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Chapter 4

Why Did You Hit Them Again

As Su Ning anxiously waited, Qin Zhenzhen emerged from the room, her forehead now wrapped in a white gauze bandage.

The gauze had been discovered in the original host’s belongings, and Qin Zhenzhen felt it necessary to cover the wound to avoid drawing attention to herself. She didn’t want to be perceived as a monster in this parallel world similar to ancient Earth, even though mutants existed here.

With her wound treated and her chubby face clean, except for a small amount of blood staining the white gauze, Qin Zhenzhen appeared lively and in good spirits. The siblings were momentarily taken aback before quickly turning around and fleeing.

Had she really been that frightening?

Just as the siblings reached the courtyard entrance, they collided with a young man.

Qin Zhenzhen, equipped with the original host’s memories, recognized him as Su Bin’s second brother, Su Ping. At 18 years old, he bore a slight resemblance to Su Cheng and was considered good-looking among the younger generation in the village.

Previously, he had learned some martial arts moves from a man. With his mediocre skills, he had successfully made a group of scoundrels outside.

He did not do his job all day long, but he would occasionally bring back a little money to provide for his younger siblings’ living expenses. Occasionally, he would go hunting in the mountains to give his younger siblings a meal.

Today, he was going up the mountain to hunt, as he was carrying a wicker basket and a bow and arrow on his back.

Seeing the brother and sister running toward him in a panic, he looked up at Qin Zhenzhen and got instantly furious.

“Why are you hitting them again?”

Qin Zhenzhen retorted, “When did you see me hitting them?”

“If you don’t chase and beat them up, they will never run?”

When the siblings saw their second brother, they immediately stopped panicking.

That fat girl was still a little afraid of their second brother.

Su Cheng immediately complained, “Second Brother, she’s lying. She just chased after Sixth Sister and me with a stick!”

Su Ning immediately rolled up her sleeves, revealing a greenish-purple spot. “Second Brother, look, she hit me with a stick.”

She had run slowly just now and suffered a beating from the fat girl, which was very painful.

“My sixth sister is so young? How can you be so cruel? Don’t think I won’t hit a woman like you!”

As he spoke, he moved forward, trying to teach her a lesson.

Two months ago, he happened to be out of town with a group of unpleasant individuals. Seizing the opportunity, the Qin family exploited the situation and coerced his third brother into marrying an overweight girl whom he referred to disdainfully.

Had he been present at home, he would have never allowed them to have their way!

His third brother was not only tall but also exceptionally gifted. He was the family’s hope, destined to achieve great things and reach remarkable heights. How could he be matched with this coa.r.s.e and overweight girl? She simply wasn’t deserving of him.

Refusing to let him intimidate her, Qin Zhenzhen responded coldly, “Instead of a.s.suming it was my fault without even asking, you should have inquired why I chased and confronted them. Is this your way of handling things?”

The original host had a fearless personality, primarily due to growing up with four bullying brothers.

“Why would she want to attack you? I demand the truth!”

Su Cheng could only provide an honest answer, “Sixth Sister and I were so famished that we entered her room to take some pastries. In response, she cursed at us and chased us with a stick.”

His anger grew further. “You’re resorting to violence over mere food? Have you no humanity?”

Qin Zhenzhen countered, “Taking something without permission is tantamount to stealing. If they start stealing needles now, they’ll eventually steal gold when they grow up. I’m educating them on your behalf!”

Fearing that he might resort to violence unless she presented a valid reason, Qin Zhenzhen chose not to engage in a fight with him just yet.

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