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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

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Chapter 7

Here to Settle Scores

There was indeed quite a commotion in the Prime Minister’s Mansion.

The Prime Minister’s wife, Luo Die, was furious when she learned that her precious son’s arm had been crippled by Yun Ran.

Just as she was about to settle scores with Yun Ran, she came knocking on her door.

“d.a.m.n girl, you came at the right time! Someone, break her arm.”

Yun Ran recognized the luxuriously dressed woman in front of her as the Host’s mother. Perhaps she recalled the Host’s unhappy experiences with this woman and frowned slightly.

The Host treated this woman as her mother, but in this woman’s eyes, the Host was probably inferior to an ownerless wild dog on the street corner.

Yun Ran was not the original owner of the body, so she would not stand here foolishly and let others. .h.i.t and scold her.

As soon as Luo Die finished speaking, an old granny rushed toward her with her sleeve raised. She raised her leg and kicked.

Yun Ran had long guessed that she would have to make a move this time, so she took the saber out of the s.p.a.ce in advance.

She had picked up this saber from the s.p.a.ce Immortal Mountain back then. It was not short and there were no fancy decorations. It did not look big and there were a few holes in the black blade, but this thing had helped her kill thousands of zombies and mutated beasts. It was a rare sharp weapon.

The old granny moved her sleeve. Silver light flashed in her palm. She shouted and rushed over again.

Yun Ran did not panic. She raised her arm and slashed down.

Instantly, blood splattered.

With a cry, a severed arm tumbled to the ground.

The scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y and strange, shocking everyone present.

Yun Ran’s eyes were cold and her back was straight in the middle of the courtyard. Although she was dressed in tattered clothes, she gave off a natural arrogance.

The tip of the saber was pointed at the nanny, and her voice was slightly cold. “It’s not too much for me to want one of your arms for what you’ve done to my two little b.a.l.l.s in the past three and a half years.”

At this moment, the aura around Yun Ran was awe-inspiring and powerful. At a glance, she looked like an Asura who had returned from h.e.l.l. She was bloodthirsty and arrogant, and she did not look like a fool at all.

Luo Die secretly clenched her fists, and her heart skipped a beat. Why did this fool seem to have changed into a different person? Could it be that she had recovered from her crazy illness?

On second thought, so what if this fool wasn’t stupid anymore? She was just a piece of trash with her spiritual root dug out. What could she do?

She immediately sneered and said disdainfully, “d.a.m.n girl, who gave you the guts to hurt people in the residence! Kneel!”

Yun Ran curled her lip slightly and swept her cold gaze over her. “Kneel? Are you worthy?”

Luo Die did not expect this fool to dare to disobey her. She was instantly furious and had just gathered spiritual energy in her palm to teach this fool a lesson.

The servant reported, “Master invites Second Miss to the living room. King Yuan wants to see the Second Miss.”

“What? The Ghost King? Why does he want to see this d.a.m.n girl?”

Luo Die was surprised and puzzled.

How could the servant who had sent the message know the answer? He could not answer her question at all.

If it were anyone else, Luo Die could still refuse, but that Killing G.o.d was famous for being not to be trifled with.

She could only follow Yun Ran over to see what had happened.

… .

King Yuan? Yun Ran didn’t want to see him.

However, when she heard that the Host’s biased father, Yun Zhiyuan, was also there, she decided to settle all these messy matters with the Yun family at once.

… .

They entered the parlor.

The woman recognized the man at the head of the table immediately.

It was none other than the person she had knocked her head against in the hot spring earlier.

Only then did Yun Ran remember this person’s ident.i.ty.

It was rumored that the King of the East Continent, Mo Beiyuan, was born with a pair of ghostly eyes. He could steal lives and was born to be alone. His temper was strange and his actions were extremely strange. It must be this person in front of him.

Her gaze fell on the bruise on the handsome chin.

Yun Ran thought to herself, No way. Is this person here to settle scores with me?

Was there a need to do so for such a small injury?

Besides, who knew which of them had suffered the most!

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