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Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

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Chapter 3


“No…” Qiao Xuan started to act unreasonably. “I am not leaving… anyway. It was my fault for what I did. I apologize for that! If you are not okay with it, just tell me what you want me to do!”

“Hehe!” Shao Yunduan still sneered.

Qiao Xuan tried harder. “We have gotten married today, so if we get divorced tomorrow, our two families would be laughing stocks in front of everyone! You have to think for your whole family, if not for yourself.”

Shao Yunduan got so annoyed by her shameless words. He said ironically, “Thank you for your concern about my family!”

“Oh well… you don’t have to say that. I mean, we have to think about the best method to deal with the situation, don’t we? Divorce isn’t the best solution, obviously!”

That, of course, was crystal clear to Shao Yunduan!

Even though he himself wasn’t so interested in this marriage, yet everyone in and outside the village, his family and friends, either his acquaintances or strangers, were all jealous of him when they learned this news.

Everyone was saying that the Shao Family had gotten lucky.

Moreover, it was being said that because of luck, a poor man like Shao Yunduan was able to become the son-in-law of the County Magistrate!

Therefore, he himself could not imagine how many snickers he would receive, if they were divorced the next morning after the wedding.

Well, it was his bad luck that brought him to this situation.

Qiao Xuan was observing the man who wasn’t looking that cheerful, but at least, he did not seem to look as determined as he had been about divorce a while ago. Feeling slightly relieved, she begged in a soft voice by making a secondary proposal. “What about we do it like this – you accept me for the time being, but in a couple of years, we get divorced on the right occasion.”

Shao Yunduan. “…”

Shao Yunduan was confused. He asked with a low voice and eyebrows raised. “Is that what you are truly thinking? It would not be the best time for you after a couple of years.”

Qiao Xuan did not care much and said casually, “I will only be 17, or 18 years old in a couple of years. What should I be worried about anyway?”

Shao Yunduan. “…” That was a very confident claim!

Shao Yunduan had no idea how to counter those words.

Alright then, if that’s what she wanted, he would have no objection.

“If you want to stay at my place, then you will have to behave like the daughter-in-law of the Shao Family and do what a daughter-in-law should do! You should never be impolite to my parents, or my siblings.”

“Also, we are a poor family and have no servants to serve you. So, you have to do everything yourself. Our food is simple and ordinary, mostly to keep away hunger, that’s all. You have to know about all of these.”

Qiao Xuan replied without thinking. “Sure, I understand it all!”

Shao Yunduan was still sneering inside his heart. She understood it all? She must be joking, no? He did not think that she understood anything!

But it was the only way to deal with the situation right now, and that was what they had to accept.

Well… what about the future? Suddenly, Shao Yunduan had some anxious thoughts crossing his head.

Well, he had to stop thinking about the future at this moment. Besides, he was going to get this spoiled girl out of the Shao Family after one or two difficult years anyway!

During the upcoming years, it would already be enough for him, as long as she did not cause any trouble and lived obediently with him.

It was a quiet night.

The following morning, Shao Yunduan woke up Qiao Xuan by shaking her.

She drowsily opened her eyes and saw Shao Yunduan standing by the bedside, looking properly-dressed.

He said as he saw her waking up, “Time to get up now.”

Qiao Xuan let out a small sound, blinked her eyes, yawned and then nodded slightly. “Okay, getting up now…”

No daughter-in-law of any family should sleep in – she was well aware of this point.

Actually, when the original host was residing at her own home, she was a pitiful little girl who was forced to get up earlier than the morning roosters!

Only she understood how miserable her life was, after all, she had been a very ordinary girl in the modern society in her previous life. But even if that was the case, she had never gotten up so early!

She was a newly-wedded woman, who was supposed to serve tea to the elderly people in the family and had to address them differently henceforth.

After she washed herself up, Qiao Xuan went for the meeting with the Shao Family, officially.

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