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Chapter 540 – 540 I’m Preparing to Dual Cultivate with You in Alchemy

540 I’m Preparing to Dual Cultivate with You in Alchemy

How could it be authentic?

Wasn’t Mr. Green Vine’s famous work kept by the Great Confucian and not seen by the world?

It was said that 300 years ago, several Confucian and Daoist Grandmasters fought over the Evening Mist painting and it disappeared.

This kind of literary treasure should not have appeared in this store!

However, the surging literary aura and the signature of Mr. Green Vine that made one’s soul tremble could not be fake.

“It’s not fake, and it can’t be Mr. Green Vine’s redraw. Mr. Green Vine fell into a trance and had long stopped writing…”

“Lord Bao, please have some tea.” Zuo Yulong’s voice came from beside him. Lord Bao came back to his senses and withdrew the Great Spirit from his body.

He turned around and took the teacup with a smile. He asked softly, “Who are your lady boss and shopkeeper?”

What is his ident.i.ty?

A blank look flashed across Zuo Yulong’s face as he shook his head.

It was really hard to explain.

Lord Bao was a little disappointed. His gaze fell on the teacup in his hand, and his hand trembled, almost throwing the cup away.

“Chicken crock cup, authentic…”

He turned around, and his expression slowly turned dull.

“High map of Lushan Mountain, authentic.

“Mountain Stream travel map, authentic.”

“Hibiscus Golden Pheasant painting, authentic.”

“Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains painting, authentic.”

“Ink Grapes painting… Hiss—”

When Han Muye and Mu Wan returned to the shop, Zuo Yulong recounted what had happened in the afternoon.

“I’ve asked around. Sir Bao Mingcheng is one of the three deputy directors of the Defense Division.”

Zuo Yulong reported softly.

Before Lord Bao could finish half a cup of tea, he left in a daze. When he walked out of the door, he almost tripped over the threshold.

“Young Master, they said that it is not easy to run a pill shop. Will it be alright?” Shao Datian asked nervously.

Cuicui also looked nervous.

Their shop had already reopened. The neighbors said that with a word from Lord Bao, they would not have any more trouble.

However, it was said that to run a pill shop, one had to have a powerful background.

In the afternoon, people from the surrounding shops came to talk about the unspoken rules.

For example, the big businesses in the middle city had the support of powerful forces behind them. It was not something that ordinary people could do just because they wanted to.

“It’s fine. Let’s talk about it when we open.”

Han Muye smiled and waved his hand.

Alchemy Division?

Isn’t that controlled by Qin Suyang?

Mu Wan also smiled and nodded.

After seeing those alchemy masters, sect masters, and even grandmasters today, she was much more confident.

On the way back, she discussed alchemy with her senior brother. According to him, she was not far from the Alchemy Grandmaster Realm. As long as she raised her cultivation level and polished her skills, it would be fine.

When Han Muye and the others returned, the owners of the shops next door came to take a look.

Shopkeeper Tao of an inn said that if they really did not let Han Muye and the others open a pill shop, they would merge the shop with their inn and turn it into an inn.

Another shop owner, who was making clothes, pulled Mu Wan aside and whispered, as if she wanted to ask if Mu Wan had any ideas. She was also prepared to find a few familiar people to help.

Han Muye and Mu Wan rejected their kindness with a smile.

Not allowed to open the shop?

It was just a small problem.

Or rather, it was not even a problem.

At night, Cuicui made dinner and sent it over. The snack bar next door continued to operate.

Due to the twists and turns in the afternoon, more customers came to the snack bar.

Shao Datian teased the children, and the pa.s.sersby who were watching stopped. There were also many children who wanted to play with him.

“It’s good to be a mortal,” Mu Wan said softly as she sat on the limestone steps at the entrance of the shop.

Her gaze fell on the children circling Shao Datian.

Cui Cui placed all kinds of food on the table. It would always attract the children to buy.

In the past two days, the appearance of these snacks had gotten better and better.

Although Shao Datian was sweating profusely, he smiled and let the naughty children climb onto his back.

A young man and woman from the Southern Wasteland were working hard to survive in the flouris.h.i.+ng Imperial City, full of longing for the future.

They did not know that without the doc.u.ments Han Muye had given them, their shop could not open at all.

They did not know that the rent for this shop was definitely not 30 spiritual rocks a month.

“Senior Brother, I’ll refine some pills in the next few days and open the shop,” Mu Wan said softly as she looked at Han Muye.

Han Muye nodded and turned to look at her. “I’ll write a notice tomorrow and say that the Pill Destiny Pavilion will open in five days.”

Mu Wan smiled.

Cuicui, Shao Datian, and the others worked very hard to live and strive for the happiness that belonged to them. He and his senior brother were also fighting!

Han Muye reached out and held Mu Wan’s hand. The two of them looked at the tourists and children playing in front of them.

“Junior Sister, let’s go take a look at the Immortal Moon Lake.”

“Sure, but it’s a little late, isn’t it?”

“Late is good. Fewer people.”

The Imperial Garden Street was wide, and the carriages and horses were walking side by side on the main road.

Zuo Lin, who was driving the carriage, slowed down.

Behind him, Zuo Yuting and Zuo Yulong were sitting on the rack in front of the carriage. They were both in a daze.

Zuo Lin turned around and smiled.

In the past, he had fantasized how many times he could drive a car like this and bring his children on the streets.

If only their mother could see this scene…

“Brother, do you think that there is really such an opportunity in this world?” Zuo Yuting turned her head and looked at Zuo Yulong beside her.

Zuo Yulong turned his head and looked at her. Then he looked at Zuo Lin who was driving the carriage.

“I don’t know either.” Zuo Yulong shook his head and looked at the shops on both sides of the street.

“These past few days, I seemed to be in a dream.”

In a dream.

Zuo Yuting nodded.

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