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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

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Chapter 6

An Entire Immortal Mountain


A belch yanked Yun Ran’s attention back.

She looked at the two bruised and battered children in front of her and sighed helplessly. If only she still had her s.p.a.ce.

Unlike other people’s spatial powers, her s.p.a.ce was an entire immortal mountain.

The spiritual energy in the immortal mountain was very abundant. It could increase one’s supernatural power and had a pool of immortal spring water, which had a healing effect.

It was all thanks to this s.p.a.ce that she could live so comfortably in the post-apocalyptic world.

With that in mind, she looked over her shoulder.

She suddenly realized that there was also a mark identical to her spatial mark under the left shoulder collarbone.

Had her s.p.a.ce followed her here?

Yun Ran eagerly found a quiet place and entered the s.p.a.ce.

She realized that the resources she had collected in the apocalypse were still there.

Yun Ran carried two clean blankets and picked some ripe fruits from the tree. She drew a bucket of spring water before coming out.

She washed the two children with the spring water.

The two little ones who had been washed had the sickly white skin of people who had not seen the sun for a long time. There was not much flesh on their faces, but they were really good-looking. Their big black grape-like eyes shone. They were too cute.

It was the chain around their ankles that was extremely annoying.

Those things had been put in place by the Prime Minister’s wife, who should have the key with her.

Yun Ran asked the blue-eyed black wolf to guard the two little b.a.l.l.s while she turned around to ask the Prime Minister’s wife for the key.

… .

In the study of the Yuan Manor.

Thunderbolt was reporting the news he had just found in a low voice.

“Master, I’ve already found out the ident.i.ty of that woman. She’s the Second Miss of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, Yun Ran. She had an affair four years ago and gave birth to two children. Now, she’s being raised in the backyard of the Prime Minister’s Mansion.”

Thunderbolt had been a secret guard for so long, but he had never seen his master having feelings for any woman.

On the dark sandalwood table, the huge night pearl glowed with a faint cold light.

The man sitting there had handsome facial features. His outstanding appearance made him seem like G.o.ddess Nüwa’s most meticulous masterpiece. He exuded a n.o.ble and extraordinary aura, like an immortal.

It was not easy for this immortal to have a mortal heart. He did not expect to meet such a wretched woman. Thunderbolt felt sorry for his master from the bottom of his heart.

Mo Beiyuan’s hand that was holding the jade pen paused slightly. The ink was dyed into a ball, and his eyes darkened. “Two children?”

“That’s right. It’s a pair of twins. The older one is the brother, and the younger one is the sister. They’re three and a half now.”

“Three and a half?”

Mo Beiyuan rubbed the storage ring on his finger, his emotions fluctuating.

He immediately realized something. Ten months of pregnancy. From the looks of it, those two children were most likely his bloodline.

Mo Beiyuan did not want to have too much to do with that woman, but he did not expect such an accident to happen.

If those two children were of his bloodline, they could not wander outside.

“Go and bring the woman and the children. I want to see them for myself.”

Thunderbolt did not expect his master to be so obsessed with that ugly girl.

For a moment, he forgot the rules and advised, “Master, that woman is ugly and silly. I don’t understand. What do you like about her?”

Mo Beiyuan glanced over coldly. When did he say that he liked that woman?

“Four and a half years ago. Black Raven Mountain.”

His thin lips spat out a few words as an explanation.

Thunderbolt’s head buzzed.

“Four and a half years ago! Master, do you mean that Second Miss Yun is the person you’ve been looking for? In that case, aren’t those two little children Little Masters!”

After Thunderbolt figured out this, his att.i.tude changed completely.

“Oh no, Second Miss Yun just hit that little tyrant of the Yun family. I’m afraid something will happen now.”

Mo Beiyuan frowned slightly. His eyes darkened and he stood up. “To the Prime Minister’s Mansion.”

The woman’s life was important to him.

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