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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

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Chapter 5

I’ll Make s.p.a.ce for Beating You Up!

Yun Ran was all too familiar with the posture of the giant wolf submitting.

In the apocalypse, some mutated beasts were the same when they saw her. They either ran away with their tails between their legs or lay on the ground and pretended to be cute.

The strange old man who had taught her ancient martial arts had told her that those beasts could sense some powerful strength in her body that made them submit to her.

Realizing this, Yun Ran looked at the blue-eyed black wolf again and shouted, “Blue-eyed black wolf, I order you to get out.”

Without fail, her words evoked a burst of laughter.

“What is this fool doing? Does she think a five-star demon beast is a small dog?”

“A fool is indeed a fool!”

… .

But just as everyone was laughing, the blue-eyed black wolf suddenly rolled up and broke free from the rope. It obediently retreated with its tail between its legs.

Its actions stunned everyone.

What was going on?

Why did the five-star demonic beast, the blue-eyed black wolf, listen to this fool?

Yun Hai’s face trembled as he asked fiercely, “b.i.t.c.h, what did you do to my Black General?”

Yun Ran’s eyes darkened, and a few short words came out of her pink lips. “I’m letting it out so that it can free up s.p.a.ce for me to beat you up!”

With that, she rushed forward and smashed her clenched fist into Yun Hai’s face, targeting the weak points that hurt.

In the end, she returned the favor for Bun’s previous injury and snapped his wrist and elbow.

“From now on, I’ll kill anyone who dares to touch my children!”

She had never been someone to mess with.

Seeing Yun Hai rolling on the ground in pain, a servant quickly went forward to help him up.

“Quickly report to Master and Madam that Young Master is injured!”

Yun Hai’s face was covered in tears and snot. He didn’t forget to turn around and glare at Yun Ran. “b.i.t.c.h, just you wait. I’ll ask Father to cut off your hands.”

Yun Ran scoffed. That was good. She wanted to settle the score with this big family.

After Yun Hai left, the blue-eyed black wolf was still in the courtyard.

Yun Ran asked it to guard the two little b.a.l.l.s at the door while she left for a while to find some food.

It didn’t take long for her to bring back a food box.

Bun looked at the food with a worried expression. “Mother, quickly return these things. Otherwise, you’ll be beaten to death by them!”

Sweetie swallowed hard. Her stomach was rumbling from hunger, but she did not dare to take the food.

Yun Ran tore off the drumstick of the roasted chicken and stuffed one for each of the two little b.a.l.l.s. She ordered, “Didn’t you say that you would listen to me obediently? Then fill your stomach first.”

Little Sweetcake blinked her big black grape-like eyes and looked at her brother. She asked softly, “Brother, can I eat it?”

Bun nodded. “Yes, we have to listen to Mother. If she wants us to eat, we have to.”

The two children were only three and a half years old.

Under Yun Ran’s supervision, they obediently filled their stomachs.

After dinner, Yun Ran began to figure out her current situation.

This world was similar to the apocalypse. The strong were respected.

However, the powerhouses of the apocalypse relied on their superpowers, while this place depended on their spiritual power cultivation.

Those with spiritual roots could sense the existence of spiritual energy and cultivate spiritual energy.

Unfortunately, the original owner was judged to be trash without spiritual roots.

Was she really useless?

Yun Ran searched the Host’s memories and realized that the Host could sense the existence of the surrounding spiritual energy when she was three or four years old. This was an ability that only Heaven-level spiritual root talents had.

However, when she was five years old, she inexplicably fell seriously ill and was asleep for three days and three nights. When she woke up again, she could no longer feel the existence of any spiritual energy.

Coincidentally, in a few days, her twin sister, Yun Qingqing, revealed a rare heaven-level spiritual root.

The Host was stupid, but Yun Ran was not!

It was obvious that her spiritual root had been dug out and planted in Yun Qingqing’s body.

In this residence, only the original owner’s parents, Prime Minister Yun Zhiyuan, and Prime Minister’s wife, Luo Die, had the ability to dig out the spirit root and were dedicated to Yun Qingqing.

Yun Ran did the math. She had a lot of enemies.

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