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After the Female Supporting Character Who Lost Favor Logged off, Her Ten Older Brothers Went Crazy

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Chapter 13: Imprisoning Nan Qiao

“She’s not allowed to go out tomorrow!”

This action angered Nan Qiao. She stared at him with her round eyes. “What right do you have to restrict me?”

Nan Xuan looked at her and said sternly, “I’m your elder brother.”

Nan Qiao bit her lips fiercely, her eyes filled with anger. “You’re not my elder brother. You’re Nan Zhi’s elder brother.”

“Auntie, ignore that girl. She’s in her rebellious stage now and doesn’t know how to respect her elders at all. You don’t have to care about her in the future.”

Nan Xuan turned around with a smile and told He Qian. He felt indignant that such a good stepmother who cared about them was not appreciated by Nan Qiao.

“It’s fine. I know that Qiao’er hasn’t been able to accept me yet. I’ll make her accept me eventually.” He Qian’s eyes were filled with worry. “I wonder if Qiao’er has eaten since she came back so late.”

“Auntie, don’t worry about Nan Qiao. She won’t starve to death. She’s an able person with arms and legs. Are you afraid that she won’t be able to find food? Unlike Zhizhi who can’t go anywhere without help now that her leg is injured.” Nan Hao’s heart ached as he pressed Nan Zhi’s head against his chest.

“It’s ok for a biological mother to not discipline her child, but I’m a stepmother. When the time comes, I’ll inevitably be criticized by others for not raising the kids well,” He Qian said aggrievedly, her eyebrows filled with worry.

“Auntie, don’t worry about Nan Qiao. As long as we’re around, we definitely won’t allow anyone to say anything bad about you.” Nan Hao patted his chest and promised, his handsome face filled with smugness.

Nan Zhi rested her head on Nan Hao’s body, her eyes filled with smugness.

Nan Qiao, your brothers are all on my side now. Let’s see what else you can do.

Unbothered that Nan Qiao was still in the living room, they started trying on clothes and jewelry as if no one was around.

Nan Zhi’s gaze swept past Nan Qiao’s figure at the side. She stood out from everyone like a joke.

Nan Zhi took off the bracelet on her hand. “Sister, come and see if there’s anything you like. These are all new things that the elder brothers bought me this afternoon. If you like anything, just take them away. There’s no need to be polite. After all, my brothers are also your brothers.”

Nan Zhi’s words were actually unpleasant and infuriating. At first glance, one might think that Nan Qiao was the one brought here by the stepmother.

Nan Qiao snorted in her heart.

“Alright, our figures are similar. I haven’t bought clothes in a long time. In that case, thank you.”

Nan Qiao walked over and pointed at the pile of clothes and jewelry, wanting to take what she liked.

Nan Zhi did not expect Nan Qiao to have such a reaction. How could a proud person like her want something from her? Wasn’t this Nan Qiao too unpredictable?

However, Nan Hao was the first to disagree. He jumped up like a cat that had its tail stepped on.

“We bought all of this for Zhizhi. Zhizhi was just being polite to you, but you really want to take some?”

Nan Qiao blinked her big innocent eyes. “Didn’t she just offer them to me?”

Nan Zhi almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Why did this woman behave so shamelessly…

She just wanted to annoy Nan Qiao, but who knew that Nan Qiao would really accept her offer?

Nan Zhi could only pout and nod aggrievedly. “I wanted to give them to Sister.”

Nan Qiao saw a golden bracelet. She had seen Nan Zhi wear this bracelet many times in her previous life. It seemed to be Nan Zhi’s favorite item.

Nan Qiao picked up the bracelet without hesitation and said, “I like this.”

Nan Zhi panicked when she saw her taking away her beloved bracelet. “If Sister likes it, you may take it.”

Her tone was so aggrieved, and her eyes were filled with tears. It was like she was about to cry.

“No, no. That is Zhizhi’s favorite. You can’t take it. Put it down.”

Nan Hao immediately rushed up and s.n.a.t.c.hed the bracelet back. He hugged it in his arms and refused to let go.

Nan Qiao was not in a hurry at all when the bracelet was s.n.a.t.c.hed away. She sorted out her emotions slightly and revealed a guilty and self-reproachful expression. “Aiya, so that’s your favorite bracelet. I didn’t even know. I’m really sorry, but since you said that you were going to give it to me, you definitely won’t go back on your word, right?”

When has the entire family ever seen Nan Qiao like this? They were all stunned.

When did Nan Qiao learn to show weakness? Could it be that she was frightened by Nan Xuan just now?

“Yes, as long as Sister likes it.” Nan Zhi took the bracelet from Nan Hao’s arms with a stiff face. She bit her lips and handed it to Nan Qiao unwillingly.

Nan Qiao held the bracelet and stroked it carefully, as if she treasured it a lot.

This scene made the other brothers feel uncomfortable. Nan Zhi clearly liked that bracelet very much, but now she wanted to give it to Nan Qiao, and Nan Qiao accepted it without hesitation.

Just as Nan Xuan was about to speak, he heard Nan Qiao exclaim.

The beads fell to the ground and made pattering sounds on the floor.

“Aiya, I’m really sorry. The quality of this bracelet is too poor. It actually broke apart.” Nan Qiao looked at them apologetically.

Nan Hao was about to say that Nan Qiao was deliberately s.n.a.t.c.hing Nan Zhi’s favorite, but he could not say it now.

Nan Xuan could only call the servants to pick up the beads.

His brows were raised but he refrained from saying more.

“In that case, I’ll go upstairs first. I don’t want such a cheap bracelet. If you like it, take it and repair it. It’s quite compatible with you.” Nan Qiao stood on the stairs and said sadly.

Nan Zhi was left stunned downstairs.

What did she mean?

She said that the bracelet was very cheap, but it matched her very well? Wasn’t this equivalent to saying that she was also cheap?

Nan Qiao!

“What is that brat Nan Qiao talking about? She’s too outrageous. I knew that it was impossible for her to become better. As expected, she won’t change.” Nan Hao shouted angrily, wis.h.i.+ng he could go upstairs and beat up Nan Qiao now.

Nan Xuan was also unhappy. He sat on the sofa with a dark expression. The atmosphere was not good.

Nan Zhi’s eyes were filled with tears, but she could not bend down to pick up the beads in front of her.

Nan Zhi started crying instantly and threw herself into He Qian’s arms. “Mother, will I never be able to stand up again?”

“Nan Qiao is right. I’m no longer worthy of such a good thing. Now that I’m a cripple, I’m worth nothing.”

When Nan Zhi cried, everyone’s hearts ached and they hurriedly went over to coax her.

Nan Qiao had caused trouble, but she did not care about the consequences. She returned to her room to rest.

Not long after, Nan Qiao heard a knock on the door. She was still curious about who would knock on her door when she saw a plastic bag at the door. The bag was filled with some ointment.

Nan Qiao fell silent. Who else in this family would be so good to her?

This person did not appear in her previous life, right?

However, when she recalled that she had diarrhea after eating the food that person had given her last time, Nan Qiao fell into deep suspicion. Could it be that this person was tricking her again this time?

This kind of trick seemed to be Nan Hao’s style of teasing people.

Nan Qiao threw the medicine aside and went to bed.

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