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Chapter 4

Chapter 3, I’m Not Leaving

The Ji family valued sons over daughters. Although Ji Yuanyuan was the only girl, she was not favored by the Ji family at all. Ji Jianguo wanted to take Ji Yuanyuan away not because he couldn’t bear to, but simply because he wanted to make Li Xu feel bad.

However, Ji Yuanyuan was a soft-hearted person. A few good words from Ji Jianguo made her determined to follow Ji Jianguo.

Thinking of this, Ji Yuanyuan sighed deeply.

If he remembered correctly, based on the timeline of her past life, Ji Jianguo would have come to pick her up the next day.

The reason she fainted today was because she had an argument with her two brothers. Ji Zi’ang had s.n.a.t.c.hed her candy, so she wanted to return to Ji Jianguo’s place in a fit of anger. Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang held her back and did not let her leave. She was willfully trying to shake off the two brothers, but in the end, she used too much force and fell on her b.u.t.t. Her head hit the ground and she fainted.

Recalling what had happened in her previous life, she could not help but turn around.

In her previous life, Ji Jianguo had remarried after divorcing Li Xu for six months. The person he remarried was Shen Lingxue’s mother.

After remarrying, Ji Jianguo resigned and went into business. He did not expect his luck to be so good. Everything he invested in was flouris.h.i.+ng. In just a year’s time, he had left the village with his entire family and gone to the city.

After they went to the city, Ji Yuanyuan rarely saw Li Xu and the others. In addition to Ji Jianguo’s deliberate attempts to obstruct them, the relations.h.i.+p between them became weaker and weaker.

After Ji Jianguo remarried, he did not have any more children. It was unknown if he did not want to or could not have children.

In any case, because of this, her life in the Ji family was not too bad.

When she was twenty years old, she married Qin Mucheng under Ji Jianguo’s arrangements.

The Qin family was a wealthy family in B city. Their family background was much better than the Ji family’s. It was unknown how Ji Jianguo managed to establish a relations.h.i.+p with the Qin family, but they actually allowed her to marry into their family.

At the thought of Qin Mucheng, Ji Yuanyuan sighed again.

In his previous life, their marriage life in a few short years was very plain.

His figure and appearance were excellent, and he treated people gently. Therefore, Ji Yuanyuan had high expectations of Qin Mucheng in the beginning. Otherwise, with her personality, she wouldn’t have married for the sake of Ji Jianguo’s career even if she had to force him with her life.

However, Qin Mucheng was a man of few words. He would never speak sweet words. Moreover, not long after they got married, the old master of the Qin family had a stroke. The burden of the company fell on Qin Mucheng.

Therefore, he became very busy. Seven out of ten days, he was away from home for social events.

Ji Yuanyuan’s feelings for him quickly turned from antic.i.p.ation to disgust. They were married for less than three years before they divorced in a hurry.

Later, a year after the divorce, she got to know Zhao Tianhua under Shen Lingxue’s recommendation.

Zhao Tianhua and Qin Mucheng were completely different people. He was extremely good at pleasing people, and sweet-talking was nothing out of ordinary.

Ji Yuanyuan had never experienced the feeling of being held in the palm of someone’s hand, so she quickly fell in love with him.

After she became an adult, she regained contact with Li Xu and her two older brothers, but their relations.h.i.+p had never been very close.

At that time, Li Xu was already sick. When she learned that she was going to marry Zhao Tianhua, she gave her a call to persuade her. Li Xu had never liked Zhao Tianhua and felt that Zhao Tianhua did not really like her.

But at that time, she seemed to have been possessed. She insisted on marrying Zhao Tianhua and refused to listen to anyone’s persuasion. She even said some outrageous things to Li Xu.

In a fit of anger, Li Xu’s illness worsened, and she pa.s.sed away. After eldest brother and second brother found out, they hit her for the first time.

And at Li Xu’s funeral, she saw Qin Mucheng for the last time.

