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Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

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Chapter 12: A Crooked Stick Has a Crooked Shadow

Liu s.h.i.+mei was speechless.

She should not have asked such a stupid question!

After a moment of silence, she said, “We can’t see each other so often when we’re not yet married. You should go back.”

“Ah? Wife, aren’t you coming home with me?” Huangfu Lingyao’s face fell.

Mo’er was so angry that she laughed. “Future Young Master, our Young Miss hasn’t married you yet. How can she go home with you?”

Huangfu Lingyao’s lips curled up as he scratched his head in confusion. “But I want my Wife!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei did not know why, but she felt that when he stared at her and said ‘I want my Wife’, he seemed to have emphasized the word ‘I want’.

However, when she thought about how he was a silly dog, she lost her temper. She ma.s.saged her temples and coaxed him patiently, “If you’re in a hurry, then ask your Imperial Father to pick a closer date to welcome me into the family. I’ll be your official wife then, understand?”

“Oh.” At the mention of this, Huangfu Lingyao became very obedient. He was in a hurry to find his father to look at the date, so he obediently left the Leihua Courtyard.

However, he turned back three times with every step.

Mo’er sighed. “Young Miss, look at how reluctant His Highness is. Why do I feel that in his eyes, you’re not his fiancée but his mother?”

Liu s.h.i.+mei also looked out of the window, and Huangfu Lingyao happened to see her as well. Puppyface was originally reluctant, but when he saw her looking over, his beautiful face was immediately filled with smiles and he waved at her.

He looked like a silly Husky who had returned home after running for half a day and finally saw its master!

She rolled her eyes and waved her hand. She turned back to the bed and continued to lie down.

The 17th day of the first month.

There were two happy events in the Grand Chancellor’s Residence yesterday. First, the Second Young Miss was chosen as an alternative consort. Second, the Eldest Young Miss was betrothed to King Dun Yu.

Because of the pain from her wound, Liu s.h.i.+mei did not sleep well. She slept until noon.

After eating, she changed her clothes and went to the west side of the main courtyard. The main courtyard’s east wing was the Grand Chancellor’s Residence, while the west wing was where his wife lived.

Liu s.h.i.+mei did not wait for the announcement and directly stepped through the door. At this time, Madam Zhang was having lunch, and Liu Yan’er was also there.

“Liu s.h.i.+mei, you actually dared to come!” Seeing Liu s.h.i.+mei, Liu Yan’er’s face immediately fell. After she was beaten up yesterday, she immediately went to her mother to complain.

After all, Madam Zhang had lived more than ten years longer than Liu Yan’er, so she was more patient than Liu Yan’er.

Liu s.h.i.+mei used to be all high and mighty and looked down on other people. Now, she seemed to have changed!

She had actually become violent and even attacked people. It had only been two days, but Liu Yan’er had already suffered a few losses.

She had to pay attention to it!

Madam Zhang’s lips curled into a smile. “Yan’er, don’t talk too much. Your eldest sister suffered this great disaster, so it’s normal for her to be in a bad mood. This is the magnanimity you should have as a sister.”

Liu s.h.i.+mei raised his eyebrows and sneered. “I finally know where Second Young Miss Liu’s b*tchiness comes from! So it’s a case of a daughter inheriting her mother’s traits. A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow!”

Madam Zhang and Liu Yan’er did not understand the meaning of the word ‘b*tchiness’, but they were suspicious and could not help but look at each other.

Liu s.h.i.+mei smiled and said, “You don’t have to doubt so much. It’s just as you suspect. The word has a similar meaning to ‘wh.o.r.e’!”

“You…” No matter how good Madam Zhang’s tolerance was, it was impossible for her to remain calm after being called a b*tch by a junior!

She suddenly stood up and said, “Liu s.h.i.+mei, I’m kind enough to untie the knot in your hearts for the reputation of the Grand Chancellor’s Residence. No matter what, I’m now your stepmother. It’s against our principles to disrespect your elders like this!”


Liu s.h.i.+mei tilted her head and sneered. “If I remember correctly, when Madam Zhang married into the family, my mother had just given birth to me. I was barely a month old then, and you gave birth to this Second Young Miss in less than eight months. Madam Zhang, I don’t know anything about these principles. Why don’t you tell me what kind of logic this is?”

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