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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 3: Slapped by Father

Nan Qiao walked leisurely on the corridor, the mist in her eyes almost impossible to see the way.

She walked into the elevator and looked at the wall that reflected her current appearance.

She wiped her tears and her heart turned colder. What was the use of crying? Who was she crying for? She should never cry again.

She looked up in a daze. The moment the elevator door was about to close, she glanced at it lightly and was so shocked that she could not focus for a long time.

She had only seen the man’s side profile just now and remembered it deeply.

His high nose bridge, deep eyebrows, and slightly pursed thin lips revealed a hint of coldness. That n.o.ble appearance seemed to be engraved in Nan Qiao’s mind.

She knew that person. He was this world’s biggest villain, Huo Yichen.

According to the proper timeline, the female lead, who was praised by everyone, looked down on Huo Yichen. She only thought of him as an inconspicuous poor boy and humiliated Huo Yichen in his youth.

Because of Nan Zhi, he did not even get to see his mother before she pa.s.sed.

Later on, when Huo Yichen grew up, the first group of people he wanted to take revenge on were Nan Zhi and her family. He would torture Nan Zhi with vicious methods for a long time.

In an instant, a crazy plan appeared in Nan Qiao’s mind. Perhaps this was an opportunity. Huo Yichen’s mother was still alive in the current timeline, but her health was not good all year round and since they were in the same hospital as Nan Zhi, perhaps they could work together to take revenge on the Nan family.

After leaving the hospital, Nan Qiao’s phone rang. When she saw the caller ID, she was slightly stunned.

The caller was Nan Qiao’s close friend, Wan Wan.

As soon as she picked up the call, Wan Wan’s sweet voice sounded.

“Nan Qiao, is your sister alright? I heard that you didn’t even go to see her. She was injured because of you after all. You really shouldn’t have treated Nan Zhi like that.”

She originally thought the words from her good friend would be comforting words, but she did not expect that the first thing she asked about was Nan Zhi and then even blamed her. Nan Qiao’s heart instantly fell to the bottom again.

“Did you call to say this?” Nan Qiao’s voice gradually turned cold.

“This matter is treated as a serious matter in school. The entire school is saying that you pulled Nan Zhi over to be a meat cus.h.i.+on. Everyone has a lot of negative opinions about you now, and even…” Wan Wan did not finish her sentence and did not dare to continue. She felt that Nan Qiao’s tone was not very good just now.

“Speak.” Her thin lips moved.

“Everyone has already begun to boycott you. The parents and students have jointly requested to expel you.” Wan Wan said these words nervously.

There was no sound from the other end of the line for a long time. She called out uncertainly, “Nan Qiao?”

“Got it.” Nan Qiao hung up after a long silence without even explaining.

Wan Wan felt that Nan Qiao was very strange today, but she could not tell what was wrong.

Wan Wan thought that if she told Nan Qiao this, she would not come to school again. However, she did not expect Nan Qiao to come to school the next morning.

Not only was Nan Qiao here, but she was also late in front of the entire school.

“Look, isn’t that Nan Qiao from Cla.s.s Three? She actually has the cheek to come to school? I heard that she caused her sister to break her legs.”

“Everyone, stay away from her. What if she uses you as a meat s.h.i.+eld?”

Such voices filled her ears. Many students discussed animatedly, looking at her as if she was a plague.

Nan Qiao really found it ironic.

“Student, how can you be late for the morning meeting? You’ll be punished to stand in the corner and listen. After the meeting, your form teacher will deal with you.”

Nan Qiao ignored the director’s words and walked straight towards the platform.

Every morning at the morning a.s.sembly, the leader would speak on the platform with a microphone. Nan Qiao walked to the director’s side and s.n.a.t.c.hed the microphone from his hand.

“One has to bear criminal responsibility for fabricating facts and slandering others, so does anyone have any evidence to prove that I used my sister as a meat s.h.i.+eld?” Nan Qiao was righteous and her voice was loud. She stood under the platform and faced the thousands of people below the stage without fear.

“There were only the two of you at that time. Who else could it be?”

Nan Qiao sneered. “Heh, how do you know that the flower pot was dropping towards me? How do you know that it was not her who implicated me?”

The students below the stage were speechless.

After all, they had not witnessed it themselves. Moreover, when they heard that they could be held criminally responsible for their words, everyone was afraid.

However, at this moment, the dean was furious and wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the microphone back from Nan Qiao’s hand. The microphone emitted an ear-piercing sound when the two of them argued.

Nan Qiao refused to let go. The dean scolded anxiously, “You’re simply outrageous. You have no respect for your elders. Call your parents over.”

Nan Qiao waved away the dean’s hand and stared at him with burning eyes.

“As a teacher, not only did you not protect the students, but you even allowed the other students to spread rumors and slander another student. Is this how you act as an educator?”

A few teachers went up on stage and dragged Nan Qiao down. The microphone in her hands was also s.n.a.t.c.hed away, and no one could hear what they were saying.

Nan Qiao stood in the dean’s office as a punishment. As she was being reprimanded by the dean, she cursed and waited for her parents to come.

Nan Kang rushed over and slapped Nan Qiao’s face without a word, the sound echoing throughout the office.

Nan Qiao felt a burning pain on her cheek and the taste of blood in her mouth.

Nan Qiao turned her face to the side and did not move. When she looked up, her eyes were filled with cold hatred.

This action surprised all the teachers in the office. How could a parent hit a child as soon as they entered?

“Mr. Nan, even if the child is in the wrong, you can’t hit the child,” the director advised hypocritically.

“This unfilial daughter is simply lawless. She doesn’t know how to be grateful to her sister at home. She’s fierce, disobedient, and unfilial to her mother. If I don’t hit her, she won’t know what’s good for her.”

“Mr. Nan, calm down. Actually, I called you here today…” The director pulled Nan Kang aside and explained in detail.

The corners of Nan Qiao’s mouth suddenly twitched. She had long expected this outcome. She clearly had nothing to look forward to, so why did her heart still hurt so much after being slapped?

Unlike the other parents who protected their child when they were called over by the dead, the first thing her father did was slap her without any explanation, not caring if she was in the right or wrong.

There were also other teachers around who were looking at Nan Qiao. This matter would probably spread to the entire school soon.

When Nan Qiao returned home from school in the afternoon, her face was as swollen as a bun. At this moment, her Third Brother was chatting and laughing with their stepmother, He Qian, like a genuine mother and son pair.

“Auntie He, Zhi Zhi likes to eat this cake. I’m going to the hospital to see Zhi Zhi later, so I’ll bring all these cakes to Zhi Zhi.”

“Sounds great.”

He Qian smiled like a flower. When she heard the door close, she guessed that Nan Qiao had returned. She deliberately asked gently, “Nan Qiao is probably coming back soon. Why don’t you leave some for her? Zhi Zhi is recuperating in the hospital so it doesn’t matter if she eats a bit less.”

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