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Chapter 17: Chapter 17: The Arrival of the Nightmare Demon

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Ting Yu also had a stunned and excited look on her face, and it took her a long time to say, “So your Soul Pet is so strong!”

Chu Mu just smiled without saying anything.

Zhang Luo was still standing there, staring at the dead Ten-legged Centipede.

It took him a long time to capture this Ten-legged Centipede, and he had spent a lot of effort in the past few months. Most importantly, with the death of the Ten-legged Centipede, he would have no chance to enter the Top Ten in the upcoming Life-and-Death Battle, and if he couldn’t make it into the Top Ten, he would be brutally killed!!

Thinking about his impending death, Zhang Luo’s entire body seemed on the verge of collapsing, shaking uncontrollably and completely losing himself…

“I… I will kill you!!!”

Suddenly, a dagger appeared in Zhang Luo’s hand, and he rushed towards Chu Mil.

It was clear that Zhang Luo had lost his sanity, and if he was going to die, he wanted to take Chu Mu down with him!


The Moonlight Fox’s figure swiftly leaped, and its sharp claws slashed across Zhang Luo’s chest, stopping him in his tracks. Terrified, he stood still, staring at the cold and seemingly uncaring Moonlight Fox…

Little MO Xie was half-crouching on the ground, her silver eyes staring coldly at Zhang Luo. She showed her teeth and buried her extremely sharp claws into the ground, leaving a long scratch mark!

“Take one more step, and you’re dead,” Chu Mu said coldly.

Zhang Luo, cold sweat streaming down his face, stood still. If the claws had just slashed across his neck just now, he would already be dead!

A moment later, seeing that Zhang Luo did not dare to act recklessly, Chu Mu walked over to where the Soul Cores were placed and collected both.

With the battle over, there was no need for Chu Mu to stay any longer, so he turned and left.

“Want to leave?”

At that moment, Ge Qing sneered and began chanting the Soul Contract Spell.

A blue pattern slowly formed on the ground, and Ge Qing’s Soul Pet slowly appeared in the light curtain!

“Hiss hiss hiss

A nearly two-meter-long snake suddenly shot out from the light curtain!

Scale Snake!

A High-Level Spirit Pet, and the cold glimmer of its scaly color was enough to prove that it was a fearsome Rank Four creature!

Rank Four, High-Level, its strength was very close to the Fierce Wolves that the Executors used to attack them!

Chu Mu frowned, as he had been considering that they were close to the camp and that the people in Zhang Luo’s circle would not dare to mess around. He had not expected Ge Qing to take action nonetheless.

Ting Yu’s face also looked bad, clearly not expecting these people to be so shameless and daring to cause trouble near the camp.

“Ah!!! Ah!!!!

Suddenly, a shrill, heart-wrenching scream sounded!!

A battle was about to break out, but it was interrupted by this sudden scream!

Everyone was stunned and looked at Zhang Luo, who had suddenly gone mad.

Zhang Luo, for some unknown reason, was clutching his chest, his face turning pale, and sweat constantly streaming down his cheeks. His entire face was twisted in agony!

As the screams continued, Zhang Luo began rolling on the ground in extreme pain, making everyone onlookers shudder!

“Nightmare Demon… it’s a Nightmare Demon…” A teenager suddenly realized what was happening and pointed in horror at the vague green shadow appearing around Zhang Luo’s body!

The green shadow, like a ghost, grew more and more distinct, enveloping Zhang Luo in terror. Zhang Luo’s body began to convulse, veins bulging, and pupils dilating…

“His Nightmare Demon actually advanced a rank at this time…” Ge Qing’s face also turned ugly, completely unprepared for this sudden development.

Devouring the master’s spirit, the Nightmare Demon!!

Clearly, Zhang Luo’s Soul Power was insufficient to support the now advanced Green Nightmare Demon. His soul would become the nourishment for the Green Nightmare Demon, and he would die a miserable death.

Nightmare Demons, these were the devils lurking in the bodies of every Soul Pet Master living on the island. Once again witnessing a person being devoured by a Nightmare Demon, Chu Mu and Ge Qing and the others all turned pale…

One day, they too would end up like Zhang Luo…

When the Green Nightmare Demon began to act, the Executors could sense it. After Zhang Luo’s soul was devoured, his Green Nightmare Demon became ownerless and was quickly collected by two Executors.

With the Executors already here, Ge Qing did not dare to cause trouble and could only glare coldly at Chu Mu.

“Hmph, you killed Zhang Luo, and I will avenge him. In the decisive battle, just wait to be swallowed by my Scale Snake!” Ge Qing had no intention of letting Chu Mu off easily and left a threatening message after Chu Mu left.

Chu Mu ignored Ge Qing’s threat, as it was still uncertain who would be the victor in the end!

Back at the wooden house, Chu Mu couldn’t help but think of Zhang Luo’s miserable death, a gloom enveloping his heart.

This wasn’t the first time Chu Mu had seen someone’s soul being devoured by a Green Nightmare Demon, but every time he witnessed it, it felt as if his heart was being gripped by a terrifying demonic claw.

In fact, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare Demon had already reached the terrifying

Rank Five! If he could summon the White Nightmare Demon to fight for him, Chu Mu could easily defeat all his compet.i.tors, as the White Nightmare Demon was on an entirely different level from the Green Nightmare Demons.

Chu Mu’s current Soul Power was almost entirely devoted to sustaining his White Nightmare Demon. Unless he reached a certain level of strength, it would be impossible to summon this devil to fight for him. All Chu Mu could do now was to find a way to avoid ending up like Zhang Luo..

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