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Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

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Chapter 2

No Divorce

Qiao Xuan could not help but feel sorry for Shao Yunduan, who looked furious as he sat on the chair with his hands on his knees, and a straight back.

Honestly, it was a misfortune for any family, when their daughter-in-law decided to hang herself on wedding night.

If the bride really died, the whole family would turn into a laughing stock in front of numerous households, and would be looked down upon by everyone around.

Anyone would get very angry and get furious…

But… that was not her business!

Qiao Xuan was groaning inwardly. What a s.h.i.+tty business she found herself in!

Shao Yunduan, who looked seriously annoyed, said coldly, “If you don’t want to marry me, fine! I will send you home early tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, I will tell the County Magistrate that it is we, the Shao Family, who don’t deserve you. I will mention that clearly on our divorce paper, so you won’t be blamed in any way.”

The couple had already exchanged the dowries and gifts, and done the wedding proceedings. In the modern world, it basically meant that the two of them had already got legally married at the Civil Affairs Office!

Although one night had pa.s.sed and nothing happened, Qiao Xuan would either divorce on her own or get divorced by this man.

Startled, Qiao Xuan shook her head. “No, no. I will stay!”

She must not leave. If she was divorced by the husband the following day after the wedding, she would never be rid of the fact that she had been ‘rejected’ by her husband, no matter how well-written the divorce paper was.

Also, maybe her selfish and ruthless father would not accept her to the family either, claiming that no one from the Qiao Family would ever be divorced. After all, she was married off and basically given to her husband’s family. She believed that Mrs. Dong and her father would definitely do something like that.

When that moment came, her future would be nothing.

Even if there was the slightest possibility that her horrible father and Mrs. Dong decided to accept her, would she be able to live a good life? Would she have a completely new life ahead of herself?

…It would not be a matter of whether there would be a whole-new life, but whether she would even have a life!

However, if she stayed with the Shao Family, the situation might be a little more promising.

She was the daughter of the County Magistrate, which was nothing in her own family but could become her protection talisman in her husband’s family. As long as she made full use of her family background, she would definitely have a good life here.

Also, this husband of hers had a pair of broad shoulders and narrow waist, giving out an excellent air. His nose bridge was tall and he had a very sharp silhouette on his face. His eyes seemed sparkling as well!

Well, he was very handsome in her eyes, and she was not in a disadvantageous position either…

This husband of hers was a student at Minghua College in the county, and he had pa.s.sed the imperial examination as the Cultivated Talent at this young age, so probably, he was going to become some Recommended Man, or even an Advanced Scholar in the future… that would make her life even more promising.

Besides, she could decide things later, looking at what happened in the future. At the moment, it was obvious that she should stay with her husband’s family so that her life could be better.

Hence, she was not leaving!

When the decision was made, Qiao Xuan struck her own thigh and squeezed out some tears from her eyes, remembering that she had time-traveled to such a terrible situation.

Tearfully, she looked at Shao Yunduan and sobbed. “It was my mistake a moment ago to have done such a stupid thing. Now I have realized what is more important for me, so don’t worry, I will never do that again!”

“Hehe!” Shao Yunduan sneered as if the ice in his eyes had been scattered. “You are the Miss of a n.o.ble family, but we are just a poor family in the countryside. I should not deserve you, so I won’t blame you for making that mistake! If you don’t like this arrangement, you truly don’t have to bear it. I will tell Officer Qiao that it was all my fault, and in a couple of years, when you move away with Officer Qiao when he gets transferred to somewhere else, no one will know about our wedding. By that time, you can find your own Mr. Right. That sounds perfect, doesn’t it, Second Miss?”

Shao Yunduan had not been very happy about this marital arrangement either, but what else could he possibly do about it all this while?

He jumped into the water to save someone, when he saw it happen in front of his eyes. He had not expected the consequences of it at the time.

Moreover, he had thought that he could tolerate this Second Miss of the Qiao Family by treating her well.

But he had not expected that she would rather kill herself on their wedding day, just because she disliked his family!

That irritated Shao Yunduan completely.

On the other side, Qiao Xuan was also complaining heavily inside her head. The original host had left her in such trouble!

But she was not going to get divorced, never!

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