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Chapter 11

Did You Crash Your Brain?

Qin Dalong did not object to the idea of physically harming Qin Zhenzhen. Instead, he turned to his wife and sister-in-law, instructing them to protect Zhenzhen and prevent her from interfering with their plan to teach Su Bin a lesson.

His intentions were clear. He wanted his sisters-in-law to keep a close watch on Qin Zhenzhen and ensure that she wouldn’t hinder them from carrying out their actions against Su Bin.

Initially, he suspected that his sister was feigning disapproval in order to gain favor with Su Bin.

Understanding his message, the two sisters-in-law swiftly restrained Qin Zhenzhen from both sides.

Su Ping and his two brothers prepared themselves to retaliate.

“If you dare to touch my younger brother, come forward if you’re not afraid of the consequences!”

Su Bin observed coldly, unable to comprehend Qin Zhenzhen’s motives.

Qin Zhenzhen found herself in a dilemma. She genuinely suggested a divorce, but was it impossible to avoid a confrontation?

It couldn’t be. Was the storyline in this book so resistant to change?

Speaking of which, if they refrained from fighting, how could a tragedy occur? If Su Bin’s siblings weren’t subjected to such misery, how could Su Bin transform into a villain?

Qin Zhenzhen had no choice but to retract her statement.

“Forget it, I’m not pursuing a divorce! I merely spoke out of anger!”

“Brother, please don’t harm Su Bin either! Su Bin hasn’t done anything wrong. With the upcoming exam in just two weeks, it’s crucial to remain focused!”

“Sleeping in separate rooms for now is inconsequential. Considering our young age, it’s actually more appropriate for us not to share a room.”

Everyone was taken aback. Was Qin Zhenzhen mentally unstable?

Moments ago, Qin Zhenzhen had expressed genuine intentions to divorce Su Bin, but now she was retracting her own words?

Su Bin’s expression turned extremely sour.

When she initially mentioned the divorce, he had believed her wholeheartedly. He thought she was afraid of spending the rest of her life in an empty room. But who could have guessed that she had spoken out of anger!

He felt like Qin Zhenzhen was toying with him, making a fool out of him.

However, with her four brothers present and their imposing fists, he could only suppress his hatred for the time being.

Qin Zhenzhen had no time to concern herself with Su Bin’s feelings. She quickly walked over to her brother’s side and pulled him aside, speaking softly to explain herself.

“Big Brother, you’re not helping me by shouting and being aggressive like this. You’re only causing harm to me!”

“Using force against him will only make Su Bin resent me even more…”

Qin Dalong asked with curiosity, “Zhenzhen, did you hit your head or something?”

Just a moment ago, she had expressed a strong desire for a divorce, and now she was saying she didn’t want one.

“That’s not what you said two days ago. You wanted us to trick him into coming home. You even suggested beating him up, but avoid hitting his face,” Qin Dalong reminded her.

Qin Zhenzhen quickly replied, “I said those things in a moment of desperation. Truthfully, I couldn’t bear the thought of you hurting him.”

“Besides, I’ve come to realize that he’s someone who can be persuaded but not coerced. We shouldn’t resort to force in the future. I’ll find a way to handle him.”

Qin Dalong wanted to say something, but hesitated. He wanted to tell his sister that Su Bin was a cold-hearted person, not easily swayed by either kindness or force. It was nearly impossible to tame him.

The only way might be to forcefully conceive a child with him. That might make things easier.

However, when he observed Qin Zhenzhen’s self-a.s.sured expression, he found it difficult to harm her.

Qin Zhenzhen seized the opportunity to persuade him once again. “Eldest Brother, please take Brother and Sister-in-law back with you!”

“Don’t worry about me being at a disadvantage. Except for his second brother, who poses a slight challenge, no one else in his family can match me.”

The five of them had inherited their ancestors’ teachings and possessed strength several times greater than ordinary individuals.

In a physical confrontation, he alone could handle three opponents.

According to the original storyline, the Qin brothers wouldn’t have lost if Su Bin didn’t possess a sword.

Qin Dalong hesitated to leave just like that. “We can’t postpone the matter of separate rooms any longer…”

Qin Zhenzhen interrupted him. “Let’s set aside the issue of separate rooms for now. Su Bin’s exam is in two weeks. We shouldn’t pressure him. Besides, he’s as thin as a monkey at the moment. We can sleep together after he gains some weight!”

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