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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 2: Father Fainted from Anger

Nan Jin’s voice was extremely suppressed, as if he was gritting his teeth. His eyes were covered by his long hair and he looked disheveled, as if he had been tortured all night.

Although Nan Qiao was shocked, her dark eyes were cold.

She did not know why Nan Jin helped her today, but she knew that the sister he liked the most in his heart would always be Nan Zhi.

Under the pressure of his second brother, Nan Jin, Nan Xuan finally stopped. However, before he left, he glared at Nan Qiao. “Today is the weekend. You have to go to the hospital and take good care of Little Sister Zhizhi. Otherwise…”

Nan Xuan did not finish his sentence, but it was filled with threats.

During breakfast, Nan Qiao suddenly received a call. It was from her father, Nan Kang.

As soon as she picked up the call, she was scolded.

“Nan Qiao, you’re really heartless. You haven’t gone to see your sister even once after she was injured. What kind of person are you? This morning, your sister woke up and asked about you out of concern. You have to go to the hospital today and apologize to her properly. Otherwise, see how I’ll deal with you when I get home!”

Nan Qiao carried the fish soup He Qian had given her and walked along the corridor of the hospital expressionlessly. Her heart was as cold as a gust of wind.

She pursed her lips and walked to the door of the ward. Hearing the laughter coming from inside, Nan Qiao stopped in her tracks and stood at the door in a daze.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely find the best doctor for you. I will do my best to treat your legs even if I have to exhaust the family’s resources.”

“Thank you, Father.” Nan Zhi smiled gently and brushed the hair behind her ears.

There was only a proper smile on her face, and she did not look worried about her legs at all.

Nan Zhi was bound to a System s.p.a.ce. As long as she fulfilled some necessary conditions, she could exchange for a wish.

She was not worried about her leg at all. This injury was within her calculations. As long as the time was right, she would complete the exchange with the System to heal her leg.

However, from the looks of it, all her sacrifices were worth it. After saving Nan Qiao, everyone’s att.i.tude towards her had indeed changed greatly. Soon, she would completely replace Nan Qiao’s position and chase her out.

Nan Kang hugged Nan Zhi and patted her back to comfort her. He could not see the determined expression on Nan Zhi’s face.

Coincidentally, Nan Qiao saw it outside the door. It was obvious that her scheme had succeeded.

If not for the fact that she had been reborn and knew that she was just a supporting character, Nan Qiao would never suspect that the flower pot that fell from the school building was linked to Nan Zhi.

In her previous life, everyone only treated this matter as an accident, so they did not investigate too much.

From the beginning, Nan Zhi had wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h everything away from her. It was laughable that she had been so stupid in her previous life as she had actually felt grateful to Nan Zhi and tolerated all her actions.

“Father, why didn’t Elder Sister come to see me? Is Elder Sister angry with me? Did I do something wrong again to make Elder Sister angry?”

Nan Zhi tilted her head and thought seriously, her mouth pouting slightly, like an innocent little girl.

“Your sister…”

Before Nan Kang could finish speaking, Nan Qiao knocked on the door.

Nan Kang turned around and saw Nan Qiao. He frowned slightly and did not say anything.

On the other hand, Nan Zhi was putting on an act.

“Elder Sister, how are you? Did you hurt yourself when I pounced on you? Does it hurt?”

That expression could be said to be sincere, without any hint of acting.

No wonder she had deceived her in her previous life. Nan Qiao’s eyes darkened.

Nan Kang had originally held back his anger, but after Nan Zhi’s words, his anger rose again.

“How can she be injured? As an elder sister, she failed to protect her younger sister and even caused you to break your legs. Still, she managed to wake up late in the morning.”

“Father is really taking good care of her. Even I, your daughter, have never experienced such treatment before.” Nan Qiao’s tone was calm and emotionless.

In the past, every time she was sick, her father would say that he was busy. He would either throw her to the nanny or to her brothers, he had never rushed back to accompany her before. However, every time Nan Zhi was sick, her father would always rush back immediately.

Previously, she had always thought that her father was busy and did not want to cause trouble for him. But now, she realized how wrong she was.

Instead of being unable to be by her side, it was more like he was unwilling to do it.

“What kind of att.i.tude is that? If not for your sister, you would be the one lying here today,” Nan Kang accused Nan Qiao sternly.

Nan Qiao placed the thermos in her hand on the table and turned around, her eyes cold. “I wasn’t the one who begged her to save me. Aren’t I your daughter too?”

“How do you know that I don’t want the person lying on the bed to be me?”

Being criticized like this, Nan Qiao would rather be the one injured.

“You’re both my daughters, but how did you become like this? Look at your younger sister, then look at yourself. You’re going too far with your words. Your younger sister sacrificed her legs to save you. Could it be that she saved the wrong person!”

“What do you mean by we’re both Father’s daughters? She’s just a burden brought over by He Qian. How can she be Father’s daughter? Or did you already cheat on Mom when was still around and thus Nan Zhi is actually your biological daughter.”

Perhaps it was because her words had shocked Nan Kang, he felt a sense of guilt. Furious and fl.u.s.tered, he raised his hand to hit Nan Qiao.

He Qian had been watching the show at the door for a long time. At this moment, she immediately rushed into the ward and stopped Nan Kang.

He Qian shouted, “No matter how wrong she is, you can’t hit the child.”

“She’s Elder Sister’s daughter, the eldest daughter of our Nan family. What if she’s hurt?”

Nan Kang sat on the edge of the bed angrily and pointed at Nan Qiao as he scolded, “No matter what, our Nan family can be considered a scholarly family. How did we raise an unfilial daughter like you who doesn’t respect her elders!”

“You actually called your elders by their names. Look at how your Mother treats you, you heartless thing.”

Nan Qiao could not take it anymore. Her eyes turned slightly red as she knocked over the fish soup in her hand, her nails almost digging into her flesh.

He still had the cheek to say that he was from a scholarly family.

Nan Kang came from a poor family and relied on himself to make some small achievements. However, compared to the rich Murong Family, he was not even worth a finger.

If not for Murong Yan who had taken a fancy to such a poor kid back then, he would not be who he had become. For him, Murong Yan even disobeyed her father and insisted on marrying Nan Kang. In the end, she lost her life at a young age.

“If not for your mother stopping me just now, I would have beaten you to death! I’ll definitely teach this little ingrate a lesson today!” Nan Kang rolled up his sleeves and raised his hand to slap her.

How could Nan Qiao stand still and let him hit her? She quickly dodged and Nan Kang’s hand hit the wall, and he cried out in pain.

At the side, He Qian’s expression of watching a show had yet to disappear.

Nan Qiao was extremely disappointed, and her voice sank to the bottom. “If my real Mother was still around, she would have pounced on me just now and not fanned the flames!”

The expression on He Qian’s face instantly froze, as if she had been seen through.

“You… you…” Nan Kang clutched his chest, unable to breathe. He pointed a finger at Nan Qiao, his eyes about to pop out.

“Zhizhi, call the doctor!” He Qian shouted in fear.

“Daddy, Daddy, what’s wrong?”

Nan Qiao walked out of the ward.

They were all so good at acting, but why didn’t they bring back an Oscar Award?

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