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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: New Battle Technique, Tearing Claw

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At night, Chu Mu opened the “Hundred Herbs Record” to explore how to harness the potential of the Deep Blue Healing Gra.s.s.

The Ten-legged Centipede had a higher Species Ranking than the Moonlight

Fox. The Centipede was more aggressive and the innate conditions of Little MO

Xie were not as good as it, so they did not have an edge anymore.x

Therefore, Chu Mu had to rapidly enhance the strength of Little MO Xie within these two days. For this, Chu Mu had no choice but to learn how to refine this potion overnight.

It wasn’t too difficult to refine Healing Gra.s.s. Chu Mu simply soaked it in water, tore off the leaves and stem, chewed it up, and used his Soul Power to help it integrate into the body of his Soul Pet.

The Healing Gra.s.s had two properties. The first was natural wound healing, and the second was to strengthen the pet’s paw. From the three pieces of Deep Blue Healing Gra.s.s, Chu Mu indeed felt lucky as this variety was priced at about one gold coin in the market.

And with one gold coin, one could purchase a medium-grade Soul Pet.

The next day, Chu Mu did not have Little MO Xie train. Instead, he carefully applied a concoction he had refined himself onto the wounds on Little MO Xie’s claws.

Little MO Xie stretched out her tongue and licked the scars on Chu Mu’s hand.

“These minor injuries will heal soon. There’s only a bit of the Healing Gra.s.s, no need to waste it on my hands….” Chu Mu said with a smile, petting Little MO Xie.

“Half a day is all the medicine will take to work. You shouldn’t move your paws during this period. Rest during the second half of the day and we’ll resume practicing ‘Tearing Claw’ tomorrow,” Chu Mu said.

“Wuu wuu-      Little MO Xie raised her little head and licked Chu Mu’s cheek with her slippery tongue.

“Are you suggesting that we practice tonight?” Chu Mu asked, somewhat surprised. Looking at this proud little thing that seemed delicate on the surface but fiercely independent by nature, Chu Mu broke into a smile and said, “Great, we shall practice tonight and aim to defeat that Ten-legged Centipede!”

Once done with the strengthening process, Chu Mu let MO Xie go back inside his Soul Pet s.p.a.ce.

The effects of the Healing Gra.s.s were very apparent. The previously serious

injury to the young claws was fully healed within half a day-an injury that could have possibly taken two whole days and nights to heal!

More importantly, in these twelve hours, Little MO Xie’s first level ‘young claw’ had already progressed from early stage to mid-stage!

Although her claw remained at first level, it was now emanating a sharp radiance when extended, indicating an improved attack capacity compared to before!

During the evening, Chu Mu took Little MO Xie to the spot on the lawn where they had been the previous day.

“MO Xie, give it all you’ve got and see how many times it takes to knock down these trees,” Chu Mu said.

MO Xie let out a cry and started running swiftly. The silver moonlight spilled onto her clean white fur. Little MO Xie’s nimble figure leapt into the air and her paw whizzed past the tree trunk!

The swipe was deep, burying itself at least three to four centimeters into the bark!


With the second swipe, a prominent crack appeared on the tree trunk!!

After the third swipe, the tree completely lost its supporting point and gradually fell down amid the creaking sound!

“Three times!! Great, that’s great!!”

The performance of Little MO Xie satisfied Chu Mu a lot. After all, the previous day, Little MO Xie had worn out her paws trying to knock down the tree in seven tries, whereas today, it only took her three attacks.

There was a clear difference between the early and mid-stages of First Level Claws. Little MO Xie had taken seven to eight tries initially, even wearing down her paw in the process. In contrast, with the mid-stage Young Claws, she effortlessly toppled the tree, and her claws did not display any signs of damage!

“Now, let’s try the ‘Tearing Claw’.” Chu Mu said.

The Tearing Claw is a skill that most Soul Pets with claws possess. It is also the most effective and direct attack skill. If Little MO Xie can deploy this skill well, tearing open the defense of the Ten-legged Centipede would be no problem!

Generally, once a Young Claw reaches the mid-stage, the Soul Pet can use the Tearing Claw.

Skills can be said to be an instinct of every Soul Pet, just like fish. As they grow to a certain extent, they will learn various swimming techniques.

The same is true for the skills of Soul Pets. Once they reach a certain level, they will understand these essential survival combat tactics. It’s not necessary to deliberately stimulate them, and their main focus is to use them more proficiently in battle.

“Are you ready?” Chu Mu looked at Little MO Xie who nodded earnestly in response.

“Good, Tearing Claw!” Chu Mu immediately issued the command.

After Little MO Xie received the order, her exquisite body shot out quickly. This time, she ran at full speed, converting her speed into strength!

In the darkness of the night, a flash of silver light sped by, swiftly leaped up drawing an exquisite arc, followed by the glistening double claws, rapidly tearing apart!

“Swoosh swoos.h.!.+”

The Tearing Claws overlapped, sounding sharp and clear, as if slas.h.i.+ng through an un.o.bstructed water surface!


The next moment, a tree with a diameter of ten centimeters made a disagreeable noise. Under the Tearing Claw, it slowly fell to the side!!

“Well done!” Seeing Little Xie’s attack strength greatly increased, a smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face.

“Wu wu                Little MO Xie quickly trotted back, also looking very excited.

“Keep going, make sure every release is as perfect as possible. After all, your opponent will be moving, not these trees.” Chu Mu said.

After a significant increase in attack power, Little MO Xie was very motivated, immediately locked onto another tree, and launched an attack at Chu Mu’s command.

This time, Little MO Xie’s leap seemed to have miscalculated the distance, and the power of the Tearing Claw was not as strong as the first time, leaving only a trace on the tree.

“It’s okay, practice a few more times, and you will be able to master it proficiently.” Chu Mu consoled.

All night, Chu Mu was training Little MO Xie’s Tearing Claw. It wasn’t until the moon hung low that Chu Mu brought the tired Little MO Xie back to the wooden house.

Although MO Ye’s Young Claw is now at the mid-term, the release of the Tearing Claw also caused considerable wear and tear on it. Chu Mu specifically prepared another Healing Gra.s.s, applied it on MO Ye’s claws, so that he could regain as much of his fighting power by the next morning as possible.

The next day, Little MO Xie’s claws became even sharper. That day, Chu Mu still focused all his energy on training MO Ye’s Tearing Claw skill, making sure that MO Ye could deploy this skill from any position and at any angle.

“Swoosh swoos.h.!.+” Two cold lights crisscrossed, and the tearing effect of the Tearing Claw instantly cut the tree trunk thrown into the air into several sections. As the trunk fell, Little MO Xie’s delicate body also gracefully landed on the ground.

“Very good, keep this continuity. Running, jumping, striking, landing, attacking… After finis.h.i.+ng a series of actions, don’t leave any flaws.” Chu Mu said.

“Wu Little MO Xie moaned a few times, her eyes also exuding a sense of confidence.

“We’ll end today’s practice early. Tonight, we need to rest well in preparation for tomorrow’s battle.”

By dusk, Chu Mu had taken MO Ye back to the wooden house..

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