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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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A stick thin hand reached out as it trembled, seeking to lightly brush over those heinous scars upon her face. Unexpectedly, before he could touch her, Feng Jiu stirred awake.

Feng Jiu startled awake, sitting up quickly coming alert. When she saw that it was the Old Patriarch who had woken up and was stretching a slightly trembling hand towards her, she then softened her guard. Seeing that the Old Patriarch had been weeping soundlessly, she was suddenly surprised.

“Grandfather, why are you crying?”

She lifted her hand to wipe away his tears and continued to ask: “Are you feeling unwell? Come, let me help you sit up for awhile.”

Feng Jiu’s high alertness made the old man’s heart wrench up. How much suffering must she have gone through before she had to develop such alertness? Did she have to always fear danger and could not even get any sound sleep?

“Little Feng….. Grandfather….. Grandfather has really let you down…..”

The old tears ran down, in regret and in pain. If he had known that such a thing would happen within the few months he went into seclusion for cultivation, he would never have done it no matter what.

Hearing that, Feng Jiu revealed a smile and helped him up sit up against the head of the bed while she said in a gentle voice: “Grandfather, don’t be like that. I am doing very well now. Really well.”

In order to distract him and not let him continue to wallow in self reprimand, she went on to ask: “Grandfather, what really happened after you went back? You ingested stimulant drugs that would cause you to become highly agitated and you were even poisoned.”

“Highly agitated?”

The old man wiped his tears away and thought about it a moment before he said in a voice filled with hatred: “It’s that woman. I had gone to the courtyard wanting to capture her at that time and she had thrown some powder without me noticing. I had carelessly breathed it in and she said…..”

Speaking up till that point, his voice suddenly halted and he hesitated.

“She said that my face was disfigured by her? And the torment she inflicted upon me then greatly angered Grandfather?” That was the only reasonable thing that she guessed must have happened or the Old Patriarch would not have fallen for that so easily.

Old Patriarch Feng nodded and said: “You’re right. When I heard that, I became very angry and I then felt my fiery rage shoot up into my brain and I was suddenly unable to control my emotions.”

Speaking about that, he then seemed to suddenly realize something and asked rather puzzledly: “That’s right, why am I here? Haven’t I been chained up?”

Although he had lost control of his mind, part of his consciousness had still been clear. But as for how he came to be here, he really had absolutely no idea.

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu grinned and her intelligent eyes flashed with a cunning glint as she said: “It had naturally been me who took Grandfather out from there!”


Seeing that he was going to ask her more about it, she interrupted his words and said with a laugh: “It’s alright Grandfather, don’t think so much about it since you’ve already gotten out. There’s still some remnants of the poison within your body and we’ll talk after you nurse yourself back to health. I’ll go get Grandfather a bowl of porridge to eat first.”

Watching her turn around to walk outside, Old Patriarch Feng became suddenly surprised. [Take him out from the Feng Residence? That was quite impossible right? The kind of security they had in the Feng Residence, was something few people knew better than him.

Leng Shuang who was in the courtyard saw Feng Jiu coming out and immediately went up to greet her. “Mistress.”

“Leng Shuang, go to the kitchen and see whether Mother Qing has the porridge ready yet and bring some over.”

“Yes.” Leng Shuang acknowledged and immediately went towards the kitchen.

After Leng Shuang walked out, Guan Xi Lin came shuffling in and said: “Little Jiu, I’ve brought back the herbs and I have instructed Mother Qing to brew them accordingly. Oh right, when I was out this morning buying the herbs, I saw people from the Feng Residence searching everywhere! Do you think they will manage to find their way here?”

“No worries. Even if they search all the way here, it’ll still be fine. But pay a bit more attention to their movements during this period.”

“Mm. Rest a.s.sured. That, I know what to do.” Guan Xi Lin then nodded and looked towards the room and asked: “Has your Grandfather woken up yet?”