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Chapter 734: Prince Huai! (1)

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Su Ji walked along the fence outside the courtyard. As long as she was careful, no one could hear her footsteps.

Two men’s voices were talking, and they sounded familiar.

One was young and spirited, while the other was cold and indifferent, but deep and pleasant to the ear. It was very recognizable.

The yard was filled with tools for polis.h.i.+ng jade and some rattan racks for planting fresh vegetables. As Su Ji walked further in, a stone table came into view.

It was even newer than the stone table Pei Huai had seen. At this moment, there was not a single bit of wear and tear.

Two stone stools were fixed to the ground, and the men sat on both sides.

“Do you think my new stone table is good? In the future, when you come to my place for a drink, we can enjoy the moon, drink and recite poems.”

The man opposite him didn’t say anything. He just silently raised his wine gla.s.s and took a sip. He didn’t seem to be in high spirits. His entire person was shrouded in dark clouds.

At this moment, Su Ji could only see his back. His black hair hung down his broad back, looking exactly like the person in the painting that Su Ji had given Pei Huai.

It was not obvious when he had short hair, but it was obvious when he had long hair…His hair quality was really good!

After being soaked in the bath hall’s water, it was even smoother.

Why was a man so beautiful?

He was so beautiful that she had to wear a mask when he led troops to war. He never took care of himself, yet his appearance was superior compared to others.

No wonder she thought of him as her bestie.

Su Ji continued to walk forward, her footsteps unconsciously quickening.

The man’s side profile gradually appeared in her field of vision. He was wearing a purple mask carved with silver embossed patterns. It matched Su Ji’s outfit.

The wine cup in Pei Huai’s hand paused for a moment before bringing it to his lips again.

Su Ji stopped where she could see him from the back. She did not immediately go forward. Suppressing her uncontrollable heartbeat, she slowly exhaled.

In her previous life, she had left in a hurry. She did not know how Pei Huai was now. Did he know that the Su Ji in this world was no longer her? Did he eat well and sleep well?

Now that she saw Pei Huai from thousands of years ago, her emotions surged again.

In the past, when she was in the Great Shang, she had never paid attention to him. She did not know that from then on, he had already developed such deep feelings for her.

He hid it carefully, even a little humbly. His deep feelings were hidden behind the mask, hidden behind his ident.i.ty as a best friend.

It was all because one of them was Prince Huai of the Great Shang and the other was the former Emperor’s favorite concubine.

It was impossible for them to be together.

Even though the Great Shang was considered liberal, it wasn’t to this extent.

“We have a guest,” the man’s low and cold voice broke the silence.

Pei Huai did not turn around, but he sensed Su Ji’s arrival.

Bian Tong, who had drunk three rounds of wine, was still smiling foolishly. “Guest? Aren’t you the only honored guest here?”

“I didn’t tell anyone about this location…”

The words he said after that came to an abrupt stop because he had also seen a man standing at the entrance of the courtyard at this moment…or was it a girl?

Bian Tong was much more cheerful than he would have been a few thousand years later. In fact, his appearance was exactly the same, but he looked different. If one looked closely, one could tell the reason. At this moment, his eyebrows were filled with a strong sense of youth, and even a little innocence.

After living in the world for thousands of years, no one could maintain that ignorance.

Bian Tong’s wine gla.s.s stopped in mid-air. He was trying to identify who the unfamiliar face was.

In the next second, Pei Huai’s words cleared his doubts, and his jaw almost fell on the stone table!

“Since the Consort Dowager is here, why are you standing outside the door?” Pei Huai slowly turned his head. The moment he saw Su Ji’s outfit, his usually calm expression was dazed for a moment. However, Prince Huai was Prince Huai after all. His momentary absent-mindedness was resolved without a sound.

The two of them stood up and cupped their hands at Su Ji. Su Ji smiled and walked into the courtyard. “Prince Huai has good hearing.”

“Pei Huai, she’s the one you asked me to…”

Pei Huai shot a glance over and Bian Tong, who realized that he had almost let the cat out of the bag, immediately shut up.

Su Ji glanced at the two stone stools.

Just how stingy was Bian Tong? Even when he was making the stone bench, he was like this. He couldn’t even bear to make another stone bench.

“Are there no other stools?” Su Ji raised an eyebrow.

Bian Tong’s gaze moved away from her wrist. “Ah, please forgive me, Consort Dowager. This stone table has just been made.. I only made two stools and haven’t had time to make more…

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