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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Trap, Catching Soul Pet

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Bloodstains were all over Chu Mu’s body, making him not dare to be too aggressive. After all, many soul pets had an acute sense of smell, like the fierce wolf.

The fierce wolf was high-level, slightly stronger than the Manxi Monster. If Chu Mu could only capture a single one, even with ordinary qualifications, raising it to the Seventh Stage or above would guarantee a place in the top ten.

However, even if a Low-grade Thorn Demon reached the Ninth Stage, it would probably have a hard time defeating this high-level soul pet, the fierce wolf, at the Seventh Stage.

Chu Mu found a hidden spot and rested for another day to tend his wounds.

The healing medicine was quite effective, and Chu Mu could still hold on.

On the third day, Chu Mu had entered the Inner Island, extremely cautious as he took one step at a time. Every soul pet he encountered on the way was far more terrifying than the fierce wolf of the Executors. If he could capture them, they would send the other opponents flying…

However, these guys were extremely ferocious, and Chu Mu didn’t even dare to get close to them.

“Twin-Brain Snake, Ancient Insect, Flames Tail, Ten-Legged Poisonous Centipede, Mi Monster…alas, I can’t touch any one of them. They are almost all at the Seventh Stage or above…”

Hidden in the tree and watching the soul pets that pa.s.sed under today’s tree, Chu Mu couldn’t help but bitterly smile. These levels were mostly high and medium grades, yet Chu Mu could only stare blankly, his hands holding the trap rope, hesitating to pull it down.

Trapping was the only method Chu Mu had at present to deal with soul pets that were much stronger than himself.

However, Chu Mu’s traps were limited to weak, yet high-level soul pets with stages below three. The few soul pets he encountered just now were almost all above the Seventh Stage, having strengths comparable to those fierce wolves. Chu Mu’s shabby traps couldn’t contain these ferocious beasts.

Patience, Chu Mu needed extreme patience…

“Strange, why would there be such a weak creature wandering around here?”

Suddenly, a weak soul pet appeared in Chu Mu’s field of view, which he estimated to be around the First Stage.

This little fellow had beautiful reddish-brown fur, a pretty fox-like tail, and a pet.i.te and exquisite body. The young fox was attracted to the trap by the food Chu Mu placed on it. It appeared injured and cautiously picked up the food from the trap.

“Reddish-brown fur, this should be a Red Cloud Fox…it has a silver-white crescent mark on its forehead…strange, isn’t this mark something a Silver Moon Fox would have…could this little fellow be a mixed blood?” Chu Mu mumbled to himself.

Chu Mu didn’t pull open the trap. This little fellow was indeed in a weak stage, but it had a very low level. Whether it was a Red Cloud Fox or a Silver Moon Fox, they were all low-level.

Such a soul pet could hardly be considered a combat soul pet. In big cities, they were generally regarded as pets held by young girls when they slept.

Chu Mu gave up on pulling the trap. After the little mixed-blood took the food away, he hung the food back onto the trap with a rope and continued to wait…

For three consecutive days, Chu Mu had not encountered a satisfactory soul pet while living in the tree.

In the early morning, Chu Mu chewed on dry food for breakfast, planning to venture deeper into the island if no suitable soul pet appeared by noon and look for a more appropriate location.


Suddenly, Chu Mu heard a faint rustling sound in his ears!

The tree Chu Mu was in was called a Long-Leaf Tree, and in fact, some soul pets prefer to dwell here, such as the Mi Monster that Chu Mu saw earlier.

In addition to the Mi Monster, there were also two other types of soul pets— the Blue Bird and the Wind Spirit b.u.t.terfly.

The Mi Monster’s level was at a high grade, the Blue Bird’s level was also high grade, and the strongest was the Wind Spirit b.u.t.terfly, whose level belonged to an even higher existence.

The minimum level of a soul pet that Chu Mu could accept was high grade, and as for apt.i.tude, Chu Mu could only rely on luck. If he could obtain a Blue Bird or a Wind Spirit b.u.t.terfly, Chu Mu could more or less return home and begin the stage of training his soul pets.

Chu Mu chose to climb the Long-Leaf Tree for a very important reason— the Mi Monsters, Blue Birds, and Wind Spirit b.u.t.terflies that lived on this kind of tree would not attack humans, making it relatively safe.

So when he heard the rustling sound, Chu Mu was not alarmed but delighted because it was very likely that one of these soul pets had appeared.

Pus.h.i.+ng aside the long leaves, Chu Mu immediately looked for the source of the sound.

What Chu Mu saw was neither a muscular Mi Monster nor an elegant, carefree Blue Bird, and even less of a delicate and beautiful Wind Spirit b.u.t.terfly. Instead, it was a small green worm that greatly disappointed him…

The Green Worm was small, only as long as Chu Mu’s palm, and as thick as his thumb. It had a pair of s.h.i.+ny black eyes.

At this moment, the little bug with its s.h.i.+ning black eyes was propping up half of its body, staring at the dry food in Chu Mu’s hand…

“…” Chu Mu was speechless. He gave a wry smile, broke off a small piece of dry food, and handed it to the poor little Green Worm, saying, “Eat up, I hope you can bring me good luck.”

This little Green Worm was not even considered a soul pet. It was a pity for Chu Mu’s previous expectations.

The little worm was not shy and took the small piece of dry food, squatting next to Chu Mu and happily nibbling away.

The little worm ate quickly, making a pleasant rustling sound as it finished one piece and propped itself up, staring pitifully at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t mind the small amount of dry food and, out of boredom, fed it another piece. The little Green Worm made a delightful sound and quickly began nibbling away again.


Suddenly, an unusual gust of strong wind swept by, causing a noticeable shaking of the Long-Leaf Tree’s crown. The leaves swayed wildly, with the green leaves scattering all around.

Chu Mu was startled and looked through the leaves of the Long-Leaf Tree, only to suddenly discover a blue-feathered soul pet, larger than an eagle, circling around the Long-Leaf Tree!

“Blue Bird!” Chu Mu was overjoyed!

The Blue Bird was a Winged System soul pet in the Demon Beast World. Its advantage of wings and the ability to control wind attributes made it a formidable opponent among soul pets of the same stage and level!

If Chu Mu could capture an agile, flying, wind-attribute soul pet and, after three months of improved strength, reach the Seventh Stage, it would definitely rank among the best!


The little Green Worm sensed the Blue Bird’s presence and was so scared that its whole body trembled. To Chu Mu’s surprise, it quickly crawled up his arm onto his shoulder, then hid inside his collar.

“d.a.m.n it, this guy must have at least a Fourth Stage strength, high-level and Fourth Stage…” Seeing the carefree blue figure stirring up strong winds as it circled around the Long-Leaf Tree, Chu Mu couldn’t help but resent it.

The traps Chu Mu set were for ground soul pets, so capturing the Blue Bird was indeed more challenging.

“No matter what, I’ll give it a try!” Chu Mu didn’t want to let this opportunity slip away, so he climbed up to the top of the tree crown, holding onto a st.u.r.dy branch with both hands.

Standing on a st.u.r.dy branch, Chu Mu gripped the machete tightly, took a deep breath, faced the fierce wind, and stared intently at the Blue Bird circling around the Long-Leaf Tree!

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