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The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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Chapter 10

They’re Obviously at a Disadvantage

“Su Bin! My sister used to be deeply in love with you. Just two months ago, she would rather die than marry you. But now she has changed her mind and wants a divorce!”

“This can only mean that you did something horrifying to her. Su Bin, you call yourself a scholar! Yet, you resorted to dirty tricks. I won’t let you off the hook!” Qin Dalong exclaimed.

As he spoke, Qin Dalong pushed Qin Zhenzhen aside and lunged at Su Bin, ready to teach him a lesson.

It seemed inevitable that one of them would throw a punch, while the other would attempt to intervene. The situation was heading toward a full-blown brawl.

The three Qin brothers clenched their fists, prepared to join the fight at any moment. Su Qing and Su Cheng were no exceptions.

Meanwhile, Su Ning was frightened to the point of tears. “Please don’t fight… Please!”

Being just a young girl, she couldn’t do much to help.

On the other side, Qin Zhenzhen’s family consisted of several strong and healthy individuals. It was evident that they had the advantage in a physical confrontation.

Unexpectedly, Qin Zhenzhen’s brother pushed her away, forcing her to resort to her trump card. She shouted, “Brother, stop fighting! If you hit me again, I’ll bang my head against the wall and kill myself!”

Actions required cooperation from both sides. If her brother heeded her words, there wouldn’t be a group fight today.

As expected, Qin Dalong halted his attack.

Qin Erlong’s heart pained as he turned to Qin Zhenzhen and asked, “Zhenzhen, what kind of threat did someone impose on you? Please tell Second Brother.”

Qin Zhenzhen shook her head. “I haven’t been threatened. I’ve simply done some soul-searching. A marriage that is forced upon me will never bring happiness, so I want a divorce!”

However, Qin Dalong was adamant, refusing to accept her decision. “If you divorce, it may become difficult for you to find another marriage prospect. No respectable family will be willing to marry a divorced woman.”

Qin Zhenzhen replied firmly, “I’d rather face that uncertainty than spend my life with someone who doesn’t love me.”

“Moreover, I no longer love him. Why should I hold on to him and suppress myself?” Qin Zhenzhen continued firmly.

A pa.s.sing fortune-teller had predicted that Qin Zhenzhen would lead a prosperous life. It was foretold that her husband’s status would bring fortune to her and even elevate her brothers’ positions in society.

Believing the fortune-teller’s words and their deep affection for their sister, the four Qin brothers had pushed for Su Bin to marry Zhenzhen after the previous incident. Their main objective was to ensure a bright future for their sister.

Now, witnessing their sister giving up, Qin Dalong’s heart ached. Had they made a mistake?

“Zhenzhen, you claim you were not threatened, yet you also admitted to not loving him anymore. Your bitterness is evident,” Qin Dalong said with a pained expression.

Qin Zhenzhen hurriedly responded, “I have considered everything and made the decision on my own. I don’t feel bitter because I have chosen to let go. If I were to remain in the Su family, I would be unhappy for the rest of my life.”

“Su Bin… If he never wants to sleep with me, I would not force him to do. So, I have thought it through. He is not the only man in the world.”

“In the future, I want to find a man whom I truly love and who loves me in return. Only then can I find true happiness.”

Qin Zhenzhen’s words carried a genuine sincerity. She was determined to convince her four brothers to support her in getting a divorce.

The four Qin brothers cherished their sister immensely. Regardless of the situation, they would stand by her side and listen to her. However, divorce was a significant matter that required careful consideration before reaching a decision.

Qin Dalong spoke with a grim expression, “Zhenzhen, if you truly want a divorce, I as the elderst brother will not object. But before you proceed, I must stand up for you!”

After all, the fault still lay with Su Bin! Who would marry a wife and live separately for two months?

Who could endure such a situation?

Qin Silong gritted his teeth and declared, “We must teach him a lesson to avenge Zhenzhen!”

Qin Erlong echoed his sentiment, “Absolutely right! He is a scholar! He agreed to marry Zhenzhen but left her in an empty room. He has humiliated Zhenzhen like this! If I don’t teach him a lesson, I won’t be able to quell my anger!”

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