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Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Encountering a Great Enemy by


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Ground outside the Camp

“Why is it always like this? When your Moonlight Fox uses Temptation and Chu Lian, my soul pet loses the desire to fight, and it doesn’t matter if it’s one grade higher than yours.” Ting Yu irritably recalled her soul pet back into its s.p.a.ce.

Ting Yu’s soul pet was the “Thorn Rose Demon,” belonging to the Plant World Flower type – Rose group, high grade.

In the island, the Thorn Rose Demon ranked ninth in species ranking of soul pets, and its strength had reached the Seventh Stage. In the past, Ting Yu had always been low-key, and it was only recently that her soul pet was noticed by others.

Chu Mu was her roommate, so naturally, he knew about it earlier than others. However, when he first learned that this delicate-looking girl had such a powerful soul pet, he was also very surprised.

“Your Little MO Xie is a freak. It is clearly only at the Sixth Stage, with a lower stage than my Flower Demon, a lower level than my Flower Demon, and its claws have just reached the First Level of the Fully Completed Period, yet my

Flower Demon can never win! ” Ting Yu stared at Chu Mu somewhat resentfully.

“Just pray that you don’t run into me on the day of the match.” Chu Mu said indifferently.

Only five short days were left until the final decisive battle. Little MO Xie had learned Chu Lian and Temptation, the two Demon Spirit skills, over the past two months of training.

Chu Lian, a unique disguise skill of the Moonlight Fox, was used to disguise itself as a pitiful creature and gain the sympathy of powerful spirits, weakening the opponent’s fighting spirit.

Temptation was a skill that used beautiful appearances to create illusions and confuse the opponent’s mind.

Both skills were non-offensive, but Chu Mu could apply them effectively in battle, inflicting fatal damage on his enemies.

Ting Yu’s Thorn Rose Demon was already a force to be reckoned with on the island, but it always lost to Chu Mu in secret battles.

“There are still five days left for the final battle. Your Little MO Xie should have no problem making it to the top ten.” Ting Yu said.

“There shouldn’t be many people who can deal with your Flower Demon either, so it should be able to survive.” Chu Mu replied.

“Not necessarily, as far as I know, at least five people have stronger soul pets than my Thorn Rose Demon.” Ting Yu said.

“Oh? You might as well tell me about the other people’s soul pets.” Chu Mu said.

“You only know about cultivation and soul pet training, and nothing else.

Sooner or later, you’re going to suffer.” Ting Yu glared at Chu Mu, “Tang Xian’s Steel Fang, 8th stage – high grade, species ranking is tenth, but its strength is in the top five!”

“Wind Valley’s Rock Demon, 9th stage – medium grade, species ranking is twentieth, but its strength ranking is also in the top five!”

“And that Ge Qing, who vowed to swallow you alive. His Scale Snake, although only at the Seventh Stage, is extremely fierce and has hardly lost any battles against others. ”

“And the one who is unanimously considered the strongest is definitely Zhou Shengmo. His Fierce Wolf is at the 8th stage – high grade, possessing fully completed wolf claws and wolf teeth. Even without using any skills, my Thorn Rose Demon can’t beat it. Let’s hope we don’t run into this guy…”

As Zhou Shengmo was mentioned, Chu Mu’s face darkened a bit. During the physical survival training, this guy had set him up and nearly killed him. Chu Mu would not forget this grudge!

“Of course, there’s one more person – you. You’ve trained a decorative spirit pet to this level. If you were able to get a high-grade soul pet like them, it wouldn’t be a problem to take the top three.” Ting Yu said.

Chu Mu simply smiled without elaborating.

“I’m going for a walk in the forest. You practice on your own.” Chu Mu said.

“Oh, don’t you want to go together?” Ting Yu asked.

“No need. I might go to dangerous places.” Chu Mu replied before leaving directly.

The forest was closer to the Inner Island, which could be considered a boundary area between the Inner and Outer Islands, much like the Thorn Forest Chu Mu had encountered earlier. Powerful soul pets also lived there.

Last month, Chu Mu, along with Little MO Xie, had found a Second Rank medicinal herb, the Jade Dew Mushroom, in the forest.

Dew is the purest liquid nutrient. When the dew drops from several plant leaves that absorb the essence of heaven and earth fall on the same spot, if the soil is fertile, Jade Dew Mushrooms will grow.

The Jade Dew Mushroom is a Second Rank medicinal herb with a very direct effect: it can rapidly grow soul pets. If the Jade Dew Mushroom is mixed with the Second Rank Tianlan gra.s.s at a 3:2 ratio, the Third-level potion, Sky Blue Jade Luzhi, which can directly increase the stages of a soul pet, can be prepared. It is a rare treasure.

With only five days left before the trial, Chu Mu had to get the Jade Dew Mushroom. He didn’t take action when he encountered it last month because the appearance of Jade Dew Mushrooms is always accompanied by a companion soul pet, Hundred-Eyed Palm.

Hundred-Eyed Palm is a medium-grade Plant World – Flower Type Hundred-Eyed Palm family soul pet. The Hundred -Eyed Palm that Chu Mu found with the Jade Dew Mushroom last month was most likely at the 8th stage. Generally, where there is Jade Dew Mushroom, there will be this kind of soul pet.

Just as Chu Mu stepped into the forest, he smelled a scent of mud. It had just rained a few days ago, and the air was still fresh…

Chu Mu was accompanied by Little MO Xie, and the Little Green Worm was lying on his shoulder. The alertness of the Little Green Worm was high, and Chu Mu had avoided danger many times with its help.

About one kilometer deep into the forest, Chu Mu heard the voices of a few people talking in the quiet woods.

Chu Mu immediately stopped and hid behind a large tree.

When Chu Mu wandered outside the island, he generally didn’t have much contact with others. After all, everyone here was fighting for survival, and killing one opponent could increase their chances of living.

“Zhou Shengmo, with just the three of us, we should be able to handle it, right?” The voice of a slightly rough teenager was heard.

“Even without you two, my Fierce Wolf would be enough. I brought you along just in case.” Zhou Shengmo replied.

Chu Mu hid behind the tree, watching through the branches as the three teenagers walked past him. His face grew colder.

Zhou Shengmo was Chu Mu’s greatest enemy! This tall and powerful young man with a high-quality Fierce Wolf was feared by almost everyone, and his first place in the upcoming decisive battle was beyond doubt!

The two teenagers beside Zhou Shengmo seemed familiar to Chu Mu. One was called Luo Chen and the other Ma Zhi. Luo Chen was ranked in the top ten in strength, while Ma Zhi was mediocre and not very prominent, but he could not be underestimated..

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