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Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Provocation, Battle Challenge

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Little MO Xie looked at her claws, appearing somewhat aggrieved, but she still bravely walked over to another island tree with a similar shape as the previous one.

“Just now, it took eight Cross Claws to knock down the tree. This time, it must be done in seven,” Chu Mu became more serious during Soul Pet training.

In fact, this kind of training method is the most effective and quickest way to improve a Soul Pet’s strength. Every Soul Pet needs to undergo arduous training. Being lazy, negligent, and carefree will only result in defeat and death by other Soul Pets in the future.

Little MO Xie clenched her baby fangs, enduring the pain of her shattered claws as she continuously attacked the tree.

“Keep practicing here and try to knock down this kind of tree within seven attacks. I’ll go find something,” Chu Mu said.

“Whoo, whoo – ” Little MO Xie immediately made a sound.

“Don’t worry, I won’t go too far. If you encounter anything dangerous, hide in the bushes and don’t come out, understand?” Chu Mu instructed.

Little MO Xie nodded her head.

Chu Mu entered the nearby blue-colored tree grove.

Chu Mu had been here for a while, and he remembered that there was a plant called Blue Healing Gra.s.s growing in the blue tree grove. After chewing and applying this plant onto the Soul Pet’s wounds, it could heal the injuries quickly.

Not only that, but after applying the Blue Healing Gra.s.s, it could regenerate the Soul Pet’s worn claws, making them sharper.

Chu Mu searched through the blue tree grove and found several Deep Blue Healing Gra.s.s plants after clearing away the bushes!

“Deep Blue Healing Gra.s.s!”

Chu Mu’s heart leaped with joy. The quality of the Healing Gra.s.s was determined by its color. Light blue was the lowest grade, while deep blue was the best. The effect of the deep blue Healing Gra.s.s was three times more potent than the normal Healing Gra.s.s. If he applied it on MO Xie’s claws after chewing it, her early-stage claws could transform into mid -stage within three days!

“It seems my luck isn’t bad. MO Xie’s improvement will be even faster this way,” Chu Mu smiled, and he reached out and began to forcefully pull the Healing Gra.s.s from the ground.

The better the quality of the Healing Gra.s.s, the stronger its roots in the ground. Moreover. there were hooks on the Healing Gra.s.s. While struggling to pull them up, Chu Mu’s palms were completely torn open.

Chu Mu could endure the pain. After picking the three Deep Blue Healing Gra.s.s plants, his palms were covered in fresh blood.

After a rough bandage treatment, Chu Mu quickly returned to MO Xie’s training location.

“Turns out it’s just a trash fox.”

When Chu Mu arrived, he saw a slightly shorter teenager laughing at MO Xie.

Next to this teenager was a Ten-legged Centipede over a meter long, with a dark green and black body, looking even more strange and ugly, and somewhat ferocious.

The Ten-legged Centipede belonged to the Demon Beast World – Insect Species – Centipede Family, with a medium grade. Every time it advanced a stage, a Ten-legged Centipede’s body size would increase by one limb and gain another pair of legs.

At a glance, Chu Mu noticed that it had fourteen legs, which indicated that the Ten-legged Centipede had grown to the Second-Rank.

“Training with this kind of thing is a waste of time, just throw it into the sea and feed it to the sharks,” the teenager sneered at Chu Mu and walked by with disdain.

Chu Mu didn’t know the guy’s name, and he said:

“My Moonlight Fox needs to fight. Two days later, right here. My Moonlight

Fox against your Ten-legged Centipede. If you win, I’ll give you my Level 1

Insect Attribute Soul Core in my hand. If you lose, you give me that Brown

Beast Attribute Soul Core you’re holding. How about it?”

Executors within the island have already stipulated that no mutual killings are allowed before the trial arrives in more than two months. For any grievances, duels are allowed.

“Two days later, won’t you have to find a new Soul Pet again…” the teenager laughed.

“The same words for you,” Chu Mu replied.

“My name is Zhang Luo,” the Centipede teenager said and then left without lingering, with the smug look of obtaining two Soul Cores.

Soul Cores are vital to Soul Pets. Each Soul Pet has its own attributes, such as Chu Mu’s Soul Pet having both Demon Spirit attributes and Beast attributes.

If the Moonlight Fox’s growth process consistently involved feeding Insect Attribute Soul Cores, the Moonlight Fox’s Demon Spirit abilities would become more pure and powerful, with its Demon Spirit techniques growing stronger as well.

If frequently fed Beast Attribute Soul Cores, the Moonlight Fox would lean towards the Beast Attribute, possessing great strength, agility, and defense. Its overall physical fitness would greatly improve.

This method of feeding Soul Cores to Soul Pets and directing their development towards specific attributes is called Soul Core Feeding, a gradual process that leans towards attributes.

Chu Mu had seen a good-quality Beast Attribute Soul Core in Zhang Luo’s hand, and it couldn’t be more suitable for Little MO Xie’s food. This food with specific attributes would make frail Little MO Xie stronger.

“Did you manage to knock down the tree within seven hits?” Chu Mu asked, stroking Little MO Xie.

“Whoo—” Little MO Xie raised her head, pouting like a little girl. She let out a whining sound, clearly resentful, and then stretched out her tiny claws for Chu Mu to see.

“As long as it was accomplished, that’s good. Rest a.s.sured, we will definitely win the duel the day after tomorrow, and you can get delicious food,” Chu Mu said.

Speaking of battles, Little   Xie was quite excited, evidently carrying the same combative D100d as cnu IVIu deep m ner bones.

The improvement of a Soul Pet’s strength generally involves five aspects:

The Stage advancement of the Soul Pet. The Soul Pet’s own training. The Soul Pet Master’s Soul Core Feeding. Strengthening with potions, and refining with Soul Crystals.

The most important method is the Soul Pet’s own training. Therefore, Chu Mu must be strict with Little MO Xie when training her. If a good foundation isn’t laid during the early stages, improving later becomes much more difficult.

After a day of practice, Little MO Xie was already tired. Chu Mu let her return to her Soul Pet s.p.a.ce to rest.

Soul Pets recover their strength and bodies faster in the Soul Pet s.p.a.ce than in the outside world. So, when Soul Pets are exhausted or injured, Soul Pet Masters will put them into the Soul Pet s.p.a.ce..

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