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The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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Chapter 6

Transmigrated into a Book

Su Ning leaped up in sheer delight. “That’s fantastic! Second Brother is amazing! We’ll have meat tomorrow!”

Her hopeful demeanor stirred a pang of guilt within him.

Normally, he didn’t pay much attention to the family. He often fought alongside his brothers and squandered his earnings at the casino. While he could indulge in plenty of food, he rarely saved any money.

Even if they had money, they would spend it on food, drinks, and enjoying themselves with their brothers. In short, they seldom brought money home.

He lowered the basket and comforted his sister. “I didn’t manage to catch anything, but I gathered a lot of fruits. They’re incredibly sweet.”

It was autumn, and most of the wild fruits on the mountain were ripe. Some were sour, while others were sweet, and he had collected a variety of them.

Su Ning’s eyes lit up as she saw the vibrant red wild fruits, instantly regaining her excitement.

“Wow, so many wild fruits!”

“Second Brother is the best!”

Just then, a youth of around 16 years old appeared at the courtyard entrance.

Qin Zhenzhen glanced over and her eyes widened. The young man was dressed in a simple white cotton robe, exuding an air of scholarly elegance. One could almost describe him as ethereal.

With a straight nose bridge, tightly closed thin lips, and slightly upturned eyes that emitted an air of reserved coldness, he possessed the appearance of a refined and aloof being.

Such a breathtakingly beautiful young man seemed like a heavenly creation, rarely seen in the mortal realm. No wonder the original host had been captivated by him.

Su Ning eagerly welcomed him. “Third Brother! You’re finally home!”

“It’s been so long since we last saw each other!”

It was all that shameless, overweight woman’s fault for coercing a marriage with Third Brother. That was why he had been unwilling to return home for the past two months.

Su Bin’s expression s.h.i.+fted, but he replied warmly, “Ning’er, I’m glad to see you’re doing well!”

Ever since he got married, he had been staying at West Mountain Academy and hadn’t come home for two months.

He truly didn’t want to face that plump girl at home.

However, this morning, he had received a message informing him that Sixth Sister was critically ill and bedridden. She was on the verge of death and lacked the funds to call for a doctor.

Worried about Sixth Sister’s condition, he had decided to take the ox cart back home.

But now, upon seeing that Sixth Sister wasn’t ill at all, Su Bin began to piece things together.

This must have been the scheme concocted by the girl’s brothers. They tricked him into returning home to settle scores with him, coercing him into sleeping with their sister.

Hmph! Even if he returned home, he would never lay a finger on that plump girl!

He had already moved his personal belongings to the study. From now on, whenever he came home, he would only sleep in the study.

If she dared to force a marriage on him, she had to be prepared to spend her life in an empty room!

Su Ning whispered to Su Bin, “Third Brother, she just mentioned that she’s willing to divorce you.”

Su Cheng immediately interjected, correcting him. “Third Brother, I believe she’s lying! She just asked Second Brother to send you a message to come home and get a divorce, but I suspect her true intention is to force herself upon you…”


Su Bin stared at Qin Zhenzhen with cold eyes.

Was she truly that desperate to sleep with him?

However, he soon noticed a change in her demeanor. In the past, she would shamelessly throw herself at him upon seeing him.

But now, she simply regarded him with a calm gaze. There was a glimmer of astonishment in her eyes, but her infatuation seemed to have faded.

Yet, he couldn’t ignore the small piece of white gauze on her forehead, tainted with a hint of blood. How did she get injured?

‘Who did this to her?’

Disgust welled up within Su Bin as he turned his gaze away from her.

As he averted his eyes, Qin Zhenzhen’s mind was thrown into chaos. She nearly froze in place, petrified by the realization.

The coldness in his eyes—it resembled the eyes of a villain!

Suddenly, it dawned on her that the current situation bore an uncanny resemblance to a time-travel novel she had read before!

Su Ping, Su Bin, Su Cheng, Su Ning… Their names even matched.

Yes! She had transmigrated into a book!

Su Bin, the beautiful villain of the story, was wicked and cruel. In the end, he met his demise at the hands of the male and female protagonists.

None of his siblings fared well in that story either.

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