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Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Sharpening, Training, and Improving

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As Chu Mu approached the camp, he could see other members of Nightmare Demon Island. Most of these members were reticent and would only glance at

Chu Mu’s Soul Pet when they saw him, as if trying to size up their compet.i.tion.

“Ha, Chu Mu, when did you become one of those young ladies from a wealthy family? Hahaha, you’re killing me!” a sarcastic voice came.

Chu Mu immediately looked towards the source of the voice, his eyes indifferent as he stared at the long-faced teenager.

The long-faced teenager was Tang Xian, who entered Nightmare Demon Island at the same time as Chu Mu. This guy gave people an unpleasant feeling at first glance and showed no attempt to conceal his pompousness.

Next to this guy was a huge rat-type Soul Pet, about one meter long, covered in thin scale armor. Its two white fierce fangs were exposed, giving it quite a domineering appearance…

Chu Mu recognized this Soul Pet as the common Steel Fang, most likely of medium grade. From its appearance, it seemed to be at the Third Stage! “Why don’t you put your little fox down and let it be food for my Steel Fang?” Tang Xian sneered.

Chu Mu didn’t bother to pay attention to this guy. After secretly noting his enemy’s soul pet, he walked straight into the camp.

“Another tough opponent has been added…” Chu Mu muttered to himself as the sarcastic laughter behind him grew bolder.

Tang Xian’s Steel Fang was of medium grade, Third Stage strength; after more than two months of taming, it would certainly reach Fifth or Sixth Stage. It might not be weaker than the Executors’ fierce wolves. Chu Mu needed to be prepared in advance, because MO Ye was still somewhat weak among the medium grade before it mutated…

After returning to his wooden house, Chu Mu put MO Ye on the ground and washed himself, applying some medicine to his wounds to prevent infection.

Little MO Ye was also clean-loving; while Chu Mu was was.h.i.+ng, it also jumped in to bathe before hopping onto Ting Yu’s soft bed, drying itself by rolling around on the wet sheets.

“Oh well…she probably won’t be back anytime soon.” Chu Mu thought and decided not to stop Little MO Ye from messing up Ting Yu’s bed.

When taming a Soul Pet, one must first understand its abilities and characteristics.

Moonlight Fox wasn’t a very common creature, Chu Mu didn’t have a deep understanding of its abilities.

There was a thick Pet Compendium on a cabinet next to the bed. Chu Mu opened it and searched for information on the Moonlight Fox.

Moonlight Fox: Demon Beast World – Demon Spirit type – Demon Fox Clan Moonlight Fox Sub-clan

“So Moonlight Foxes belong to the Demon Spirit type, I thought they were Beast type…”

“Moonlight Foxes are of medium-low grade and belong to agile Soul Pets with average combat power. Their primary means of attack are their claws, and

their fur has resistive abilities. Their eyes can cast Temptation spells, weakening their enemy’s combat will.”

“Racial skills of the Moonlight Fox include: Moon Coagulation”

“Basic skills of the Moonlight Fox include: Moon Shadow, Temptation, Chu Lian”

“Primary skills of the Moonlight Fox include: Tearing Claw, Dark Strike” “Advanced skills of the Moonlight Fox include: Moonlight Blade”

After reading the Moonlight Fox’s compendium and introduction, Chu Mu gave a bitter smile and looked at Little MO Ye, who was half-squinting on the soft bed, and said:

“Its level is low, and it has pitifully few skills; only two or three attack skills.

This is too shabby…”

The racial skill Moon Coagulation was an ability that every Moonlight Fox has, and they could master it without any special training.

Among the three basic skills of Moon Shadow, Temptation, and Chu Lian, Chu Mu had already seen Little MO Ye use Moon Shadow. As for the other two skills, it seems they had not yet been mastered and would require gradual understanding and metamorphosis during its growth.

“Let’s take it one step at a time.”

Chu Mu comforted himself, thinking that Little MO Xie had great potential. His top priority was to enhance its combat power, for if he didn’t get into the top ten, he would still end up dead.

After a brief rest in the wooden house, Chu Mu took MO Xie out of the camp and brought it to a vacant gra.s.sland to begin formal training.

“MO Xie, besides Moon Shadow, what other abilities do you have? Show me,” Chu Mu said.

Little MO Xie raised its head, resentfully looking at the bright suns.h.i.+ne. It whimpered pitifully, implying that its abilities could only be unleashed under the moonlight.

“Extend your claws.” Chu Mu told Little MO Xie.

MO Xie obediently stretched out its soft little paw, and its plush paw pad rested on Chu Mu’s palm.

“Extend your claws.” Chu Mu said again.

“Whoos.h.!.+” MO Xie’s claws suddenly appeared from its paw pads. About four centimeters long, they were as sharp as a blade. Chu Mu immediately felt a chill on his palm, and the outer layer of his skin was visibly cut.

Chu Mu didn’t mind the small injury. Grasping MO Xie’s claws, he examined them closely and said: “As expected, they’re only at the first level Young Claw stage and in the early-stage. Your agility is already quite good, so let’s focus on improving your attack power. Let’s try to develop your early-stage Young Claws into the mid-stage, so you’ll have higher offensive power.”

‘Wu  Little MO Xie mumbled.

“You need to develop your Young Claws from early-stage to mid-stage in order to unleash the Tearing Claw’s full effect. Start practicing on tree trunks,” Chu Mu instructed Little MO Xie.

Eager to grow stronger, Little MO Xie quickly targeted a tree with a diameter of about ten centimeters and attacked it using its Young Claws!


The Young Claws crossed and slashed, instantly tearing the tree bark and scattering wood shavings.

“Continue.” Chu Mu said.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+”

With three consecutive left and right claw strikes from Little MO Xie, relatively deep marks appeared on the ten-centimeter diameter tree!

“Keep going until you tear this tree apart.” Chu Mu continued to instruct. After letting out a cry, Little Xie continued to hone its claws.


Finally, after the eighth cross-slash of its claw blades, the four-meter-high tree with a diameter of ten centimeters fell.


Little MO Xie’s claws were still at the most tender stage. Forcing it to tear down a tree naturally caused serious wear and tear on its claws, even leaving traces of blood.

“Carry on.” Chu Mu said.

“Wu vvu—–

Little MO Xie immediately protested, raising its b.l.o.o.d.y claws, implying that they were already hurting.

“If you don’t grind them, your claws will always remain at the early-stage. Trust me, your claws will recover by the second day, and they’ll definitely be sharper than they are today.” Chu Mu said..

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