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Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Thorn Demon

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Chu Mu received comprehensive education from a young age, including physical exercise. Despite all the difficulties encountered along the way, Chu Mu could still cope with them.

Chu Mu was following a small creek, which was formed by the melting snow on the lofty mountain at the center of the island. By following the creek, Chu Mu would not lose his way.

“Manxi Monster?” Chu Mu suddenly slowed down, staring at a soul pet drinking water a hundred meters away.

The Manxi Monster had a lizard-like body, pink skin, pointed ears, and a fish-like tail. It belonged to the Beast Type in the Demon Beast World, excelling in both strength and defense, while its speed and agility were comparatively weak in close-quarter combat.

“The Manxi Monster should be of a medium-grade species ranking, right?”

The strength of a soul pet is determined by its stages, which represent the growth condition of the soul pet’s body. As long as the soul pet is properly trained, the stages will increase with the soul pet’s age and battle experience, reaching the first, fourth, ninth stages, and even higher.

Therefore, stages are not the standard to judge a soul pet’s potential and quality, but the “Species Ranking” is a more critical factor.

Species Rankings indicate the inherent advantages of a soul pet’s race.

Among soul pets of the same fifth stage, a soul pet with a medium-grade species ranking will be stronger than a soul pet with a low-grade species ranking.

Take, for example, a juvenile tiger and a juvenile dog. The process of a juvenile dog becoming a mature adult dog is the stage development process. The difference between a tiger and a dog is reflected in the species ranking. Everyone would choose a tiger because it has a higher species ranking.

Species rankings are divided into low, medium, and high grades.

The Manxi Monster should be a popular choice, as medium-grade soul pets are generally easier to control and their stages develop faster.

However, Chu Mu didn’t think highly of this ranking, and the Manxi Monster had many limitations in battle. For example, its slow speed would undoubtedly lead to defeat when facing agile and magic-wielding soul pets.

Chu Mu didn’t intend to stay near the Manxi Monster. It was of a gentle nature and wouldn’t attack unless provoked.

Chu Mu walked past the Manxi Monster, which pulled its head out of the water, stared at Chu Mu with its large eyes, and, upon seeing Chu Mu’s nonmalicious intent, resumed drinking water.

“Second Soul Contract, Capture!!”

Suddenly, a resonant voice rang out, filled with pa.s.sion and excitement.

Chu Mu quickly looked towards the source of the voice and saw a young boy about his size attempting to use a soul contract capture.

Chu Mu recognized that the boy was called Lin Sheng, who had brown hair unlike most children and a fair face covered with freckles.

“Hehe, you won’t get it before me!” Even though Lin Sheng didn’t speak, Chu Mu still saw the smug smile on the boy’s face, giving off an air of taking the lead.

Chu Mu sneered and quickened his pace decisively.

Once a Soul Pet Master releases the soul contract capture skill on a soul pet, there are two possible outcomes: the target will either become the Soul Pet Master’s soul pet or become enraged.

Although the drinking Manxi Monster was of medium grade, it appeared to be at least at the fourth stage judging by its exterior. It was in excellent health, and Lin Sheng, with his weak soul power, had less than a one percent chance of successfully capturing it. And the consequence of failing could be easily imagined…


As expected, the Manxi monster was angered and furiously burst through the bushes, pouncing at Lin Sheng!

Lin Sheng’s face changed, and he panicked and ran into the jungle.

Chu Mu took a glance at the chaotic bushes, chuckled quietly, and continued on his way without paying any more attention to the boy, while the tumultuous noises gradually faded away.

Chu Mu had prepared plenty of food and water for this long journey. On the first day, Chu Mu traveled about seven or eight kilometers before it got dark.

Chu Mu hid in a small rock cave, using stones to block the entrance to prevent vicious soul pets from running in and eating him alive.

At night, Chu Mu began to cultivate. Soul Pet Masters mainly cultivate Soul Power, which is their source of energy and the vital life source that Chu Mu relies on for survival…

Early the next day, Chu Mu continued his journey. According to those executors, a tall th.o.r.n.y area is the dividing line between the inside and outside of the island.

Chu Mu had already prepared a machete to cut through the thorns along the way…

The Thorn Forest is at least two hundred meters deep, with heights reaching three to four meters, even taller than some villages’ thorn walls.

With Chu Mu’s small frame, he could crawl through some places directly.

In the Thorn Forest, even with utmost caution, injuries were inevitable. Chu Mu soon found himself covered in wounds, his fresh blood dripping onto the ground.


A strange noise reached Chu Mu’s ears!

Chu Mu’s heart raced, and he immediately stopped in his tracks, slowing his breathing.

“Whooosh~~~~~~” The faint sound came again! Chu Mu lay among the thorns, his breathing almost stopping!

Suddenly! Chu Mu felt something at his ankle!

Panicked, Chu Mu looked over to find something like a green snake wrapped around his ankle!

“Ah!!!” Before Chu Mu could even react, his body was yanked down, and he was dragged along the ground towards the depths of the Thorn Forest!

After being dragged for a while, Chu Mu finally saw the true nature of the snake-like object.

It wasn’t a snake, but a moving th.o.r.n.y vine whip!!

“Thorn Demon!” Chu Mu’s mind immediately brought up the name of this soul pet.

Thorn Demon: Plant World – Vine Family – Thorn Demon Clan

Thorn Demons live in th.o.r.n.y jungles, preying on creatures pa.s.sing through the Thorn Forest and are among the most common carnivorous creatures in the Plant World!

Chu Mu knew that as soon as he was dragged to the Thorn Demon’s main body, his body would disintegrate and be used as a nutrient for the Thorn Demon!

With no time to lose in the face of danger, Chu Mu quickly gripped the machete in his hand and forcefully bent his body. Despite the pain of the thorns cutting into his cheeks, he fiercely sliced at the thumb-thick vine!

Chu Mu’s blade carried great strength, severing the vine with a swoosh, leaving a cut with green liquid oozing out.

After kicking the vine away, Chu Mu dared not linger. He picked up the machete, quickly crawled through the th.o.r.n.y jungle, and escaped the attack range of the Thorn Demon!

Running wildly, the sharp thorns continued to cut through Chu Mu’s skin, but he didn’t dare to stop.

The vast Thorn Forest seemed endless, and Chu Mu felt exhausted and out of breath.

With beams of bright sunlight s.h.i.+ning through, the Thorn Forest finally became spa.r.s.e, and Chu Mu, covered in wounds, managed to escape the green Thorn Forest.

“That Thorn Demon only seemed second rank. If it had increased by two more ranks and grown two more vines, it would have been much more dangerous!”

Chu Mu squatted behind a large rock, panting heavily, with lingering fear in his voice.

Thorn Demons have a Species Ranking of low grade, one level lower than the Manxi Monster. However, the Thorn Demon is one of the strongest attacking soul pets in the Plant World, with a very strong early stage and quick stage progression. If someone were to capture a Thorn Demon and rapidly increase its strength to seven or eight stages within three months, they would have no problem making it into the Top Ten!

In fact, the Thorn Demon with only one th.o.r.n.y vine that Chu Mu encountered still had great potential for Soul Contract Capture. Unfortunately, the Thorn Demon’s Species Ranking is too low, and despite its strong early stage, it has limited development s.p.a.ce in the future.

Chu Mu decisively gave up on capturing the Thorn Demon.

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