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Chapter 16: Chapter 16: Second-Rank Overpowers Third Stage

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Little MO Xie was already summoned by Chu Mu. Seeing the Ten-legged Centipede appear, the proud MO Ye leaped in front of Chu Mu, standing toe to toe with the centipede that was over a meter long.

Zhang Luo did not want to be ridiculed by his companions, so he planned to conclude the battle swiftly, commanding the Ten-legged Centipede to attack Little MO Xie immediately.

The Ten-legged Centipede, with a body as hard as iron chains, swung its tail fiercely and aimed a mean pincer at Little MO Xie during its movements!

Little MO Xie was physically weak, its defensive power inferior. If the Ten-legged Centipede managed to squarely land even a single hit, Little MO Xie might lose its combat power.

Thankfully, Little MO Xie was quicker than the Ten-legged Centipede. With its

nimble leap, it effortlessly evaded the Centipede’s tail pincer. Unexpectedly, it extended its sharp claws and left a mark on the Centipede’s body.


MO Ye’s claws sc.r.a.ped against the centipede as if sc.r.a.ping against metal.

Clearly, this attack did not penetrate the defense of the Ten-legged Centipede.

Chu Mu seemed indifferent to this. After all, MO Ye had launched that attack in evasion and without a stable foundation, it was difficult to bring out the full force of its claws.

“Circle it,” Chu Mu, who had thought through his strategy against the Ten-legged Centipede, commanded Little MO Xie.

Little MO Xie was also quite nimble, constantly circling as it dodged the Centipede’s tail pincer. Even though the Centipede always swung its tail to attack, it would pause significantly after each strike, needing to adjust before it could possibly swing again.

Zhang Luo, witnessing Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox’s agility, knew he couldn’t continue in the same way, and thus sent a mental directive.

Following the command, the Ten-legged Centipede halted its continuous attacks on Little MO Xie. It arched its body suddenly, burying its head downward, and astonis.h.i.+ngly burrowed into the ground, leaving a deep pit in the gra.s.sland!

“Burrow and ambush?” Chu Mu sported a smile. He knew the Centipede’s skills thoroughly and quickly issued an instruction to Little MO Xie.

Little MO Xie stood still in its position, unmoving, as if quietly waiting for something…

Seeing the Moonlight Fox standing still, Zhang Luo, Ge Qing, and the others all smirked. They clearly thought the battle was about to end. After all, a frail Soul Pet like a Moonlight Fox can hardly withstand a sudden ambush from the Ten-legged Centipede.

“Quickly make your Soul Pet run. If the Ten-legged Centipede locks onto its target, you will lose!” Ting Yu, standing on the side, was quietly anxious.

The ambush was a typical Insect Species skill. It involved burrowing into the ground and suddenly emerging to attack the enemy’s weakest underbelly.

Chu Mu, however, seemed unbothered by Ting Yu’s anxiety. He closed his eyes, expended his Soul Power, and released his sensory abilities.

The range of his abilities covered the entire lawn. Even without looking, Chu Mu could sense through his Soul Power that the land beneath Little MO Xie’s feet was loosening.

Suddenly, Chu Mu opened his eyes.

“Now!” He commanded.

The spiritual connection between Little MO Xie and its master was keenly tuned – the moment Chu Mu issued his command, Little MO Xie gathered force and leaped up!

The gra.s.s suddenly exploded open as a black steel spear, over a meter long and resembling a Centipede, fiercely shot up from the lawn, leaping up over two meters high!

The ambush having been initiated, Little MO Xie was able to avoid the swift attack by leaping instantaneously. Furthermore, it clawed onto a nearby tree and hung there.

Its light body bounced gently off the tree trunk, and Little MO Xie once again leaped up, and astonis.h.i.+ngly counteracted against the Ten-legged Centipede, which was suspended mid-air!

“Tearing Claw!” Chu Mu gave the command!

Little MO Xie’s claws stretched out menacingly. As its body descended, it swiftly drew two intersecting glimmers of frosty light in mid-air!

Looking at Little MO Xie’s ‘Tearing Claw’ stance, everyone stared in shock. They obviously hadn’t expected that this Moonlight Fox was already capable of executing the Tearing Claw!

“Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+”

The Ten-legged Centipede’s body suddenly bent, cras.h.i.+ng heavily onto the ground.

However, Little MO Xie landed lightly and, with an air of pride, lifted her head without even giving a glance at the Ten-legged Centipede.

“It’s alright, my Ten-legged Centipede has reinforced its bodily armor. This Little Fox’s Tearing Claw can only scratch its surface at most.” Zhang Luo’s face stiffened slightly but quickly recovered.

Zhang Luo had confidence in his Soul Pet’s defense and immediately commanded his Ten-legged Centipede to stand up and continue the battle.

“Get up!”

‘Quickly, get up!”

Unable to make the Ten-legged Centipede stand via mental command, Zhang Luo could only shout at it. However, after several yells, the Ten-legged Centipede remained still.

“What’s going on?” The other three showed confused expressions and turned their gazes towards Ge Qing.

Ge Qing also furrowed his eyebrows. After a while, he spoke: “That Little Fox’s

Tearing Claw attack was strong…”

However, as soon as Ge Qing finished his sentence, the Ten-legged Centipede’s body suddenly started to convulse.

With a “crack”, several claw marks suddenly appeared on the convulsing body of the Ten-legged Centipede. The claw marks actually severed its body, splitting it into several sections!!

Upon seeing this horrifying scene, Zhang Luo’s face instantly turned pale. He looked dumbfounded at the Ten-legged Centipede that had been cut into sections.

“What a strong attack!” Ting Yu was closest, she clearly saw the entire process of Little MO Xie releasing her Tearing Claw attack!

The Ten-legged Centipede had mid-stage bodily armor, which should be a top-tier defense at its level. Yet, it was torn apart and killed instantly by MO Xie’s single Tearing Claw attack!

Ge Qing and his gang were all showing expressions of shock!

To Ge Qing and the other teenagers, the intense and fierce Ten-legged Centipede should have easily defeated the Moonlight Fox. But the stark contrast of the Centipede dying, filled them with incredulity and astonishment, and a touch of disbelief!

Suddenly, victorious Little MO Xie lifted her head and gave a howl.

A faint ray of light penetrated through the leaves, cascading onto the little fox in the moonlight. MO Xie’s beautiful tail gradually became fuller, fluffy, radiating a feeling of luxurious elegance, like a girl’s fur skirt, so n.o.ble and beautiful!

“She grew up!”

The growth of Little MO Xie excited Chu Mu even more than defeating the Ten-legged Centipede!!

“Whoo, whoo-           ” Little MO Xie gave another cry.

The teenagers in Ge Qing’s group, seeing Little MO Xie’s growth, were again stunned!

“This little fox just entered the Third Stage!!”

“The Second-Rank Moonlight Fox defeated a Third Stage Ten-legged

Centipede, this… this is too outrageous isn’t it? Could it be a variant Moonlight


“It’s a Moonlight Fox, its claws…should be at the late stage of Young Claws…” Ge Qing’s face also became a little strange and swept a glance over Chu Mu.

That the Moonlight Fox’s claws could reach the late-stage at the Second-Rank, signified that its potential was extraordinarily high. On the other hand, it naturally indicated that Soul Pet Master was highly skilled at nurturing.. Furthermore, from the battle just now, it was clear that Chu Mu had a thorough understanding of the Ten-legged Centipede, which fully demonstrated his quality as a superb Soul Pet Master!

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