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The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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Chapter 5

A Forced Marriage

Qin Zhenzhen understood why he harbored such strong animosity towards her.

As the younger brother, Su Bin held a deep-seated belief that it was inappropriate for him to marry before his elder brother. Such a transgression would not only subject him to gossip and criticism but could also have serious implications for his future marriage prospects.

In addition to this societal taboo, Su Bin also felt a sense of injustice on behalf of his third brother.

Qin Zhenzhen continued to defend herself, insisting, “I never intended to harm them fatally. I struck Su Ning because I lost my balance and couldn’t control the force.”

“If you doubt my words, feel free to ask them and verify the truth.”

Su Ping glanced at the bandage wrapped around Qin Zhenzhen’s head, observing the faint traces of blood. His gaze then s.h.i.+fted to the pool of blood on the floor, causing his brow to furrow.

“Did she truly… bleed?”

The sight of the large pool of blood was both alarming and potentially life-threatening, yet Qin Zhenzhen acted as if it were inconsequential.

Su Ning nodded in affirmation. “She was the one who bled. She had a fall.”

“As their third sister-in-law, it is only fair for you to provide for their needs when they are hungry!”

Qin Zhenzhen immediately agreed, vigorously nodding. “Absolutely! I’ve always believed in that principle. However, they’ve never treated me as the third sister-in-law. Since they view me as an outsider, taking my belongings amounts to theft, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I have been residing in your household for two months, and I have been responsible for purchasing all the food and items I have consumed. Su Cheng even went as far as hiding the salt in the kitchen.”

He struggled to find his words, his voice catching in his throat.

Su Ning’s expression turned strained, her discomfort evident. What she had spoken was nothing but the truth. They had indeed treated Qin Zhenzhen as an outsider and stolen her pastries.

Su Cheng countered with a flushed face, “You used our firewood and the water I fetched. You even took over my third brother’s room!”

Qin Zhenzhen responded with a gentle smile. “I’ll convert those into monetary value and repay you. Once Su Bin returns, we can proceed with the divorce.”

“After the divorce, how about we let bygones be bygones?”

“Are you certain about wanting a divorce?”

Putting it mildly, divorce was a challenging situation. It would be exceedingly difficult for a divorced woman to remarry, as respectable families were unlikely to consider marrying someone with a divorce in their past.

Furthermore, hadn’t she forcibly married his third brother with the hope that he would achieve fame one day, granting her social status and prestige as a wife?

Who would believe that she would give up so easily!

Qin Zhenzhen nodded solemnly. “I have considered it thoroughly. A coerced marriage can never be fulfilling. Why don’t you send a message to Su Bin and ask him to come home for a divorce?”

He gazed at her intently for a while, still struggling to believe that she would give up so readily.

Su Cheng anxiously tugged at his second brother’s clothes, whispering a reminder, “She might have deceived Third Brother into returning home and forcefully engaging in intimate relations. She is strong, and Third Brother might be at a disadvantage…”

Su Ping had an epiphany, his expression filled with disdain as he looked at Qin Zhenzhen.

Qin Zhenzhen found herself at a loss for words. Su Cheng, that brat, was truly asking for trouble. How could he misconstrue her intentions like this?

Ignoring Qin Zhenzhen, Su Ping unburdened himself of the basket on his back.

Observing that the basket didn’t appear empty, Su Ning asked excitedly, “What did Second Brother manage to hunt today?”

“Today was an unlucky day for me. I didn’t catch anything,” Su Ping replied with a touch of disappointment.

Su Ning and Su Cheng shared in the disappointment.

It had been quite a while since they last had meat to eat.

Their family lacked the financial means to purchase pork, so they relied on the hope that Second Brother would bring back some game to fulfill their cravings. Even a small bird would have sufficed.

Sadly, Second Brother seldom ventured into the mountains, and most of the time he returned empty-handed.

“I’ve set up a trap in the mountains. I’ll head up there tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find something,” Su Ping rea.s.sured his siblings softly, noting the dejected expressions on their faces.

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