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Chapter 735: Prince Huai! (2)

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Halfway through his sentence, he noticed PrinceHuai looking at him. After a moment, he reacted and hurriedly gave up his seat. “If you don’t mind, please take my seat.”

Prince Huai drank the wine in his cup. “Bring a clean cus.h.i.+on out.”

Su Ji looked at him.

“What for?” At this moment, Bian Tong was indeed not as smart as he was in the modern world, not to mention that he was still drinking wine. “It’s summer now. It’s cool to sit on a stone bench.”

Pei Huai enunciated each word with a cold tone. “This is the Consort Dowager. Do it.”

Bian Tong stared blankly, suddenly feeling that Prince Huai was a little different from usual today.

Su Ji also understood something. She smiled and said with her calmest expression, “I’m pregnant, so I can’t stand the cold.”

Bian Tong spat out a mouthful of wine and then started coughing violently.

It was an auditory hallucination! It was all an auditory hallucination!

He must have drunk too much today!

Prince Huai’s sweetheart, the consort of the late emperor, was pregnant?!

Prince Huai looked at the water stains on the stone table, took away his sleeves, and narrowed his eyes in disgust.

Bian Tong looked at Su Ji and then at Prince Huai, who had no obvious reaction.

It seemed that the Consort Dowager was pregnant…and he knew about it!

Right now, Bian Tong couldn’t afford to offend either of these two masters, so it was best to protect himself.

“Consort Dowager, wait a moment. I’ll get it for you now!”

After saying that, he quickly left the scene!

As one of the parties involved, Su Ji was as calm as ever, as if this matter had nothing to do with her.

“You knew.” She placed one hand on the side of the table and tilted her head slightly. She looked at Prince Huai, who was sitting on the stone bench. The sunlight shone from the top of her head, blurring her outline. “You know about my pregnancy?”

Pei Huai drank his wine and silently agreed.

Su Ji found it funny, angry, and a little heartbroken.

She was angry that he had such a reaction after knowing that she was pregnant. If it was the Prince Huai in the present world, he would definitely not have reacted like this.

What made her heart ache was that he was obviously jealous, but Su Ji could not explain it to him.

It seemed that Pei Huai did not return with her…

Su Ji sighed, “so, the person who summoned Imperial Physician MO out of the palace late at night three days ago was also you?”

Pei Huai answered this time, “this matter is no small matter. I just sealed his mouth.”

Bian Tong quickly took out a cus.h.i.+on and placed it on the stool. He gestured for Su Ji to sit down, then quickly returned to the inner room.”

Su Ji sat down. “I believe in Prince Huai.”

Prince Huai’s attention was no longer on her.

However, when Su Ji forgot and reached out to take the wine pot, Pei Huai took the wine pot in front of her hand almost at the same time. “Consort Dowager, don’t forget that you’re pregnant.” su Ji:

Bian Tong’s place was secluded and there were no others to disturb them, so it was convenient for the two of them to talk.

Su Ji could tell that Pei Huai’s face behind the mask was very dark. It should be as dark as the bottom of a pot.

However, he was very patient with her. As long as she asked, he would still answer.

Su Ji pretended that it was the first time she had seen him today and asked him who Bian Tong was.

He said that he was a jadeware master who used to work in Prince Huai’s residence, but he left the residence due to some matters.

“Only a jadeware master?”

“He is also proficient in some Qimen Dun Jia techniques.”

Su Yi snapped her fingers.

As expected.

Seeing her snap her fingers, Pei Huai: ‘

“In the past year, ” Su Ji probed, “it was all thanks to Prince Huai’s care that I was able to recuperate.”

Pei Huai did not respond. It seemed that he did not have anything to ask her about the changes in her in the past year. He only raised the wine gla.s.s in his hand in response.

Su Ji couldn’t go down this path, so she had to find another one. “Then why did

Prince Huai come to see Bian Tong today?”

Before Prince Huai could answer, she quickly added, “if you are only here to reminisce about the past, then I’d have to blame you. You did not come out for the morning court session for three days, and even asked for sick leave. However, you’re here…”

Sheblocked Prince Huai’s escape route. He seemed to laugh helplessly. “I didn’t want to hide it from Consort Dowager.”

He had been sick for the past three days. He had suffered from insomnia. He could not fall asleep even after drinking alcohol. He could only rest for a short one or two hours when his body was extremely weak. He could not find the reason for the sickness, so he came to Bian Tong’s place.

However, before they could talk about it, she came.

“That’s really strange.” Su Ji’s tone was normal, but when he looked at Pei Huai, the smile on her lips gradually faded.

There were many people monitoring Su Ji now. Seeing that it was getting late, she was about to leave.

She had originally planned to ride Moon back just like how she had come.

However, after leaving the farmhouse, a comfortable and s.p.a.cious carriage was already waiting outside. She did not know when Prince Huai had prepared it, but he guessed that she had come on a horse and asked her to take the carriage back. As for Moon, he would help her send it back. Su Ji knew that he was in a bad mood today, so she went along with it.


Pei Huai paused for a moment. The eyebrows hidden behind the mask softened.

Only after the carriage left did Bian Tong come out of the house.

He looked in the direction where the carriage had left for a while and quickly went to Prince Huai.

“Now that Consort Dowager is pregnant, the jade bracelet that you told me to make…should I still make it?”

With a crack, the wine cup was crushed by his fingertips.

Bian Tong looked over in shock, only then did he notice the intimidating aura that enveloped Prince Huai

The veins on Prince Huai’s forehead were throbbing violently, and his eyes were filled with a storm.

“Yes.. “

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