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Chapter 539 – 539 Qin Wuyuan Breaks Through to the Grandmaster Realm (3)

539 Qin Wuyuan Breaks Through to the Grandmaster Realm (3)

Wouldn’t it be easy for such a Confucianist to change the poems of a few Imperial City students?

In front, Qin Suyang’s voice sounded. “He wants to establish himself in the Imperial City and do the Qin family a favor. Naturally, I have to accept it.

“Besides, he’s really capable.”

Helping Qin Wuyuan achieve a breakthrough was a favor to the Qin family.

Even if Qin Suyang’s cultivation in the Way of Confucianism was extraordinary and his alchemy was profound, because alchemy cultivation came from the same source, even if he used empowerment methods, he could not help Qin Wuyuan break through.

On the other hand, Han Muye’s medicinal theory of pills not being pills enlightened Qin Wuyuan.

It created an Alchemy Grandmaster.

This favor was really huge.

“That line, ‘It is sunless but there is love,’ is written by him. Qin Siyu, who was following behind Qin Suyang, thought of the four poems by the Jade Swallow Lake and the way Han Muye and Mu Wan went downstairs hand in hand.

“It’s really a vast difference. He stole the show…”

When they arrived downstairs, He Jin walked forward and reported softly.

Qin Suyang nodded and said calmly, “Little Five, send the proof of entry to the book depository in two days. Remember, let me know when the Alchemy Destiny Abode opens.”

Qin Siyu quickly agreed and accompanied Qin Suyang back to the Qin family.

Third Uncle becoming an Alchemy Grandmaster was a big deal for the Qin family.


In Moon Viewing Town, the Alchemy Destiny Abode had yet to open.

Shao Datian blocked the door and protected Zuo Yulong and Cuicui behind him.

In front of him stood a few officials in green robes.

“Since when did the demons of the Southern Wasteland have the guts to act so presumptuously in the Imperial City?” An official with a long saber hanging from his waist sneered and placed his hand on the hilt of his saber.

Zuo Yulong, who was standing behind Shao Datian, opened the doc.u.ment in his hand and shouted, “We abide by the rules of the Imperial City. Our Alchemy Destiny Abode has a doc.u.ment issued by the Commerce Division. Why can’t we open a shop?”

Today, when he was looking after the shop and sorting out various expensive books and paintings, Shao Datian’s exclamation came from the door.

When he walked out of the door, he saw that the tables and chairs of Shao Datian’s Southern Wasteland Snack shop had been overturned.

The officials even chased Shao Datian and Cuicui out of the shop and then came to Alchemy Destiny Abode.

The leader came over to report that Alchemy Destiny Abode and Southern Wasteland Snacks had not been declared by the Imperial Garden Street’s government office.

Shops that were not declared by the government were not allowed to open.

However, when Shao Datian took out the doc.u.ments from the Commerce Division, the officials were furious, but there was nothing they could do.

The moment he turned around, the officials came to smash the Alchemy Destiny Abode, but they were stopped by Shao Datian.

Although Zuo Yulong was nervous, he blocked the door with Shao Datian.

Which of the treasures in the shop wasn’t priceless?

If these officials came in and destroyed one, who could afford the loss?

More and more pa.s.sersby gathered around the shop.

Shao Datian’s Southern Wasteland Snacks attracted the surrounding children. At this moment, the commotion immediately attracted many children’s families.

A family that could live in the middle of the city could not be considered rich, but they more or less had some connections.

Seeing the people surrounding them, the officials did not dare to charge forward.

“Someone from the Imperial Garden Street Government Office? May I know why you’re patrolling today? I’m on a break today. If there’s anything important, I have to return to the Government Office to take charge.”

A middle-aged scholar was holding a three-year-old child in his arms. The child was holding a string of sugar pills.

As the scholar spoke, a faint Great Spirit surged from his body.

He sounded like an official.

“So it’s Lord Bao.” The leader quickly cupped his hands and said in a low voice with a bitter expression, “Lord, this shop didn’t report to my Imperial Garden Street. I heard that they’re opening a medicinal pill shop.

“Sir, you know that most of the pill stores are in the Alchemy Mills. It’s against the rules to open a stop on Imperial Garden Street.”

Upon hearing the official’s words, the middle-aged man surnamed Bao frowned and said in a deep voice, “Are there not enough pill shops on Imperial Garden Street?”

