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The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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Chapter 3

The Goldfinger

Puzzled, Qin Zhenzhen made her way to the room and intended to examine herself in the mirror to understand what was happening.

Her room used to belong to Su Bin, but now it served as their wedding chamber.

The wedding chamber was simply adorned.

Aside from replacing old items with new ones, the wooden door and window paper were adorned with the word “Happiness” in vibrant red.

The new bedding, pillows, cabinet, and a bronze mirror on the dressing table were all part of the dowry brought by the Host’s family.

A plump face covered in blood greeted her reflection in the bronze mirror.

The wound near her left eyebrow, right by the corner of her eye, was sunken. It was the result of colliding with the edge of the stone. The wound ran deep and long, explaining why the original host had lost her life.

If she were to visit a hospital, she would likely require four to five st.i.tches.

Despite being a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, Qin Zhenzhen wasn’t proficient in treating external injuries.

What should she do?

Though the bleeding had ceased, it was certain that a scar would be left behind.

Everyone valued their appearance, and Qin Zhenzhen didn’t want such a noticeable scar. She brought her index finger and thumb together, attempting to close the wound, silently wis.h.i.+ng for a pair of miraculous hands capable of smoothing it over.

A peculiar occurrence unfolded before Qin Zhenzhen’s eyes. The wound, originally about a centimeter long, miraculously fused together. After releasing her finger, it remained sealed, no longer separating.

The previously deep trench on the skin’s surface now appeared as a shallow scratch.

This was an improvement of several magnitudes compared to getting st.i.tches at the hospital!

Could it be that she truly possessed divine hands capable of healing external injuries?

Suppressing the astonishment in her heart, Qin Zhenzhen examined her fingers intently. She silently urged, ‘Finger, oh finger! If you possess any magical powers, reveal them to me swiftly!’

Just as she finished her plea, a tiny droplet of water materialized at the tip of her index finger.

She lifted the droplet to her nose and inhaled. It emitted a delicate, pleasant fragrance.

Was this celestial water? Capable of halting bleeding and pain, healing wounds, blending into the bloodstream, and even uplifting one’s spirits?

She pondered how effective it would truly be.

Qin Zhenzhen stuck out her tongue and swallowed the water droplet without any hesitation. Instantly, a refres.h.i.+ng sensation washed over her.

So, it seemed that the mystical power resided in these small water droplets that materialized out of nowhere. This could very well be the legendary spiritual water.

Qin Zhenzhen couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Ahahaha, what a remarkable substance!

Its effects, both externally and internally, were truly remarkable!

Furthermore, it was versatile. It would manifest promptly whenever she desired it, yet remain dormant and unspent when she didn’t.

In her previous life, she didn’t possess this miraculous substance, and it wasn’t mentioned in the memories of the original host either. So, was this one of the fortuitous advantages of her random transmigration?

How lucky she was! With this enchanting element, the wound near her eye would undoubtedly leave no scar, even without st.i.tches.

Moreover, she could employ this spiritual water to accomplish countless feats and aid numerous people, ensuring a prosperous future for herself.

Qin Zhenzhen gleefully retrieved a handkerchief and moistened it with the water from the cup. She meticulously wiped away the blood stains from her face and hair.

Upon closer examination, this chubby face bore an astonis.h.i.+ng resemblance to her appearance in junior high school—about 80% similarity!

This discovery brought even greater joy to Qin Zhenzhen’s heart.

So, not only did she share the same name as the original host, but she also possessed an identical physical appearance.

She was a natural beauty, untouched by the need for makeup in the modern world!

However, her chubby face hindered the full realization of her beauty.

And with her plump figure, she didn’t quite achieve the cute and adorable look.

But once she managed to bring her weight down to below 50 kilograms, she would undoubtedly turn heads and captivate everyone’s attention.

Observing Qin Zhenzhen through the window, Su Ning realized that she had regained consciousness and wasn’t concerned about her dying anymore.

Yet, having stayed in the room for so long, curiosity got the better of Su Ning, and she couldn’t resist the urge to take a closer look. However, she also feared the possibility of getting beaten for intruding.

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