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Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

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Chapter 1

Time-Travel For Wedding

Feeling dizzy, with her mind blurring, Qiao Xuan, who was lying in bed, heard the knock on the door.

Then came the voice of a middle-aged woman, who sounded nervous as she asked. “Duan, what happened just now? Is something wrong?”

“…I am fine, Mom. It was just that I hit the chair accidentally.”

The woman instantly got nervous. “What? Are you hurt?”

“No, I am fine! You must be very tired today from everything. Go and sleep now!”

“Alright… but you… you should sleep earlier too…”

It was quiet outside the door, but Qiao Xuan was thinking inwardly. “d.a.m.n, what is a man doing inside her room?”

She opened her eyes suddenly.

The moment she looked up, she met a pair of cold-looking eyes staring down at her. She gasped and then started to cough loudly, with hands covering her mouth.

She glanced at the room, which was full of red decoration as well as the sticker of Double Happiness – it was a room meant for a wedding night!

“You… you…” Qiao Xuan sat up quickly and shrunk herself to the corner of the bed, glaring at the man with her eyes widened. “Stay away from me!”

The man sneered slightly and snapped at her with gritted teeth. “You mad woman, you are totally unbelievable! You didn’t have to marry me if you didn’t want to! But for my sharp discovery, my bride would have hung herself on the wedding night! That would ruin my future, and my family’s too!”

Qiao Xuan was dumbfounded and eventually saw the hanging white scarf dangling over the beam. The whole scene looked quite scary, especially when the background in the room was in full red.

Below the white scarf was a chair that had been upturned. It must have been this cheap husband of hers who came to save her, when a strange sound arose, causing his mother to come over and check what was going on.

Suddenly, Qiao Xuan felt dizzy and turned pale, as the memory of the original host emerged inside her mind, stirring crazily inside her head.

The original host wasn’t born lowly, compared to this husband’s family which was only a farming household. Instead, she was the Miss of the County Magistrate’s family, daughter of a concubine.

This daughter of a concubine had been engaged to someone when she was young. That was when her mother was still alive. Her fiance turned out to be an excellent man, who pa.s.sed the Imperial Examination and was ranked third. He even got the chance to practice to become the County Magistrate in a neighboring county.

Theoretically speaking, the two families should have held the wedding in utter happiness.

But Mrs. Dong, the lineal wife of the family, disliked Qiao Xuan’s birth mother. So she stopped Qiao Xuan from marrying an excellent and promising man like that.

Therefore, she abducted Qiao Xuan by luring her to visit the temple, and got someone to push her into the water.

However, this plan, which should have been done secretively, did not work out. Qiao Xuan was saved by Shao Yunduan from Shaoding Village, namely this bridegroom standing in front of her.

Since the two of them had some skin-to-skin interaction, a wedding had to be hosted just to keep the girl’s reputation as pure and innocent.

That made Mrs. Dong extremely cheerful.

What a wonderful end it turned out to be!

On one hand, she did not have to be burdened with the possibility of killing one person, and on the other hand, Qiao Xuan was able to marry a farmer’s family where she was going to suffer throughout her whole life, having no chance of turning the table of her own destiny!

Therefore, Mrs. Dong informed her husband about this, and swiftly ordered the engagement of Qiao Xuan to be broken off. Later, she got Qiao Xuan to marry the Shao Family within no time.

Qiao Xuan, who was feeling furious and sad, lost all her hope. When she was under heavy guard and monitoring, she could do nothing about her life, but still, she still held some hope.

But when she got married this time, she secretly lifted the red veil over her head and saw this shabby-looking, dungeon-like place. She suddenly felt coldness casting over her body. Feeling that she had no future to look forward to, she decided to hang herself in extreme despair…

However, Shao Yunduan came and saved her right on time. But, actually speaking, the original host was already dead. It was a new Qiao Xuan when she woke up again, a time traveler.

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