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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Ten-legged Centipede

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“I heard that tomorrow you will be competing with Zhang Luo.” Ting Yu sat on the bed. As soon as Chu Mu entered, she immediately asked him.

Recently, Chu Mu had been coming in late and leaving early. Ting Yu was busy training her soul pet, so they didn’t talk much.

“Yeah.” Chu Mu nodded.

“His Ten-legged Centipede has already reached the Third Stage, and your Little Moonlight Fox is still only at the Second-Rank…” Ting Yu said.

“Yeah.” Chu Mu continued nodding.

“Moonlight Fox is known for its weak attack power. Even if it is fast, its claws probably can’t tear apart the Ten-legged Centipede’s flesh armor, which is already at the mid-stage.” Ting Yu said.

“Oh? Mid-stage already?” Chu Mu raised an eyebrow. He was somewhat surprised that guy had already improved the defense of the Ten-legged Centipede. Chu Mu remembered seeing the Ten-legged Centipede a few days ago when its flesh armor should have only been at the early-stage.

“Well, if the compet.i.tion were to be held at night, you might barely be able to wrestle with him…” Ting Yu said.

The Moonlight Fox possesses the racial skill Moon Coagulation. At night, when there is moonlight, its combat power will increase!

“The compet.i.tion will be at noon, he’s not foolish.” Chu Mu said.

“I don’t understand why, among all the soul pets on the island, you chose a Moonlight Fox.” Ting Yu said.

As a girl, Ting Yu should have a unique fondness for beautiful and cute soul pets like the Moonlight Fox. However, the girls on the island do not receive any sympathy. They must survive, and to survive, they must abandon such meaningless indulgence.

Chu Mu didn’t respond. The secret that Little MO Xie was a continuously mutating soul pet was something he could not let anyone know, otherwise, it would surely bring disaster.

Seeing Chu Mu not wanting to talk, Ting Yu went to bed early, covered herself with the blanket, and fell asleep.

At night on the island, it is relatively dangerous to roam around. Most soul pet trainers go to sleep early and wake up early the next day.

After Chu Mu briefly read the Soul Pet Ill.u.s.trated Handbook and memorized the information about the Ten-legged Centipede, he went to sleep.

Early the next day, Little MO Xie was excitedly making noises, seemingly having some good news to tell Chu Mu. Chu Mu, puzzled, summoned it.

“What’s wrong, MO Xie?” Chu Mu asked in confusion.

“Woo wooMO Xie stretched out its claws, and suddenly a few cold lights flashed by, immediately sinking into the wooden house floor.

Chu Mu was taken aback, and immediately revealed an ecstatic expression, “Late-stage!! Your claws have reached the late-stage!!” “Woo woo— ‘ ‘ Little MO Xie was also smiling.

“Hahaha!!” Chu Mu suddenly burst into laughter.

As a continuously mutating soul pet, Little MO Xie’s talent was incredibly high even within the Moonlight Fox species!

Generally speaking, a normal growth rate for Moonlight Fox would require its claws to reach the Sixth Rank before possibly entering the late-stage. Although the Deep Blue Healing Gra.s.s could speed up the process, it could only reach the mid-stage at most.

However, Little MO Xie reached the late-stage state with its Young Claw at the Second-Rank, greatly increasing its attack power! It was likely that even without using the Tearing Claw, it could break through the defenses of the Ten-legged Centipede!

The surprise brought by Little MO Xie increased Chu Mu’s confidence, and at noon, he went to the place where he had agreed to meet Zhang Luo.

“Wait for me, I’ll go with you.” Ting Yu, who had left early in the morning and returned at noon, immediately followed Chu Mu when she saw him leaving.

Chu Mu nodded and went with Ting Yu.

When they arrived at the lawn, Chu Mu saw Zhang Luo. Apart from Zhang Luo, there were five other people who were likely part of a small circle with Zhang Luo.

When capturing soul pets, many soul pet trainers naturally formed small circles to ensure their own safety and prevent being bullied by others before the life-and-death battle.

Chu Mu preferred to be alone, so he did not join any circles. Ting Yu naturally joined the circle formed by the female soul pet trainers.

“You’re actually competing with him, Zhang Luo. How embarra.s.sing…” One of the teenagers with long hair sneered when he saw Chu Mu.

The other few people apparently didn’t expect Zhang Luo’s opponent to be Chu Mu, who had chosen a Moonlight Fox as his first combat soul pet, and they all felt there was nothing interesting about it.

A battle between the fifty soul pet trainers on the island must happen, and it was essential to know the soul pets of other soul pet trainers. Those who formed circles generally collected information about other trainers’ pets and informed their circle members to have more confidence when facing opponents from different circles.

Chu Mu’s soul pet was a Moonlight Fox, which wasn’t much of a secret and was deemed by many circles as less threatening, even weaker than many female soul pet trainers.

Zhang Luo awkvvardly explained to those who looked down on him, “I just want his Beast Attribute Soul Core.”

For those who indirectly taunted him, Chu Mu secretly laughed.

“That guy with long hair seems to be Ge Qing. I heard his soul pet is a Scale Snake, a high-level soul pet. He’s ranked sixth.” Ting Yu said.

Chu Mu could see that the small circle was led by Ge Qing, a long-haired teenager, and he must be one of the threatening figures in the life-and-death battles.

“Alright, alright, get started, and don’t waste your time.” Ge Qing didn’t have the patience, urging Zhang Luo and Chu Mu.

Zhang Luo smiled awkwardly, placed his Beast Attribute Soul Core, which he had bet with Chu Mu, in the middle, and asked Chu Mu to put down his Insect Attribute Soul Core as well.

Chu Mu had three Soul Cores on hand; two had already been used as bait, and now only the final Insect Attribute Soul Core remained. Zhang Luo mainly wanted to fight Chu Mu because Chu Mu had an Insect Attribute Soul Core.

There are two types of battles between soul pet trainers: one that involves only soul pets and another that involves the trainers themselves.

Soul Pet trainers have Soul Power and can use some skills. However, the trainers here have not yet acquired the Soul Pet Trainer Skill Book, so they have almost no skills and must rely entirely on their soul pets during battles.

“Ten-legged Centipede!” Zhang Luo recited his soul contract spell.

A faint brown light appeared, slowly forming a soul contract pattern with a diameter of about two meters on the gra.s.s. After the pattern flickered with a screen of light, the black and brown Ten-legged Centipede appeared on the pattern.

It was more than one meter long with sixteen blade-like legs swaying back and forth. Its hideous head and centipede tail pincers indicated that it was not an easy-to-mess-with, ferocious soul pet..

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