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Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

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Chapter 10: Now I’m Really Mad

He turned his head again, and his beautiful eyes were bright as he said to Liu s.h.i.+mei, “Wife, do you want me to help you beat her up? I’ll definitely beat her up better than you!”

This little mischievous and excited look was especially similar to a Husky who had just been released from his home for a walk. Liu s.h.i.+mei did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Oh, that’s just a piece of trash. You don’t need to trouble yourself with it.”

“Liu s.h.i.+mei, you actually dared to kick me!”

Liu Yan’er was helped up from the ground by the maidservants. She looked at Liu s.h.i.+mei in disbelief and said, “I’m now a candidate for the Crown Prince’s wife. You’re offending your superior!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei’s lips twitched and said, “You’re not going to call me ‘Big Sister’ anymore? I’m really curious, you look like you’re wearing so much powder it can be weighed by a scale! With such an appearance, how could you be chosen by the Crown Prince? So it seems like you’re just an alternative consort!”

She emphasized the word ‘alternative’.

It could be seen that the Imperial Family still looked up to the Liu family, who had been important ministers for several generations. Just about anyone from the Liu family could qualify to become the Crown Prince’s Consort!

“Hmph, I’ve heard about it. They should have directly chosen the Crown Prince’s Consort, but without the Eldest Young Miss present, the Crown Prince had an idea and chose four candidates as an alternative consort. He said that they had to observe their characters and wait until the Mid-Autumn Festival to decide on the true Crown Prince’s Consort. There’s still a long way to go before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Things might change before then!” Mo’er was extremely pleased with herself.

In the past, Liu s.h.i.+mei had never put these hypocritical clowns in her eyes, which helped to boost Liu Yan’er’s arrogance.

And now, the Eldest Young Miss had finally shown her might!

“Oh?” Liu s.h.i.+mei was a little surprised.

She searched through her memories and pulled out the Crown Prince.

In her memory, the Crown Prince was quite good-looking, huh?

Mo’er continued, “Eldest Young Miss, you still don’t know! The ones selected are also Commandery Princess Ping’an, Grand Secretary Zhang’s youngest granddaughter, and the eldest daughter of Duke An!”

Because she was angry that her Eldest Young Miss had lost the Crown Prince’s wife’s position, she had specially gone to inquire about it!

Their attention was all on the fight, so no one noticed that when they were talking about the ‘Crown Princess’, Huangfu Lingyao secretly glanced at Liu s.h.i.+mei to observe the changes in her mood, his eyes full of judgment.

Liu s.h.i.+mei did not care much about the Crown Prince’s Consort. She returned to her bed, took the bowl of medicine from the bedside cabinet, and drank it all in one gulp. She then said coldly, “If you don’t want to stay and get beaten up, then get lost!”

Huangfu Lingyao’s eyes flickered, but he quickly put on a silly look and clapped his hands in agreement. “Did you hear that? Wife told you to get lost. Can’t you get lost? Do you need my help?”

“You…” Liu Yan’er had come to ridicule Liu s.h.i.+mei, but she did not expect to be humiliated instead. How could she be willing?

However, when she met Liu s.h.i.+mei’s cold, knife-like eyes, she thought about how Liu s.h.i.+mei would attack her whenever she felt like it. She must ask her for help!

“Hmph, just you wait and see!” she gritted her teeth and growled.

She had just taken two steps when Liu s.h.i.+mei narrowed her eyes and said, “Hold on!”

Liu Yan’er’s footsteps stopped.

Huangfu Lingyao also looked at Liu s.h.i.+mei in confusion. “Wife, is it because she can’t get lost? Do you want me to help her turn her into a ball so that she can get out?”

Liu s.h.i.+mei was speechless.

Although what he said was interesting, that was not her main point.

She walked over to Liu Yan’er, stared at the ta.s.sels on her head, and asked, “This thing is mine, right?”

It was the dowry meant for her, left behind by her mother, Madam Ruyi!

“You used my name to partic.i.p.ate in the Crown Prince’s Consort selection, and you actually dared to wear the jewelry my mother left me! You really have the guts!”

As she spat out these words, Liu s.h.i.+mei’s hands were not slow at all. She rushed forward like an arrow, and in two or three moves, she removed the six pieces of jewelry from Liu Yan’er’s head!

Naturally, she would not let go of the earrings on both her ears!


Liu Yan’er’s ear started to bleed, and she screamed, “Liu s.h.i.+mei, do you think you’re still the high and mighty Eldest Young Miss Liu? You’re now the joke of the entire Capital City, a broken shoe! These things are already mine, mine!”

“Wow, now I’m really mad!” It would have been fine if she did not say anything, but now that Liu Yan’er was shouting, how could Liu s.h.i.+mei hold back?

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