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Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

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Chapter 11: Turning into a Violent Demon

Her body was in pain everywhere, including the pain of her private part being torn apart. All of this was thanks to Liu Yan’er. Liu s.h.i.+mei had been holding back this surging flame the entire time.

However, this Liu Yan’er actually dared to come and provoke her. With her wounds and flaring temper, how could Liu s.h.i.+mei control herself?

She handed the jewelry to Mo’er and grabbed Liu Yan’er’s collar. She stared at the familiar new gorgeous clothes and sneered. “Wearing my clothes and jewelry to represent me in the consort selection. Liu Yan’er, you’re way above your head!”

A fist landed on Liu Yan’er’s abdomen!

Liu s.h.i.+mei punched her a few times in a row, and each punch hit her ligament with great skill. Liu Yan’er screamed in pain, but it did not leave any visible external injuries. At most, it would only leave a few bruises!

It was a mess. Those who had never practiced before did not notice Liu s.h.i.+mei’s deftness, but… Huangfu Lingyao noticed.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and his eyes followed the direction of Liu s.h.i.+mei’s hand.

“Ah! You dare to hit me, you b*tch!”

“What are you guys still standing there for? Hurry up and pull her back!”

Liu Yan’er continued to scream, and the people around her rushed forward. Some pulled Liu s.h.i.+mei, while others took advantage of the chaos to hit Liu s.h.i.+mei.

Huangfu Lingyao’s eyes were gloomy, and he looked excited, as if he was a silly Husky who could fight!

“Aiya, you guys are so shameless. You want to bully my Wife with your numbers!”

He rushed over and first gave the person who wanted to beat Liu s.h.i.+mei an iron fist. He was still jabbering, “Get lost! Don’t even think about hitting my Wife! I’ll beat you to death!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei turned around and glanced at him. She could not help but laugh. In the eyes of a five-year-old boy, there was no such thing as ‘men should not hit women’. There was only one thought in his mind — He would beat up whoever bullied his Wife! This silly dog was really cute!

Fighting was probably the happiest thing for a little boy, especially when it came to fighting for the person he liked!

It was chaos and a fierce beating.

Mo’er, who was stunned for a long time, came back to her senses first and went forward to pull Liu s.h.i.+mei. “Young Miss, you can’t fight anymore! If we really beat up the candidate Crown Prince Consort, the one who will suffer is still you, Young Miss!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei did not want to beat Liu Yan’er to death, so she let go of Liu Yan’er’s collar. She looked down and saw that Liu Yan’er was still wearing a pair of jade bracelets that Madam Ruyi had left for her. She took them off.

“Liu Yan’er, you drugged me and set me up. I’ll make you pay for that one day. Just you wait!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei kicked Liu Yan’er’s stomach. “Now, get lost!”

She grabbed Liu Yan’er, who was rolling on the ground in pain, with one hand and threw her out of the door!

On the other side, Huangfu Lingyao was extremely cooperative and beat up the others until they fled through the door!

The engaged couple had a tacit understanding. After Huangfu Lingyao threw the last maidservant out, Liu s.h.i.+mei closed the door with a bang!

Liu s.h.i.+mei, who had transformed into a violent demon, turned her head and saw Huangfu Lingyao’s jade-like face. He was staring at her with bright eyes like a dog looking at meat!

She did not know why, but she actually felt that those eyes were burning her, and she subconsciously avoided them.

Mo’er was dumbfounded. “Young Miss, you’re really…”

“Awesome?” Liu s.h.i.+mei raised his eyebrows at her.

Mo’er nodded repeatedly.

Unfortunately, her awesomeness did not last for more than three seconds. In the next moment, Liu s.h.i.+mei grimaced, “It hurts!”

It felt so good to torture sc.u.m, but she hurt herself in the process!

Mo’er hurriedly helped her to the bed and sat down. She pouted and said, “Miss, you’re injured and you still want to fight!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei smiled and did not say anything.

She took a deep breath, looked at Huangfu Lingyao, and asked, “What are you doing here?”

She thought to herself, ‘This guy, he’s so happy over a fight, his face is full of joy!’

Huangfu Lingyao sat down beside her and said with a smile, “Imperial Father has issued an Imperial edict! He’s given you a lot of rewards, and I’ve sent them to your house! They said that we’ll be able to get married on an auspicious day!”

“Wife, what’s a marriage?” he asked, puzzled.

“If you don’t know what marriage is, then why do you call me ‘Wife’?” Liu s.h.i.+mei did not have any temper towards this cute Second Fool.

It was not his fault that he was stupid!

It was not his fault that she was schemed against, and had to be tied to him for the rest of her life!

He knew how to protect her, which was quite rare. Liu s.h.i.+mei had lived for two lifetimes and had always relied on her own abilities to support herself through life. This was the first time someone had helped her fight!

Therefore, when she looked at this exquisite face, she could accept it as long as he did not say anything dumb.

Huangfu Lingyao was obviously in a good mood since his future wife was giving him a good look. He replied with a smile, “I know! Just like my nanny and her husband, they sleep in the same room, play together every day, and even gave birth to little children! Wife, are we going to have children in the future? It’s really fun!”

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