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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 12: Why Do You Like Nan Zhi?

“Heh, who are you? Do you think you’re Chairman Mao? Do you want everyone to love you?” Nan Qiao sneered and retorted rudely.

“Nan Qiao, do you believe that I’ll break off the engagement right now!” Liang Rui raised his head arrogantly and looked at her with his nose pointed upwards.

He knew Nan Qiao was most afraid of him calling off the engagement. He had already threatened Nan Qiao with it in the past. He didn’t believe that Nan Qiao wouldn’t be afraid this time.

“Oh ~ So it’s you? My shameless fiancé who cheated on me countless times.”

Nan Qiao seemed to have just remembered and looked at him coldly. “If you want to call off the engagement, just do it. Do you think you can call it off just like that?”

Nan Qiao was deliberately goading him. Liang Rui liked girls like Nan Zhi who were pretentious. The rougher she was, the more he would dislike her.

“You, why are you so unruly? You’ve lived with Zhi Zhi for so many years, but you haven’t learned any gentleness or virtuousness at all.” Liang Rui was extremely disappointed in her and could not help but think of Nan Zhi’s kind appearance. She was as gentle as water.

“Leave this place immediately. If others find out that my fiancée works in a coffee shop, where will I put my face?”

“Who cares about being your fiancée?” Nan Qiao sneered and turned around to say, “I won’t quit my job. If you have the ability, quickly break off the engagement and cut ties with me forever.”

“Nan Qiao, just you wait. I’ll definitely break off the engagement with you. I’ll make you come back crying and beg me!” Liang Rui was so angry that he wished he could go over and break off the engagement right now and throw the letter of annulment in Nan Qiao’s face.

Huo Yichen was cleaning a plate at the side when he heard this conversation.

Nan Qiao turned around and saw Huo Yichen beside her. It was obvious that he had heard the entire conversation.

Nan Qiao washed her hands in the sink and slowly turned her gaze to him without saying anything.

Huo Yichen felt his throat tighten and did not say anything. However, on closer look, Nan Qiao seemed to have realized that Huo Yichen’s ears were a little red.

So even a person like him would feel embarra.s.sed if he was caught eavesdropping?

Nan Qiao looked as if she’d discovered the New World Continent. It turned out that this person could still feel embarra.s.sment. She thought that the main villain was just thick-skinned and did not care about anything.

Therefore, Nan Qiao had the intention to tease the big shot.

“I caught a cla.s.smate eavesdropping on my conversation?” Nan Qiao leaned over and asked him with sparkling eyes.

Huo Yichen hurriedly looked away, as if he did not do anything. He had only overheard it by accident.

But when he met Nan Qiao’s gaze, for some reason, he actually felt a little guilty.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if you hear it. It’s just a conversation with a little b*stard.” Nan Qiao wiped her hands indifferently. Her bright eyes curved into crescents, making one want to sink into them.

Huo Yichen reached out and spun her around so that she couldn’t look at him.

If she continued to stare at him like this, he was afraid that he would not be able to help but fall for her.

“What are you doing?” Nan Qiao asked with a frown.

Huo Yichen’s throat moved. “You talk too much.”

Nan Qiao’s eyes darted around before stopping. The corners of her mouth curled up. “But I merely said a few words.”

She had been here for a few days, but Huo Yichen did not speak to her at all. It was as if the two of them did not know each other. However, now that there’s new development between the two’s relations.h.i.+p, it seemed that she was one step closer to the big shot agreeing to work with her.

“Shut up. You’re so noisy.” Huo Yichen’s fierce voice seemed to be hiding something. He did not look like he was berating her at all.

Nan Qiao’s face puffed up with laughter, looking very cute.

Business at the coffee shop was especially good. The two of them should have gotten off work at eight o’clock, but they continued helping out at the coffee shop until ten o’clock. In order to thank them, the boss treated them each to a cup of coffee.

Seeing Huo Yichen sitting on a rope by the roadside drinking coffee, Nan Qiao also sat over, but the two of them sat at opposite ends, as if there was a river between them.

Nan Qiao removed all her thorns and her brows were filled with sadness. Her delicate side profile was reflected in Huo Yichen’s eyes.

What exactly made her so sad?

Huo Yichen would not take the initiative to ask. He just drank the cup of coffee quietly.

After a long while, Nan Qiao shrugged as if she was cleaning up these sad emotions. She asked, “Why do you like Nan Zhi?”

Huo Yichen was silent for a moment. He thought about the people he knew and finally stopped at a fair face. He, who never liked to explain, forced out two words. “I don’t.”

“I’m not blind. I saw it all. You sent food to Nan Zhi, and you even helped Nan Zhi edit her homework. You even…”

Nan Qiao’s eyes seemed to be filled with grievance as she accused him one by one and counted the things he had done for Nan Zhi.

Huo Yichen’s eyes darkened as he thought about what had happened. That seemed to be the case, but he did it because…

Forget it, he could not be bothered to explain it to her. Why was he explaining it to her?

If she had misunderstood, so be it.

Huo Yichen got up and left without even saying goodbye.

Nan Qiao looked at his figure. Her mouth was so wide that it could fit an egg.

To think that she thought that their relations.h.i.+p had improved. Who knew that it was still so bad? Did he have to make the situation so awkward?

Feeling that their relations.h.i.+p had gone back to square one, Nan Qiao returned home gloomily.

So, Huo Yichen was determined to like Nan Zhi.

What could she do?

According to the plot, Huo Yichen would only hate Nan Zhi after he was injured all over by her. Did he have to go through the entire plot?

However, when she saw Mother Huo lying in the hospital, she could not help but feel sorry for her. Her fate was to die without even seeing her son for the last time.

Nan Qiao bit her finger and pondered as she went home. Unknowingly, she walked to the door of her house.

When she opened the door and entered, the house was not as quiet as usual. She was expecting everyone to be preparing to sleep. Instead, the entire living room was still bright. The place was filled with laughter from the men and women inside.

Seeing that Nan Qiao had returned, He Qian was the first to welcome her, like a good mother caring about her daughter.

“Qiao’er is back. Where did you go to play today? Don’t tell me you went to work again?”

Nan Qiao avoided He Qian’s question. He Qian, who was facing the living room displayed a disappointed and sad expression.

Seeing that Nan Qiao did not deny it, He Qian said, “Although Auntie knows that I shouldn’t say this, your father is right. If the people in the business find out that you went out to work, they will laugh at your father.”

“I rely on my own effort to earn money. Who would laugh at him?” Nan Qiao glanced sideways at He Qian and said sharply.

“How can you talk to Auntie like that?” Nan Xuan stood up and scolded Nan Qiao.

“Auntie said all this for your own good. You don’t know how to be grateful at all and even dare to talk back. Nan Qiao, you’re becoming more and more lawless. You’re not allowed to go anywhere tomorrow. Stay in your room and reflect on yourself.”

Since the Nan family’s young master had spoken, who dared to disobey?

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