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The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability

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Chapter 3

Chapter 2, Rebirth

“Alright, the two of you should stop bothering your younger sister. It’s her own choice who she wants to live with in the future.”

“But Mommy, I don’t want to be separated from my younger sister.”

“Mommy, if my younger sister and Dad live together, she won’t be so close to us in the future.”

Ji Yuanyuan’s head was about to explode.

The noise in her ears made her even more frustrated.

She reached out and rubbed her head, forcing herself to open her eyes.

“Sister, you’re awake. Does your head still hurt?”

“Sister, I bought you a lollipop, eat it.”

Ji Yuanyuan had just opened his eyes when two big heads came over, giving her a fright.

“Who are you…”

Ji Zi’ang stared blankly at Ji Yuanyuan. In less than two seconds, he burst into tears. “Mommy, my sister seems to have become silly from the fall…”

Ji Zixuan, who was at the side, was speechless. He reached out and patted Ji Zi’ang on the shoulder, “What nonsense are you talking about? Yuanyuan must be angry with us.”

Ji Yuanyuan stared blankly at the two little boys in front of him and was momentarily stunned.

Why did these two children look so much like his eldest brother and second brother when they were young?

When did the two of them have such big illegitimate children?

No, didn’t she die of




? The fire before her death was still vivid in her mind.

Just as Ji Yuanyuan was in a daze, someone suddenly came in from outside the door. “Yuanyuan, are you awake? Does your head still hurt? You want mommy to heat up some milk for you to drink?”

Looking at the woman in front of him, Ji Yuanyuan was completely dumbfounded.

Wasn’t the woman in front of him the same as her mother when she was young?

“Mommy!” Ji Yuanyuan recalled the things she had done in the past and could not help but pounce over and hug her mother.

Li Xu’s warm big hand gently patted Ji Yuanyuan’s back. ” Alright, alright, Mommy is here. Yuanyuan, don’t cry…”

After a while, Li Xu saw that Ji Yuanyuan’s emotions had gradually calmed down. She instructed the Ji brothers, “Look after your sister. I’ll heat up some milk for her. I’ll be back soon.”

The two brothers nodded in unison. “Got it.”

After Li Xu left, Ji Zi’ang came over and ingratiatingly stuffed the lollipop in his hand into Ji Yuanyuan’s. “Yuanyuan, hurry up and eat. I bought it especially for you.”

However, Ji Yuanyuan pinched herself hard and muttered, “I’m not dreaming, right?”

“Hiss…” Ji Zi’ang was the one who took a deep breath instead of Ji Yuanyuan.

Ji Yuanyuan frowned. “What are you hissing for?”

Ji Zi’ang smiled foolishly. “I’m hurting for you.”

The pain on his face reminded Ji Yuanyuan that she was not dreaming.

This scene seemed familiar. Using her memory, she turned her head and saw a calendar on the wall.

October 13, 1996!

She was reborn, back when she was six years old.

Her mother, Li Xu, her eldest brother, Ji Zixuan, and her second brother, Ji Zi’ang, were all still alive.

Looking at the two children with a runny nose in front of her, Ji Yuanyuan could not help but redden her eyes again. “Eldest brother, second brother, I promise that I will never anger you again. I will definitely treat you well.”

She sniffled and sobbed.

Ji Zi’ang scratched his head in confusion. “Little sister, What’s wrong with you? I’m scared…”

Ji Zixuan was the older brother, so he acted like an adult when he heard this. “Yuanyuan, you’re a child. You don’t have to treat anyone well on purpose. You just have to be happy every day.”

His words made Ji Yuanyuan feel envious again.

These were the two brothers who had poured their hearts out to her. In her previous life, she was really blind to not see how good they were to her.

In her previous life, her parents divorced when she was six years old.

Originally, her custody was with her mother, and the two brothers with her father.

However, the two brothers were very close to her mother and did not hesitate to go on a hunger strike to return to her mother’s side.

Only she, who was greedy for her father’s indulgence, chose to follow her father.

Her mother was strict with her. Not only did she have to be strict with her every day, but she was also not allowed to eat too much sugar. However, it was different with her father. His father did not care about her at all and would give her a lot of pocket money every day. She could buy whatever she wanted to eat.

In her young heart, her father was better than her mother. So she chose her father.

Later, her father became rich, remarried, and brought her to live in a big villa. Her interactions with her mother and her two brothers became much less.

As a result, she did not have deep feelings for her mother and her two brothers. Instead, she treated her stepmother as family.

However, everything that happened later made her understand. In this world, only her mother and her two brothers truly loved and cared for her.

Very soon, Li Xu came over. She held a cup of hot milk and pa.s.sed it to Ji Yuanyuan under the envious gazes of the two brothers.

Ji Yuanyuan smiled sweetly at Li Xu and took a small sip.

Yes, it was the taste of childhood.

After finis.h.i.+ng the milk, Li Xu waved the two brothers away and instructed Ji Yuanyuan to lie down. She even covered her with a blanket. “Does your head still hurt?”

Ji Yuanyuan shook his head. “Mommy, it doesn’t hurt.”

Li Xu leaned over and kissed Ji Yuanyuan on the cheek. “Sleep a little longer?”

Ji Yuanyuan nodded and Li Xu left quietly.

Ji Yuanyuan was the only one left in the room. She closed her eyes but did not fall asleep.

Judging from the time and the conversation between Li Xu and the others when she was unconscious, it was already one month after her parents divorced.

After the divorce, Li Xu left the house with nothing and brought her back to her parents’ house. Meanwhile, Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang followed Ji Jianguo and continued to live in their old house.

Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang had always been close to Li Xu, so they naturally did not want to stay in that house. As long as they did not keep an eye on her, they would run to grandpa’s house.

The two villages were more than ten kilometers away. Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang ran for two hours and were dragged back by Ji Jianguo every time. However, the next time no one saw them, they still continue to run.

Ji Jianguo was furious and locked the two brothers at home, not letting them go anywhere. However, how could these two guys give up so easily?

When locked at home, they did not cry or make a fuss. They just did not eat.

The Ji family used all means and tricks, but the two brothers just did not eat.

In the end, Ji Zi’ang fainted from hunger and was sent to the clinic for a bottle of glucose before he woke up.

Ji Jianguo thought to himself, they will eat this time, right? However, when he returned home, the two brothers still did not eat.

He had just sent Ji Zi’ang to the clinic in the morning when it was Ji Zixuan’s turn in the afternoon.

After repeating this over and over for an entire month, Ji Jianguo had no choice but to send the two of them to Li Xu’s side.

When Ji Jianguo and Li Xu divorced, they did not get along very well. Ji Jianguo naturally would not let Li Xu have it easy. How could he let Li Xu and her children reunite?

So, Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang can go back to Li Xu’s side, but Ji Yuan has to go with him.

Difficult birthBlood loss

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