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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“He had awoken.”

She then continued on with a glance behind her to say: “He is immersed in guilt and self reproach, saying that he had not protected me properly.” With a sigh, she then said: “Come on! Let’s go in to take a look at him and I can introduce you as well.”

“Sure.” Guan Xi Lin nodded and followed Feng Jiu into the room.

Upon entering the room, they saw him leaning back against the head of the bed looking deep in thought. Seeing that, Feng Jiu called out to him. “Grandfather.”

The Old Patriarch snapped back to his senses and saw the two of them come in, his gaze naturally fixing upon Guan Xi Lin as he gauged the young man. “Little Feng, he is…..”

“Your junior Guan Xi Lin greets Grandfather Feng.” Guan Xi Lin stepped forward to offer a respectful greeting, a jovial and unbridled smile upon his face.

“Grandfather, he is elder sworn brother I have gotten myself and I address him as my Big Brother.” Feng Jiu said as he went forward to hold the old man’s hand. She then said: “He’s helped me a lot, and is a rather nice chap.”

The Old Patriarch nodded and said to Guan Xi Lin: “My Little Feng is indebted under her elder brother’s care.”

“Grandfather Feng is putting it too harshly.” Guan Xi Lin replied, a little embarra.s.sed. When had he helped Little Jiu with anything? It was more like Little Jiu was taking care of him.

“Mistress.” Leng Shuang called out from outside.

“Come in.” Feng Jiu said from inside the room.

The Old Patriarch looked in the direction of the voice and saw a woman dressed in black carrying things inside and he discreetly measured her up. Before he could even think further, he heard Feng Jiu at his side saying.

“Grandfather, she is Leng Shuang, my personal attendant.”

The Old Patriarch was surprised. [Personal attendant? The woman in black had a very steady air about her and although she was young, her cultivation would be considered to be outstanding among her peers. It was the same for Guan Xi Lin as well. From where did his Little Feng come to know these two people?]

Although he had many questions in his heart, he did not give voice to them immediately but merely continued to observe them.

Feng Jiu went forward to receive the porridge and said: “Grandfather, your body is still weak just after the purging the poison and you cannot eat anything too rich and so I got people to cook some light porridge for you. Have a little bit of it!”

“Alright.” Old Patriarch Feng nodded his head and he took the bowl from Feng Jiu: “Grandfather can do it myself.”

Watching the situation, Guan Xi Lin said: “Little Jiu, we’ll just step outside for awhile. I need to go to the kitchen to see if Mother Qing has the medicine ready or not and I will bring it in here for Grandfather Feng.” Upon saying that, he went out of the room with Leng Shuang and shut the door behind him.

After they have left, Old Patriarch Feng then asked: “Little Feng, how did you come to know them?”

“That will be a long story but I’ll just pick out the important points and tell them to Grandfather!” Feng Jiu said with a smile. As she watched her Grandfather sip at the porridge, Feng Jiu told him briefly about the events that happened when they met but for one part. She turned the entire thing around when she spoke about the part where she fought off the pack of wolves to save Guan Xi Lin.

After she was finished, she saw her grandfather nodding his head and saying that he would thank Guan Xi Lin properly after he recovered and it was only after hearing Feng Jiu say with a laugh that no thanks were needed between family members that the old man gave up on that idea.

Finally, Feng Jiu made the old man drink his medicine and wanted him take a nap but as there were some remnants of the poison still not completely purged and there was still some of the effects from the stimulant in his blood, he was feeling rather unsettled. Without a choice, Feng Jiu had then employed her silver needle to p.r.i.c.k his sleep acupoint which then allowed the Old Patriarch to fall asleep.

In the evening, Guan Xi Lin came to the courtyard.

“Little Jiu, has your Grandfather woken up yet?”

“He is still asleep after drinking his medicine. Why?” Feng Jiu asked puzzledly as she looked at Guan Xi Lin whose expression looked rather grave.

“Someone has been watching us.” He said with a frown on his face. “But I do not yet know who it is.”

“Hmm? Why is that?”

Feng Jiu asked with an eyebrow lifted, feeling a little surprised. She couldn’t seem to remember any of them having offended any others recently!