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Chapter 541 – 541 I’m Preparing to Dual Cultivate with You in Alchemy (2)

541 I’m Preparing to Dual Cultivate with You in Alchemy (2)

What she saw and heard in the pill shop today, as well as the att.i.tudes of the alchemists towards her, made her feel like she was in a dream.

Are my shopkeeper and lady boss really unimaginable big shots? she wondered.

Ahead, Zuo Lin grinned as he drove. Then the carriage turned around.

“Father, where are we going?” Zuo Yulong hurriedly asked.

“I’ll take you to drink,” Zuo Lin said with a chuckle.


Zuo Yulong’s eyes lit up.

“Father, I thought you didn’t want us to drink…” Zuo Yuting’s eyes lit up.

“You’ve grown up. You can drink now.” Zuo Lin smiled and stopped the carriage at the entrance of an alley.

There were a few wooden tables in front of the alley with a ‘wine’ signage beside them.

A waiter in a short s.h.i.+rt came over with a smile.

It was unusual for people to come in a carriage to such a small shop to drink.

In the next few days, Mu Wan refined pills while Zuo Yuting helped tidy up the spiritual herbs.

After the pills were refined, she wrote the labels and sorted them into jade bottles.

The shop in front and the small courtyard in the middle were all set up.

The four walls of the shop were decorated with paintings and calligraphy. Tables and chairs were placed for guests to stop and rest.

They could sit down and discuss the price of the medicinal pills.

There were a few wooden shelves in the middle of the shop with jade bottles placed on them to sell medicinal pills.

The counter at the side could be used as a place for registration. Han Muye usually sat here, while Zuo Yulong and Zuo Lin greeted customers at the door.

Zuo Lin was also responsible for receiving the guests’ attendants and carriages.

The courtyard in the backyard was also well decorated. The flowers and plants were lush.

In Mu Wan’s imagination, this was to entertain guests who came to discuss big business deals.

According to Mu Wan, when she sat on the stone steps, she would watch from the side as her senior brother discussed refining high-grade medicinal pills with a great cultivator. Closing such a deal would be enough to sustain the business for 10 years.

“Then we’ll be rich.”

When she said this, the light in Mu Wan’s eyes was as bright as the high-quality Cloud Qi Pill in her hand on the Nine Mystic Mountain back then.

There was already a notice pasted at the entrance, stating that the Pill Destiny Pavilion would open in five days.

It was already the fourth day, and the next day was the opening day.

Cuicui, who was next door, had been preparing fried fruits and Southern Wasteland snacks for the past two days.

When the guests came tomorrow, she could bring them out.

Shao Datian had said that in the Southern Wasteland, it was customary to be polite to guests.

Mu Wan offered to pay for the food with spiritual rocks, but Cuicui did not accept them.

She said that this was what she and Shao Datian should do.

Shao Datian was still a guard of the Pill Destiny Pavilion after all.

“Is Mr. Mu here?”

A voice sounded at the door.

Han Muye, sitting behind the counter, stood up.

In fact, quite a number of people had come to visit these few days.

A few of the alchemy masters that he had met in the Qin family’s alchemy room that day had found their way here.

However, most of them would leave after exchanging a few pleasantries.

However, most of them would leave after exchanging a few pleasantries.

Baili Tongyun and Qin Siyu walked in.

Zuo Yulong had been listening in at the Imperial City Academy, so he must have seen the two of them before. At this moment, he looked extremely surprised.

“Miss Baili, Miss Qin.” Han Muye cupped his hands, then raised his hand and said, “Please sit down and serve tea.”

Zuo Yulong was stunned when he heard that he was going to serve tea. He quickly went to pour the tea.

Baili Tong Yun smiled and waved her hand. Two servants at the door carried in a plaque wrapped in red cloth.

She reached out and lifted the red silk on the plaque. The words ‘Pill Destiny Pavilion’ appeared.

Han Muye’s eyes lit up when he saw the words.

“The Huangting Grand Master personally wrote it?”

Although Baili Tongyun had said that she would help him get Huang Tingshu to pen the plaque, he did not expect it to really be delivered.

These words were vigorous and nimble. The strokes were broken but not broken, leaving behind white marks. The artistic conception within was at the peak of the path of calligraphy.

“Good calligraphy.”

Han Muye looked at Baili Tongyun and cupped his hands. “I wonder if Miss Baili can help me pa.s.s on a message. I welcome Grandmaster Huang to visit my shop when he’s free.”

Baili Tongyun nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry, Teacher. I will definitely pa.s.s on the message.”

Han Muye now knew Baili Tongyun’s ident.i.ty. Like Qin Siyu, she had a big alchemy family behind her.

That was why the two of them fought in the Imperial City Academy.

Baili Xinglin was a Grandmaster of Confucianism and Alchemy. They were both Grandmaster powerhouses in charge of the Alchemy Division.

In fact, in Han Muye’s opinion, the actual cultivation of these alchemy grandmasters in the Imperial City was not as simple as a grandmaster.

However, it might be difficult to become a Sage.

Baili Xinglin had been famous for countless years. She was in charge of alchemy in the Imperial City and had countless disciples.

“Granduncle, Little Five is here to deliver this to you.” Qin Siyu held a jade tablet with both hands and handed it over.

Zuo Yulong, who was serving tea, trembled and almost dropped the tray.


She was the fifth daughter of the Qin Family and the most outstanding girl in the Imperial City Academy. She called her own shopkeeper ‘granduncle’.

Baili Tongyun’s face was full of smiles. It was obvious that she knew about this matter.

Han Muye raised his hand and took the jade token.

The green jade token had a dark golden stream of light on it. On it were the words ‘Cla.s.s Library’. There was also a golden spiritual pattern behind it. Clearly, it was used to mark one’s ident.i.ty.

With this jade token, one could read the books in the Alchemy Division’s library.

Baili Tongyun and Qin Siyu didn’t stay in the shop for long. They merely looked around briefly.

The paintings on the wall shocked them.

As they walked out of the shop, they happened to encounter an old man in a gray robe walking over.

“Zhang… Zhang…” Qin Siyu was stunned for a moment before hurriedly bowing. “Siyu pays her respects to Teacher Zhang.”

Baili Tong Yun also bowed.

At the entrance of the shop, Zuo Yulong hurriedly tidied his clothes and bowed to welcome him.

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