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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Guan Xi Lin suppressed his voice and said: “There are people watching us outside the house and I noticed it when I went out earlier.”

Hearing those words, Feng Jiu paused a moment and then said: “You and Leng Shuang just be your usual selves and go out when you need to. One more thing, ask Mother Qing and the other maids out front to stay in their rooms after dark and are not to come out no matter what they hear outside.”

“Mm. I will go relay the instructions now. You be careful yourself as well.” Guan Xi Lin reminded a little worriedly.

“I know.”

Feng Jiu replied as she nodded with a smile, rather curious whose eye had they attracted this time? Afterall, ever since the Xu Family had been annihilated, the various powers within the Cloudy Moon City had all been generally peaceful and they had all abided by the laws, without anyone stirring up trouble.

Although she didn’t know who was behind it, but she was certain she would soon find out.

It was night and the manor was quiet and still. The maids in the front yard had all already retreated back to their rooms and locked their doors and windows to go to sleep.

In the back of the manor, Feng Jiu struck her grandfather’s sleep acupoint and went to sit down outside in the courtyard to play a round of chess with Guan Xi Lin while Leng Shuang remained behind to stand guard inside the room.

Maybe they had felt that the people in the manor were not people they needed to fear and when eight shadowy figures infiltrated the place, the went straight towards the back where the courtyard of the owner of the house would be. Once they got there, they leapt up onto the perimeter wall and saw the two people playing against each other in a chess game.

“Kill off the man and bring the woman back!”

The leader of the black robed men ordered in a sinister voice and the moment his voice fell, several figures flashed from the shadows as they pulled out their swords to charge at the two people within the courtyard.

Hearing the words spoken by the leader of the black robed men, Guan Xi Lin and Feng Jiu discreetly exchanged a quick glance as Feng Jiu whispered something under her face veil and then stood up in a panicked fl.u.s.ter.

“Eek! Big Brother!”

She screamed out in fright and hid behind Guan Xi Lin.

“Don’t be afraid Sister, I’ll protect you!”


Guan Xi Lin shouted sharply, his fists imbued with all his power as he struck at the two black robed men charging towards him. Two loud bone crunching ‘bams’ rang through the air and the two black robed men who charged at him were sent flying out, to finally crash into the corner of a wall when they stopped breathing without even uttering a single sound.

Seeing that Guan Xi Lin had dealt with two black robed men with just one strike, Feng Jiu with her veil across her face could not help but feel a corner of her mouth begin to twitch.

She had specifically told him to retain a bit of his power but he had struck with his full strength instead. With the kind of power he possessed now, a punch with all his might was not something that just anyone was able to withstand.

Guan Xi Lin had shouted out as he s.h.i.+elded Feng Jiu behind him while he took on the black robed men, but he still had not forgotten the plan the two of them had agreed upon. When he saw a black robed man with a sword in hand charging in, he pushed Feng Jiu to the side and with a mighty leap, he instantly appeared behind the two men and two punches flashed in quick succession. This time, he completely broke the bones in the necks of the two black robed man.


Mournful wails rang out and another two black robed men fell to the ground quickly.

Watching that scene unfold, the face on the leader of the black robed men turned an ugly colour. His malevolent gaze fixed upon Feng Jiu and the next moment, he leapt up in the air over Guan Xi Lin and shot towards Feng Jiu to capture her.

From what he had seen, that man was too powerful and he shouldn’t clash with him head on. But the girl was a different matter altogether as he did not detect the slightest ripple of mystical power upon the her body which showed that she was just an ordinary commoner. Since the Master’s orders were to capture her, he would then just bring her back to complete the mission!

“Eek! Big Brother! Save me!”

Feng Jiu screamed out in a panic as she felt a pair of hands clasped around her neck. The next instant, her entire person was lifted up in a high leap flying outside.

As the black robed man was at her back, he failed to see the glint of glee that flashed briefly within her eyes…..