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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Organisms Surpa.s.sing the Ninth Stage

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Chu Mu crouched down and leaped up, aided by the elasticity of the branches. He fiercely pounced at the low-flying Blue Bird, swinging his machete suddenly!

Very close!

Chu Mu’s judgement was very accurate, and as the blade came down, it followed the exact trajectory of the Blue Bird’s flight!

“Screech!!!” The Blue Bird let out a sharp cry. As Chu Mu’s blade came down on it, the Blue Bird flapped its wings and drastically increased its speed!

Chu Mu only saw the blue figure slip past him, and with all his effort, his blade only hit the Blue Bird’s tail, sweeping a green feather!

“Extreme Shadow, this Blue Bird is so overpowered!” Chu Mu’s face changed, completely unprepared for the Blue Bird to have already acquired the Extreme Shadow skill to instantly increase its speed!

After the empty slash, Chu Mu directly fell from a height of nearly ten meters. Fortunately, he landed on soft gra.s.s below. After hitting the ground, Chu Mu rolled to alleviate the impact force.

Raising his head, Chu Mu looked regretfully at the Blue Bird.

In general, Blue Birds can only master the somewhat difficult Extreme Shadow flying technique when they reach the Sixth Stage.

The feathers on this Blue Bird’s head clearly indicated that it only had Fourth Stage strength, but it could perform skill from the Sixth Stage, meaning it had an extremely high talent!

High grade and high talent, this was a perfect battle Soul Pet. If captured, it could definitely defeat others on the island!


Suddenly, the Blue Bird emitted a cry, and its blue figure gloriously dive-bombed from the sky!

“d.a.m.n it!” Chu Mu suddenly realized he had angered the Blue Bird. He picked up his machete and ran desperately towards the denser bushes!

“Whoosh whoosh whoos.h.!.+” Intense, gusting wind struck Chu Mu from behind, making him feel as if it was difficult to breathe. Small stones on the gra.s.sland flew about.

“Whirlwind… Oh my G.o.d!” Chu Mu glanced back and found to his shock that a three-meter-high, spiraling muddy airflow was rolling toward him. The bushes and stunted trees were all being uprooted and surrounded Chu Mu!

A three-meter-high whirlwind could throw an object weighing one hundred kilograms five or six meters into the air. If it fell, it would either die or be seriously injured!

The surrounding airflow had become as sharp as a knife’s edge. The whirlwind was only ten meters away from Chu Mu, and he could already feel the pull of its force drawing him in!


Suddenly, a sound like a bull’s bellow echoed through the forest, followed by the appearance of a heavily armored creature between Chu Mu and the hurricane!

The whirlwind swept over the armored Soul Pet, lifting it a few centimeters off the ground.

This Soul Pet was huge, and the whirlwind did not have much effect on it. The whirlwind merely kept circling around it.

After spinning a few times, the armored creature finally landed slowly. The whirlwind, hindered by such heavyweight, gradually dissipated.

“Ni Rhinoceros Beast, your timing couldn’t have been better!” Chu Mu looked at the Soul Pet that resembled a rhinoceros but had thick armor, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Ni Rhinoceros Beast was an absolute force and defensive type Soul Pet, with a high grade level. Based on the looks of the current Ni Rhinoceros Beast, it had definitely reached the 8th stage or higher.


The Ni Rhinoceros Beast was clearly enraged by the Blue Bird’s errant attack. It opened its mouth and directly spewed a sonic explosion at the Blue Bird!

The sonic explosion hit the left wing of the Blue Bird, knocking it over!

“Plop, plop~~~~~~” The blue bird landed on a tree crown, shaking its head.

Seemingly aware of the fierceness of the Ni Rhinoceros Beast, the blue bird didn’t dare approach any closer. With a malicious glance at Chu Mu, it had no choice but to flap its wings and fly away.

“High-grade soul pets are indeed not that easy to capture.” Watching the departing blue bird, Chu Mu too helplessly shook his head, arriving somewhat regretful.

After the whirlwind, the small forest seemed a bit messy, Chu Mu was also worried about being targeted by the angry blue bird again, so he had to start looking for a new trap location.

Fortunately, the journey was relatively safe, Chu Mu didn’t encounter any ferocious soul pets, and smoothly found a new concealed and trapped place, Chu Mu began another round of waiting.

“I guess those guys have already started to increase the strength of their soul pets…” Chu Mu couldn’t help but start talking to himself. To get a good soul pet, Chu Mu must have the courage and patience.

A day of waiting didn’t yield any results. Chu Mu leaned against a tree branch, his eyes fixed on the bright moon slanting in the sky, and his expression darkened a bit. He subconsciously touched his heart.

The devil within his body always existed, making Chu Mu feel that his every breath was somewhat oppressive. Moreover, Chu Mu had an indistinct feeling that this devil was about to enter the third stage of strength, which would bring him one step closer to death.

“I don’t know how much longer I can live…” After muttering to himself, Chu Mu closed his eyes and dozed off for a while.

Sleeping on the tree trunk, Chu Mu was shrouded in a layer of gloom, like a ghost crouched on top of his head, making him look even more lonely and helpless…

Three more days of continuous waiting.

Waking up early in the morning, the moment Chu Mu opened his eyes, he froze, his blurry eyes wide open!

Gexi Monster!!

His heart was pounding!

Faced with at least two meters high and four meters long, a creature that surpa.s.sed the ninth stage, Chu Mu’s breath almost stopped!

Gexi Monster: Demon Beast World – Beast type – Lizard Clan.

The Gexi Monster is a higher-grade lizard clan soul pet than the medium-grade Manxi Monster. It has fire attributes and fire series skills. The flames it spits from its mouth are enough to burn the Executors’ fierce wolves directly!

In addition, the Gexi Monster’s body defense is also extraordinary. Its outer layer is covered with keratin armor. This thick layer of keratin armor is probably enough to withstand the biting of ten fierce wolves for an hour without any damage!

Chu Mu didn’t even dare to think about such a soul pet because this Gexi Monster not only has a higher species ranking, but its strength stage also the ninth!

The huge body crawled past Chu Mu’s subordinate, ignoring Chu Mu’s trap and the bait he had laid, and walked past the big tree so leisurely yet imposingly.

A wave of hot aura came, and Chu Mu was already sweating profusely, but he still didn’t dare to make any movement!

The Gexi Monster paused for a moment and continued to stride forward.

Seeing the Gexi Monster leave, Chu Mu let out a big sigh of relief. Staring at the nearly four-meter tall soul pet, Chu Mu secretly admired, if he could capture it, he could not only defeat all his compet.i.tors but even escape the control of those guys…

It’s just a pity that it’s difficult to achieve…


Just when he sighed, suddenly, Chu Mu heard some faint sounds.

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