There were more than a few. There were two shops diagonally across from them.

The official also knew that his words were unreasonable. He hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Sir, the rules are set by the alchemy mills. Other shops obtained the permission of the Alchemy Division. This might not be the case with this shop.”

“Who said they can’t get permission from the Alchemy Division?” A woman carrying a child outside said.

“That’s right. I think they’re all serious businessmen. That tiger-headed young man is also an honest person,” an old man holding a child’s hand with tears on his face said unhappily.

These officials flipping the tables scared their children.

How could this be allowed?

If the Southern Wasteland snack shop could help look after the children, they could chat with a few old neighbors under the shade of a tree.

Whose business was this store hindering?

Seeing that they had incurred the wrath of the, the officials relented a little.

“That small shop is nothing. But they can’t open a pill shop.” The leader seemed to have made up his mind. He shouted and led the officials out.

“We’ll come again when it opens. At that time, the Alchemy Division’s high official will come. It won’t be as simple as closing the door then.

“All alchemists have to be under the jurisdiction of the Alchemy Division, right?”

With that, the officials left.

In the distance, there seemed to be a few people in waiter robes who came up to them and lowered their bodies to speak.

At the side of the shop, a few women went forward to comfort Cuicui. There were also some who helped tidy up the tables and chairs.

The middle-aged man with the surname Bao looked at Shao Datian and said loudly, “You guys can focus on managing the shop. I’ll make a trip to the Imperial Garden Street office tomorrow.”

“Lord Bao is one of the main officials of the Middle City Defense Division. He definitely will have his say about such a matter,” someone said with a smile.

Shao Datian quickly cupped his hands.

“Your pill store is indeed a little troublesome.” Lord Bao turned to look at Zuo Yulong and placed his servant girl down.

“The Alchemy Division is under the jurisdiction of the Cultivation pract.i.tioners. It’s managed by Minister Wen’s Office. The other government offices in the dynasty have no right to interfere.”

Shaking his head, Lord Bao continued, “But since you guys want to open a shop, the Alchemy Division has made arrangements, right?”

Upon hearing his words, a look of astonishment flashed across Zuo Yulong’s face. Then he shook his head and said, “My shopkeeper and Lady Boss are both outsiders and have yet to deal with the Alchemy Division.”


Lord Bao was stunned and frowned.

“Not everyone can do business in the Imperial City…” He looked at the door that had yet to have a plaque, then turned to look at the shop with the plaque, ‘Southern Wasteland Snacks,’ hanging on it.

He had spoken up to help Shao Datian because of that plaque.

Not everyone could have the Great Confucian’s calligraphy.

Shao Datian and Cuicui looked extremely ordinary, but, with the signboard of a great Confucian scholar, they could not be treated as ordinary people.

“Lord, you speak up for justice. Please come to the shop for tea. My shopkeeper and Lady Boss are going to the Alchemy Mill. They should be back soon.” Zuo Yulong extended his hand to invite Lord Bao into the shop.

Lord Bao pondered for a moment before walking into the shop.

“Judging from your tone and bearing, you’re also a Confucian scholar. Why are you here as a shop a.s.sistant?” With his hands behind his back, Lord Bao walked into the shop and looked at Zuo Yulong.

He was a Confucian scholar and had the Great Spirit. It wasn’t that such people should not be working as a.s.sistants, but it should be a big shop.

Why does such a small shop hire such a person as a shop a.s.sistant? he wondered.

Is he a relative of the shop owner?

Zuo Yulong cupped his hands and said softly, “It’s my opportunity to be an a.s.sistant in the Alchemy Destiny Abode.”

With that, he turned around to serve tea.


Lord Bao shook his head and looked at the painting on the wall in front of him.

He had seen it at the door and felt something.

“Evening Mist on Cloud Mountains?” Looking at the painting up close, he was slightly stunned. Then he chuckled and said, “To be able to imitate Mr. Green Vine’s masterpiece to such an extent…”

Although he said that, his expression slowly turned solemn.

His gaze fell on the signature.

An irresistible Great Spirit surged from his body.

Lord Bao was an official after all.

A golden Great Spirit qi surged. The green robe on his body swelled, and his eyes emitted a golden halo.

“Authentic, authentic, authentic?”

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