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Chapter 542 – 542 I’m Preparing to Dual Cultivate with You in Alchemy (3)

542 I’m Preparing to Dual Cultivate with You in Alchemy (3)

Zhang Xu.

He was an instructor at the Imperial City Academy, a grandmaster of Confucianism, and a famous figure in the Imperial City.

“Your shop is really not easy to find. I thought it was a big shop.” Zhang Xu had many scrolls under his armpit. As he waved his hand, he looked at Han Muye at the door and walked into the shop.

He looked around and smiled.

“You’ve emptied Lu Yuzhou’s courtyard.”

Han Muye laughed. “I haven’t emptied it yet.”

His words made Zhang Xu laugh.

He placed the scrolls under his arm on the counter and said, “I heard that your shop will open tomorrow. I want to give you some calligraphy and paintings as a congratulatory gift. I’m too lazy to deal with those guys.”

He nodded.

This martial grandmaster who carried a broom and swept the streets was indeed a little out of place with the others.

However, to be able to reach the Confucian Grandmaster Realm, one’s cultivation had its own Dao.

Follow the path and not be swayed by external objects. This was the temperament of a great cultivator.

“Thank you, Brother Zhang.”

Han Muye addressed him in a way that was neither servile nor overbearing.

With his Confucian Dao cultivation, he could be compared to Zhang Xu.

Zhang Xu laughed and turned to leave.

When he reached the door, he turned around. “Your poem is really not bad. Call me next time you drink with Lu Yuzhou.”

Han Muye’s face stiffened slightly.

Am I the kind of person who drinks with women? he thought.

At the door, Qin Siyu and Baili Tongyun, who had yet to leave, looked at Han Muye differently.

Old and shameless.

As for Zuo Yulong, he was already a little numb.

When entertaining guests, he just had to serve tea and water.

As long as Wen didn’t come on a blind date, he felt that it was normal.

Not long after Zhang Xu and the others left, Mu Wan walked out tiredly.

Zuo Yuting carefully placed a few jade bottles on the wooden shelf and put the labels away.

These medicinal pills had been refined by Mu Wan over the past few days.

Among them, the seventh-grade pills were the main ones. The eighth-grade pills were all top-grade.

There were also two grade six pills.

This was Mu Wan’s current limit.

“Go back and rest for the afternoon. Come to the shop early tomorrow.”

Han Muye instructed Zuo Yulong and the others to leave first, then closed the shop door.

“Junior Sister, these medicinal pills are not bad. However, we have to have a few treasures for tomorrow’s opening, right?”

Han Muye turned to look at Mu Wan and said softly.

Mu Wan nodded, a trace of regret on her face. “But I can only refine a sixth-grade pill at most. I’m really not sure if it’s a fifth-grade pill.”

Hearing her words, Han Muye smiled and said, “That’s fine. I can help you.”

“Senior Brother, you can refine pills now?” Mu Wan exclaimed in surprise.

These days, because Han Muye had refined the body of a divine beast, he could not control his strength. Not only could he not refine pills, but he also did not dare to do anything powerful.

For example, when he was closer to Mu Wan, he only dared to hold her hand.

As for other things, what if he could not help but hurt Mu Wan?

Han Muye shook his head.

“Refining a divine beast’s body is really not something that can be done in a day.”

The body of the divine beast, Baxia, could support an entire world. Not only did he have to refine such power, but he also had to be able to lift heavy weights as if they were light. How could it be so easy?

Mu Wan revealed a trace of disappointment.

She thought that he would recover…

“However, I can help you refine pills.”

Han Muye went forward to hold Mu Wan’s hand and said as they walked to the quiet room in the backyard.

“Senior Brother, are you talking about the Enlightenment Technique? But even if it’s Enlightenment, I’m afraid it won’t be able to make me refine a fifth-grade medicinal pill, right?”

Mu Wan muttered in confusion.

Although the empowerment technique was direct, it was not as magical as she had imagined.

Even if Han Muye used his soul to control Mu Wan’s body, he could only refine pills that Mu Wan could use.

If Soul Empowerment could exceed the limit, what would happen?

That was already an evil technique.

“There’s no need for enlightenment.”

Walking into the quiet room, he raised his hand and sealed it with a rune. Han Muye turned to look at Mu Wan.

“I’m going to dual cultivate with you to refine pills.”

Dual cultivation?

Mu Wan’s face turned red.

She did not dare to meet Han Muye’s eyes. She retracted her hand into her sleeve and whispered, “Is, is this good?”

“Is it bad?” Han Muye smiled and waved his hand. A golden cauldron appeared in the quiet room, flickering with spiritual light.

Dao Essence cauldron.

He raised his hand and waved at Mu Wan.

“Come here.”

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