He had lost a lot of weight and the way he looked at her was so cold.

At that time, Ji Yuanyuan did not understand that look. Now that he thought about it, he somewhat understood. Qin Mucheng was completely disappointed in her.

But even so, after she disappeared, Qin Mucheng still went crazy looking for her.

Later on, she married Zhao Tianhua as she wished, and she even thought that she married for love. Little did she know that all of this was a conspiracy between Shen Lingxue and Zhao Tianhua. While she was seeking medical help to carry Zhao Tianhua’s child, Zhao Tianhua was working together with Shen Lingxue to think of how to seize Ji Jianguo’s property.

In the end, she implicated her eldest brother and second brother. One died in a foreign land, while the other was decapitated. And that child, how Innocent was he!

Thinking of this, Ji Yuanyuan could not help but cry.

Fortunately, the heavens gave her a chance to regret.

That child probably did not have a chance to make up for it. Her expression was a little gloomy. She did not even know who the father of that child was. Naturally, she would not have him in this lifetime. Their mother-son fate only lasted for a few short months.

However, her mother, eldest brother, and second brother were still alive. She still had a chance to make up for it.

And Qin Mucheng…

The next morning, when Ji Yuanyuan woke up, Li Xu was packing her things.

All her clothes and toys were packed into a red plaid woven bag.

Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang stood by the side and watched with teary eyes.

Li Xu urged helplessly, “Hurry up and eat. After you finish eating, go read some books.”

Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang these two people, one of them was actually 11 years old and was in the fifth grade of primary school. The other was actually 9 years old and was in the fourth grade of primary school. They were born in a time when family planning was very strict. Therefore, when Ji Jianguo registered, he reported that one of them was a year older and the other one was a year younger. In the household registration book, the two brothers were twins. Ji Yuanyuan was an

unplanned birth

, so she had yet to be registered in the household registration book.

Since they had moved here, they naturally could not go to their original school. Li Xu was thinking of ways to move their household registration book to this place so that they could go to school here.

However, this was not a simple matter and had not been completed yet. Recently, Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang could only study at home.

As soon as Li Xu finished speaking, Ji Zi’ang noticed that Ji Yuanyuan had opened his eyes. He asked sentimentally, “Sister, can you leave this car to me? I will look at it when I miss you.”

Ji Yuanyuan rolled his eyes. “You just want it. Why are you saying that you miss me?”

Ji Zi’ang choked for a moment and looked a little embarra.s.sed. “It would be great if you didn’t leave. We can play together.”

Li Xu said in a low voice, “That’s enough. The two of you, hurry up and go eat.”

Then, she looked at Ji Yuanyuan. “Yuanyuan, hurry up and get up. Your father will come to pick you up in a while.”

“Mommy, I’m not leaving,” Ji Yuanyuan suddenly said. The three people in the room were all stunned.

Ji Zi’ang was the first to react. He asked happily, “Really? You’re really not leaving with Dad?”

Ji Yuanyuan nodded his head as if he was serious. He found a childish excuse for his capriciousness. “Mommy, I originally wanted to go to Dad’s house to be a spy, but I don’t want to go now.”

Ji Yuanyuan’s childish words made Li Xu want to cry and laugh. She reached out and hugged Ji Yuanyuan. “As long as Yuanyuan doesn’t want to leave Mommy, Mommy will do her best to keep you by her side.”

Seeing this, Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang also came over and hugged each other.

Li Xu had made porridge for breakfast and cooked a few sweet potatoes.

Li Xu had left home with nothing and her family could not help much, so they were having a hard time.

However, Ji Yuanyuan, the three siblings were enjoying the food.

Looking at the three children in front of her, Li Xu’s eyes turned red.

She secretly made up her mind. She can have nothing, as long as she has these three children. If Ji Jianguo is determined to s.n.a.t.c.h them, then she will fight with him.

Exceeded the stipulated limit of birth control policy.

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