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The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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Chapter 9

I’m Willing to Divorce

To promote peace, Qin Zhenzhen went as far as untangling the gauze and examining her brothers’ wounds.

Upon seeing the wounds, the brothers were perplexed. The injuries seemed so superficial, yet there was an alarming amount of blood. Did Zhenzhen use something like chicken blood to frighten Su Bin?

Despite their doubts, they ultimately felt rea.s.sured and decided not to pursue the matter further.

Although Su Bin hadn’t seen the wound himself, he cast a glance at the pool of blood and found himself puzzled.

This plump girl was undeniably energetic. Even after losing so much blood, she displayed no signs of fatigue!

He had just discovered the cause of the injury on her forehead.

Based on her past behavior, she would undoubtedly have informed her brother about his fifth brother and sixth sister stealing her pastries.

However, she made no mention of it just now, almost as if she deliberately chose to conceal it for the sake of peace.

Was she attempting to change her approach to reform him?

Soon after, the Qin brothers pushed their sister-in-law, w.a.n.g Lan, forward.

w.a.n.g Lan got straight to the point. “Su Bin, we’ve come here today to ask you why you haven’t consummated your marriage with our Zhenzhen.”

Confronted by the four intimidating brothers-in-law, Su Bin remained unfazed. He responded coldly, “I haven’t finished my studies yet, so I don’t want any distractions!”

At that moment, evening had arrived. The villagers had already finished their work and returned home. Upon hearing that Qin Zhenzhen’s family had arrived, they all gathered outside Su Bin’s house to witness the commotion.

As w.a.n.g Lan posed her question and Su Bin gave his answer, a collective chuckle arose in the hearts of the onlookers.

So it turned out that Su Bin and his wife had yet to consummate their marriage!

She had the audacity to bring her family along and stir up trouble.

But she was shameless, willing to do anything without hesitation.

Qin Dalong was furious as he shouted, “This is clearly an excuse! Is it humane to marry my sister and leave her alone in an empty room?”

“Do you plan to confine my sister to an empty room and then falsely accuse her before divorcing her?”

Su Bin maintained his cold gaze on Qin Dalong and remained silent.

His expression seemed to confirm Qin Dalong’s suspicions.

Qin Dalong was livid. “If that’s what you want, then you’ll have to get past my Pig Slaughtering Knife first!”

“Don’t you dare harm my third brother! I swear I’ll slaughter you like a pig!”

“Look at how shameless you are! You used despicable means to force my third brother into this marriage. It’s already a favor that you let him marry into your family, but now you have so many demands!”

Qin Erlong sneered, “This matter concerns my sister and your brother. Why are you interfering?”

“You don’t even have the ability to get married, yet you’re scheming to create discord between your brother and sister-in-law. I can’t fathom your intentions…”

“Enough! Just shut up!”

Su Ping’s self-control wavered, and he was on the verge of lunging at Qin Erlong to teach him a lesson.

Not again! It’s going to trigger the same old storyline!

Luckily, Qin Zhenzhen was prepared. She pushed her second brother aside and positioned herself in front of Su Ping. She yelled, “Stop arguing! It doesn’t matter if we share a room or not! I’m willing to get a divorce!”

She couldn’t bear the repet.i.tive pattern where conflicts escalated so easily.

If Su Ping didn’t resolve the issue of sharing a room with her, the cycle of fights would continue.

However, Su Ping had no intention of agreeing to sleep with her, let alone stay married.

The only solution was a swift divorce.

Everyone was taken aback by her words.

She had gone to great lengths and compromised her pride to marry Su Ping, but now she wanted a divorce?

Qin Dalong was the first to react. He gazed at his sister with a mix of emotions, and realizing she wasn’t joking, he turned his glare towards Su Ping.

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