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Chapter 5

Chapter 4, I’ll Fight You to Death

After dinner, Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang went to study. Li Xu sat outside to wash her clothes while Ji Yuanyuan stayed by her side. She did not want to go anywhere.

She wanted to make up for the twenty years that they had missed in their previous lives.

Seeing Ji Yuanyuan sticking to her like this, Li Xu naturally enjoyed it. She kept a smile on her face.

At around ten in the morning, the door of the small courtyard was opened. Ji Jianguo appeared at the door on a twenty-eight-inch big bicycle.

At this time, Ji Jianguo had not made his fortune yet. He did not have much money in his hands. The only transportation tool he had was a bicycle.

It was strange to say that ever since he divorced Li Xu, he had been on a rapid rise.

When she saw Ji Jianguo, the smile on Li Xu’s face disappeared. “You can go. I won’t give Yuanyuan to you.”

Ji Jianguo, who was originally looking at Ji Yuanyuan with a smile on his face, suddenly turned cold when he heard Li Xu’s words. “Li Xu, what do you mean? Didn’t we agree that the eldest and the second will be with you and Yuanyuan will return to me?”

Li Xu stood up from the ground and wiped her hands with a towel beside her, “I had nothing to say when Yuanyuan was willing to follow you. But now that Yuanyuan isn’t willing, I naturally won’t give in.”

Ji Jianguo looked at Ji Yuanyuan when he heard that, a smile appeared on his face. “Yuanyuan, look, Daddy bought you your favorite cake and peach bread. There are still a lot of them at home. In the future, Daddy will buy you whatever you want to eat. Come home with Daddy, okay?”

Li Xu frowned and subconsciously looked at Ji Yuanyuan.

Clearly, although she sounded tough, she was still a little worried in her heart.

Ji Yuanyuan’s heart ached. He reached out to hug Li Xu’s leg and looked at Ji Jianguo. “I don’t care about your things. I want to be with Mommy.”

The smile on Ji Jianguo’s face froze.

Ji Yuanyuan looked at his father in front of him with complicated emotions.

Speaking of which, although she had followed Ji Jianguo in her previous life, the relations.h.i.+p between her and Ji Jianguo could only be considered average.

Ji Jianguo and Li Xu had fought over her, but in the end, they did not really love her. After receiving her, his business started to improve. After saving some money, he went into business. His business was getting better and better, and he did not have the time to develop a relations.h.i.+p with her.

The only thing Ji Jianguo did right in this life was to marry her to Qin Mucheng.

Although Ji Jianguo wanted her to marry Qin Mucheng because he wanted to build a relations.h.i.+p with Qin Mucheng.

Thinking of this, Ji Yuanyuan said, “I know about your relations.h.i.+p with Auntie Shen. You are a bad Daddy. I don’t like you anymore.”

When Ji Yuanyuan said this, not only was Li Xu stunned, even Ji Jianguo was stunned.

The reason why Li Xu divorced Ji Jianguo was because of some trivial matters.

At this moment, when she heard Ji Yuanyuan mention Auntie Shen, a bad feeling arose in her heart.

“Yuanyuan, tell Mommy, who is that Auntie Shen?” Li Xu squatted down and asked very patiently.

Auntie Shen was naturally Shen Lingxue’s mother, Shen Mei. Shen Mei was pregnant before she was married. The father of the child was unknown, so the child could only take her surname.

In fact, after Ji Yuanyuan became an adult, he unintentionally learned about Ji Jianguo and Shen Mei from Shen Lingxue.

Of course, she didn’t know if Shen Lingxue had intentionally let her know.

But she was very sure that Ji Jianguo and Shen Mei had already hooked up before the divorce.

In her previous life, her relations.h.i.+p with Li Xu had become somewhat estranged because they hadn’t been together for a long time. Moreover, that was something that had happened more than ten years ago, so she hadn’t told Li Xu.

However, it was different in this life. She did not want Li Xu to be kept in the dark. Ji Jianguo had clearly cheated on her, so why did he want Li Xu to leave with nothing?

“Auntie Shen is a beautiful auntie. I saw her kissing Daddy ,”Ji Yuanyuan lied with her eyes wide open.

Anyway, it was a fact that Ji Jianguo and Shen Mei were together. It did not matter whether she saw it or not.

Hearing this, Ji Jianguo was about to step forward. “Yuanyuan, don’t lie at such a young age. When did you see Daddy and Auntie Shen kissing?”

Just as Ji Jianguo was about to approach Ji Yuanyuan, Li Xu stood up and blocked his way.

“Ji Jianguo, are you still a man? You dare to do something but don’t dare to admit it?” Li Xu’s eyes were a little red. She had already gotten the answer from Ji Jianguo’s words.

Ji Jianguo asked ‘when did you see Daddy and Auntie Shen kissing’ not ‘when did Daddy and Auntie Shen Kiss’.

This proved that Ji Jianguo and that person surname Shen indeed had something going on. But he didn’t know when Yuanyuan had seen it.

Ji Jianguo felt a little guilty and immediately waved his hand. “Are you crazy? We’re already divorced, yet you’re still so paranoid. It’s because you’re always like this that I divorced you.”

He turned around impatiently, “Forget it, forget it. Anyway, Yuanyuan usually clings to you. You can take care of her.”

He held onto his bicycle and was about to leave. But at this moment, Ji Yuanyuan said, “You can’t leave!”

“What else is there?” Ji Jianguo turned around and looked at Ji Yuanyuan. His expression was clearly a little impatient.

Ji Yuanyuan put his small face next to Li Xu’s ear and whispered, “Mom, Dad is rich. If you don’t want it, he’ll give it to someone else.”

Ji Yuanyuan tried his best to remind Li Xu with the words of a child. Ji Jianguo was the one who made the mistake, but why was she the one who left the house with nothing?

Li Xu’s eyes were red. She reminded herself that they were already divorced and everything that happened to Ji Jianguo in the future had nothing to do with her.

However, even so, there was still a part of her heart that hurt.

Looking at Li Xu’s appearance, Ji Yuanyuan felt very distressed.

She reached out her small hand and held Li Xu’s hand.

Li Xu lowered her head and smiled at Ji Yuanyuan. Only then did she look at Ji Jianguo with determination. “I know that there are still some savings at home. I don’t want all of them. Give me five thousand yuan. The four of us will definitely not find trouble with you in the future.”

When Ji Jianguo heard this, he frowned. “What nonsense are you talking about? The three children are all yours. Now you still want money?”

Li Xu’s expression was very calm. “The children are also yours. Even if they are with me, their surname is Ji. You also have a part to support them. They need money to go to school.”

Ji Jianguo was naturally unwilling. He sneered. “Li Xu, in your dreams. I Won’t give you a single cent.”

As soon as he said that, Ji Yuanyuan said in a childish voice, “If you don’t give it to me, I will go to your unit to look for your leader.”

“You…” Ji Jianguo was furious when he heard that. He immediately raised his hand. “You little girl, you actually dare to threaten me.”

At this moment, Li Xu reached out and hugged Ji Yuanyuan. She said sternly, “You dare!”

Ji Jianguo’s hand froze in the air.

“You are not allowed to hit my sister.”

“If you dare to hit Yuanyuan, I’ll fight you to the death.”

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