a sister like you in the future!”

When the two old men rushed over at the door, they saw Nan Zhi in Nan Jin’s arms. The skin on her hand was peeling off which frightened them so much that they almost could not breathe.

The walking stick hit the floor with a loud bang. Grandpa walked in and hit Nan Qiao in the back with the walking stick.

Nan Qiao groaned in pain.

With one hand on her waist, tears streaked across the high bridge of her nose and landed on her other cheek, silently dripping onto the floor. There was no light in her eyes, only endless despair.

“You tried to harm your own sister. From now on, our Nan family doesn’t have an unfilial descendant like you. Get lost. Get lost now. You’re no longer a child of our Nan family and will have nothing to do with our Nan family from now on.”

Everything happened very quickly, in an instant. At this moment, Nan Qiao was abandoned by everyone, beaten up, and scolded. She was in a daze and could not understand what had happened for a long time.

In her previous life, everything had happened slowly and Nan Zhi was not injured like this. However, everything seems to have changed now. The plot had sped up and she was quickly chased out of the house.

Nan Qiao touched the corner of her mouth that was in pain and gritted her teeth. Her charming eyes were cold. “If you chase me away today, you’ll definitely regret it in the future!”

None of her three brothers believed her, and her grandparents despised her. It was exactly the same as in her previous life. But this time, Nan Qiao only felt hatred in her heart.

“Get lost. Our Nan family will never regret it!”

“Since you’re so confident, write it down in black and white to prove that I’ve cut ties with the Nan family forever. In the future, regardless of the Nan family’s honor or disaster, it will have nothing to do with me.” Nan Qiao’s cold eyes were like ice.

The old man quickly picked up a pen and paper and finished writing a statement. After officiating it with a signature, he threw it at Nan Qiao. “Take the statement and get lost. The further the better.”

Nan Qiao checked the statement and confirmed that it was fine. A happy expression appeared on her bright face. “I’m finally free.”

Everyone present thought that Nan Qiao had gone crazy. Being chased out of the Nan family was equivalent to being cut off from the riches of the world for eternity. Yet she could actually still laugh.

When Nan Qiao pa.s.sed by Nan Xuan, he said in a low and suppressed voice, “You asked for this.”

Nan Qiao sneered. “I’ve finally severed ties with you. I can’t be happier. Don’t tell me you think I’ll be sad?”

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