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The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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Chapter 2

Pain Neural on Strike

And so, the plump girl became Su Bin’s wife, as stipulated by the marriage contract.

However, from the day she entered the household, Su Bin had been away studying at West Mountain Academy, without returning home even once in the past two months. They had never shared a bed together.

The Su family, considered outsiders in the Qian Family Village, had arrived when Su Bin’s father married a girl from the village and acquired land there. They built a house and established connections before settling down.

The couple had six children—two daughters and four sons. Unfortunately, their parents had pa.s.sed away in an accident a year ago, leaving behind four underage children. Significant family decisions were made by the grandmother’s family.

The arrangement of the marriage between the host and Su Bin was orchestrated by Su Bin’s aunt, who had received benefits from the host’s family.

Su Bin, as the third sibling, had an elder sister who was married, a second brother who was yet to be married, and three younger sisters.

Given the host’s use of despicable methods to force the marriage with Su Bin, it was only natural for his siblings to harbor resentment towards her. They mocked and ridiculed her in various ways, intentionally making life difficult for her in hopes of provoking her enough to leave the Su family on her own accord.

Initially, the original host had put on a facade of being a virtuous person. However, it didn’t take long for her true nature to emerge. She was lazy, selfish, fierce, domineering, and claimed everything good for herself.

On this particular afternoon, Su Cheng, Su Bin’s fifth brother, had sneaked into her room and stolen all the pastries she had hidden. He shared them with his sixth sister, Su Ning.

The original host was infuriated. She chased after the siblings with a stick, threatening to beat them to death. In her rage, she swung the stick too forcefully, accidentally hitting a rock in the courtyard and losing her life in the process.

After receiving the memories of the original host, Qin Zhenzhen blinked. The original host had degraded herself for a man who didn’t even love her, ultimately paying with her life.

However, Qin Zhenzhen believed that the host had brought this upon herself and there was no need for her to seek revenge.

Although Qin Zhenzhen found herself in the body of the chubby girl, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy. It was a blessing from G.o.d that she had been given a second chance at life with her memories intact.

She was determined to live a good life once again.

Furthermore, the current situation was not difficult to resolve.

All she had to do was call Su Bin back and immediately file for a divorce. Even if she would be labeled with a bad reputation, it was still better than spending the rest of her life with a man who didn’t love her.

At that moment, Su Cheng and Su Ning cautiously approached and peered into the courtyard from the entrance.

Su Ning visibly sighed in relief upon seeing Qin Zhenzhen alive. A girl’s heart was kinder, and she also worried about the trouble caused by someone dying in their house.

On the other hand, Su Cheng wore a look of disbelief. He muttered to himself, “She’s really resilient to survive after losing so much blood!”

Qin Zhenzhen knew that the siblings held deep hatred towards her. It was unrealistic to expect them to call a doctor and tend to her injuries.

She would have to rely on herself to get through this.

Observing Su Cheng and Su Ning retreat a few steps, ready to flee at any moment, Qin Zhenzhen understood their fear. They had experienced the fierceness of the original host firsthand.

However, in her present condition, she lacked the strength to chase and strike them even if she wanted to.

Regardless, she needed to prioritize treating her wound first.

Qin Zhenzhen suddenly realized that the wound had stopped bleeding, and the pain had completely vanished. What’s more, her head was no longer spinning.

She stood there in astonishment. It was truly extraordinary. Merely covering the wound with her hand had miraculously stopped the bleeding and alleviated the pain.

Could it be that the pain receptors in this body were no longer functioning?

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